A/n to everyone that guessed Mass Effect 2, congratulations you get a free internet cookie! I am not sure about doing any more Mass Effect crossovers into this story; if I do it will probably just be some of my favorite characters like Joker, EDI, and Liara. Also I will be pulling in other characters that are not in the traditional Ultimate universe. This chapter goes into what has changed since Peter died and the state of the world.

Peter sighed as he leaned against the back of his seat and took off his mask. "So Felicia you said you would answer my questions right?" he eyed Felicia with a curious and slightly exhausted look.

Felicia took a deep breath as she began. "Well it's been a little over two years since you well… died."

"Two year, six months, and twenty eight days." Miranda interrupted

Felicia rolled her eyes, "Thank you Miranda. Well as I was saying, the world is a mess right now. Johnny Storm along with Bobby Drake have joined the Fantastic Four, now the Fantastic Five. They are working with UN forces to keep Dr. Doom contained in Latveria. Your Aunt May and Gwen Stacy are living in one of Tony Stark's villas outside Paris, a place he offered them if they wanted to get out of New York. May officially adopted Gwen who changed her last name and is now Gwen Parker. Liz Allen AKA Firestar is helping Ororo Munro manage the Xavier school with the professor, Jean and Scott dead she decided to take it over. Nick Fury essentially got demoted and is now operating as a field commander along with Captain America Steve Rodgers in securing areas in the southern United States."

"Whoa whoa whoa! I can get Johnny and Bobby joining up, and Aunt May adopting Gwen isn't a surprise. But what's this about 'securing areas' in the south?" Peter interrupted trying to process everything.

"Purifiers." Felicia spat out with disgust. A look that was mirrored of Peter's face, he had heard of the group which basically wanted to exterminate all mutants in some sort of 'holy racial cleansing' it sickened him. "The Purifiers have gained some major support and are basically fighting a gorilla style war in the south trying to kill all those they see as 'impure'. It used to be just mutants but they have now become an even larger terrorist hate group. Now it is mutants, the disabled, the mentally ill, Jews, Muslims, and basically everyone and anyone who doesn't believe what they believe. Not only that but there are other groups scattered around that are performing genetic experiments to try and build human weapons and experiment on mutants. It's all sickening."

Peter's eyes went wide. The country was ripping its self apart. Then it hit him, "What about MJ?"

Felicia forced a small smile at the mention of his long standing love interest. "Ms. Watson is now an accomplished author and is attending ESU for journalism. Her book original titled 'How the World Killed Peter Parker' was renamed 'Great Power, Great Responsibility: The True Story of Peter Parker and Spiderman.' It made the New York Times best seller list in the first month. I also hear she is interning at J3 communications under Jamison himself, pay, a big scholarship and everything. She stayed in New York which is actually the safest place to be." Peter gave her a quizzical look. "After your death the people of New York were galvanized and became more accepting of heroes helping the police and accepting of mutants and the like into society. Spiderwoman moved into the city after you died and well basically took over for you. People remembered her working with you in the past and figured if you trusted her and worked with her then they should too." Felicia smiled. "I ran into her a few times when tracking down baddies myself, she is a lot like you actually Spider."

Peter smiled nervously at that. No one besides Aunt May, Gwen, and MJ as far as he knew were aware that Jessica was his clone. "Well I just want to get back to New York and see MJ again and get back into my Spiderman thing." Peter sighed.

Miranda smirked slightly at the sappy way Peter was talking about MJ and Felicia's jealousy about it. Then she got a report directly into her headset that instantly made her go into mega serious mode. "That's going to have to wait Parker, we got an important mission. We lost contact with one of our agents but right before we lost her she sent us a distress signal. We are they only group available at the moment for rescue and extraction."

Peter sat there dumbfounded. "Why? Why me? I just woke up and I am thankful for you bringing me back and no offence to you or whatever organization you work for but I don't know anything about you or what is going on and I just want to get back to my life." Peter tried to continue before Miranda interrupted him.

"Peter, the agent we lost contact with, it was Kitty." She said solemnly.

"Let's get moving." Peter replied seriously. Kitty was his ex-girlfriend and also a really good friend who he teamed up with fairly frequently. He owed her a lot and would always try to help his friends and this time would be no different.

"Alright then, we lost contact with her in the desert outside this small town in Arizona, that's where we will start." Miranda replied adjusting the destination in the flight computer. "I suggest you get some rest it's going to be a long flight and you will need your strength."