A/n hey there sorry this has been delayed. But here it is the next chapter of Lazarus.

"So what the hell was Kitty doing out here in the middle of nowhere?" Peter asked as he and Felicia now in her Black Cat costume traversed the moon lit desert sands.

"She was investigating some kind of facility that was experimenting on mutants." Felicia replied back to her companion. "According to her last report they were trying to recreate the original Weapon X project that created Wolverine. She thought the facility was under the command of either the Weapon X team or something far worse." Felicia finished with a hint of fear in her voice.

"What could possibly be worse then those Weapon X pricks?" Peter sarcastically quipped scared that he would regret that question.

To that Felicia replied with a single word. "HYDRA."

"Fuck." Peter sighed having read numerous articles about the 'secret' spy agency that was essentially an evil(er) version of SHIELD born out of the unique and colossal psychosis of the Nazis and Red Skull in WWII that still was attempting 'secret' world domination. No one knew what they were doing or how exactly they did whatever they could be doing but everyone knew what they wanted to do in the end.


"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Where the fuck are they?" Kitty Pryde cursed as she ran through walls dodging explosions and phased through computers ruining all the data on them. All this was going on as sirens scream and in the distance the screams of humans in agony with large chunks taken out of their bodies. Kitty didn't have any sympathy for these people though, after what they did they deserved whatever they got. She was franticly searching for Sarah Kinney and her daughter to get them out before the whole facility blows up.

That was when she began to hear a new siren. "ALERT, AUTO DESTRUCT COMENCING. BASE WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN 90 SECONDES." A robotic voice called in an even monotone.

"Fuck I have to get out of here." Kitty thought to herself as she ran towards the nearest exit as the facility exploded behind her. Though the sight that awaited her outside of the facility was more heart wrenching then any of the horrors she saw trying to escape from the place.

In front of her on the desert sand, which glowed pure white under the moonlight, was a young girl who seemed to be about 15 years old. She had long raven hair and a thin lithe but athletic body. She was on her knees, her shoulder rocking in silent sobs as she cradled the head of another woman.

Sarah Kinney was dead, and now her daughter mourned her. The daughter born and created to be a weapon, an emotionless killer, had found her first bit of humanity in the tragedy of her mother's death. A part of her blamed herself for it. It had been here that dealt the killing blow, even if the trigger scent set her off, she still blamed herself for the loss of the first person to love her and treat her like a person.

As the emotions flooded into her she screamed into the night and for the first time even she cried. Her emerald green eyes bloodshot and puffy filled with tears. It took several minutes before she calmed herself and noticed the other presence in the area. When Kitty approached her and put a hand on her shoulder the young girl looked up at her and found she was not alone. She embraced Kitty in a hug that the older girl was quick to accept and she cried again. And she whispered into Kitty's ear. "Laura, she named me Laura. Mommy named me Laura."

Kitty rocked the younger girl in her arms as she continued to cry. "It's ok Laura." She said over and over to the mourning girl. "I'll take care of you; your big sister will look after you."

LINE BREAK (as this is happening)

As Peter and Felicia continued to head towards Kitty's direction they heard a loud and massive explosion. They both turned to each other wordlessly and then quickened their pace to the site of the explosion.

As they approached the ruins of the base they saw Kitty on her knees hugging a young girl with an older brown haired woman lying on the sand beside them. As they approached the younger girl tensed visibly in Kitty's grip. After a quick glance to see who it was Kitty quickly made an effort to comfort the girl. "It's okay Laura these people are my friends. They won't hurt you, if fact they are here to help us and take us someplace safe." Kitty said in a soft tone causing Laura to relax before standing and approach the new pair.

"My name is Laura Kinney." Laura said to them still a hint of unevenness in her voice from the crying and screaming "I am pleased to meet you."

A/n originally I had wanted this to be a lot longer then it is but I decided to go with a more traditional origin story for Laura. I felt that it was necessary to her character but I did make a slight change. Instead of being the cold, reserved and somewhat socially awkward character she was in the comics I made the whole event basically break her previous mental training so she became for a moment a sad scared little girl. She still is going to be somewhat shy and socially awkward but she will be really comfortable around Kitty who has taken her in as a little sister.