Back to New York

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The initial flight out from the desert was fairly uneventful. Felicia was exhausted and started dozing in the copilot's seat while Miranda was a silent and stoic as ever. Kitty kept Laura close the whole time till she calmed down and fell asleep. It was after Laura fell asleep that things go interesting.

Peter was in the back of the jet looking out a window as the clouds passed by. He jumped slightly when Kitty plopped down next to him. He smiled at her, "Hey Kitty, how have you been?" he asks

She glares at him. "Two years Peter, more then two years in fact, and after all that time that's all you have to say to me? I thought you were dead! It wasn't until Nick Fury contacted me about this new Cerberus program that I found out about Lazarus and just the possibility of you coming back."

"You joined up with SHEILD?" Peter asked, "I thought you hated them and thought Fury was a tool."

Kitty snorted lightly "I still don't like them a lot and Fury is still a tool. Let's get one thing straight Peter I agreed to work with SHEILD on my terms I do what I can to help out people and mutants around the country. But now that you're back in the picture the game has changed. I am with you 100% and I think I can say the same for Felicia." Looking up to the cockpit the two could see Felicia's outstretched left arm giving them the thumbs up to confirm. "When you get back into the super hero thing you won't have to do it alone."

Peter turned and gazed at Laura's sleeping form. "What about Laura?" he asked before he could continue Kitty cut him off.

"I already talked it over with her. She wants to help out too. I told her a couple of the stories about us teaming up and about Logan and she decided to be a hero. It's what she wants to do and I will help her do it." She said with conviction. It was obvious that the two of them had bonded quickly. "We are your team Peter and I am sure Jessica will be happy to have you back as well."

And so the jet made its final approach to New York and as in descended under the clouds Peter got his first look at the city. There were still parts that were being repaired from the onslaught of the ultimatum wave and the aftermath of the last Goblin incident. But then Peter's eyes fell upon the rebuilt Treskillion tower as the headed to land on the roof. It was a gleaming silver spire, on the roof Peter could see a group of people ready to meet him and the others. As the jet landed, Laura was jarred awake by the noise and immediately extended her claws out of reflex. One glance to Kitty told her that everything was ok and she quickly retracted her claws as the back ramp opened.

A blonde woman in a pantsuit stepped up and greeted Peter as he descended the ramp. "Mr. Parker it is good to see you once again among the living. Welcome to the Treskillion." She said trying to be friendly but still professional.

"Mrs. Danvers right?" Peter replied knowing the woman from his prior dealings with SHIELD.

"Correct Mr. Parker, I am acting director of SHEILD at the moment with Fury away. I am sure you and the others are tired from the long trip. Agent Vakarian will show you to your rooms to rest for a bit before Dinner. Garrus if you would please."

"Of course Director." Replied a man wearing shiny, blue armor with a compact sniper rifle on his back and a large, heavy pistol in a holster on his side. He had greyish skin with blue markings on his face. He had light teal eyes and a visor over his left eye that looked like a heads up display. He looked to be in his mid-twenties and carried himself like a bit of a maverick. "If you would all follow me I would be happy to help you settle in." he smiled as he winked at Miranda before he turned and waved for them to follow.

"Oh can it Domino. You really need to learn when that's appropriate." Miranda replied shaking her head at the man's attempts to flirt with her. And so the group descended in to the spire to rest before settling into their new home.

Sorry for the wait on this chapter I just had trouble writing because of some family issues. My sister and my mother have both been very sick and in and out of the hospital and my mom is still undergoing treatment for a type of cancer. I might not be able to post as often as I thought I would be over the summer because I will be helping my family out dealing with this. Thanks for understanding everyone.

On a lighter note I decided to include another of my favorite mass effect characters into this story. Garrus has taken on the role of Domino a mutant who has above average reflexes and awareness able to make trick shots look like a walk in the park. With perfect perception Garrus is still a top Sniper and marksman and I tried to merge a bit of his features with that of the original Domino which is kinda difficult with Domino being a girl and all. But I think it went over well.