It began the day that Imogen found out about her father's dementia. The first incident was a passing comment about how Fiona was practically raised by a nanny, implying that she couldn't possibly understand what it felt like to be close to a parent. From that point on, Imogen managed to push Fiona away, and one day, she pushed so hard that Fiona didn't come back.

It started out with little comments, much like the first one, that were petty jabs about Fiona's life, as well as her personality. Imogen was angry, so incredibly angry, about what was happening to her father and she was taking it out on the person closest to her. The more Fiona tried to support her, the worse she would treat Fiona, convincing herself that the older girl couldn't and wouldn't understand what she was feeling. Next came drinking; first it was sneaking bottles from her father's liquor cabinet (since he wouldn't remember what was there anyways), and then it progressed to attending parties, no matter who was throwing it, just to get wasted. Imogen had bitterly decided that if drinking was something Fiona had found useful when coping with terrible situations, then it would be for her too. Fiona had tried her hardest to not scold Imogen for her alcohol use; after all, she could see that Imogen's habits weren't one of an alcoholic, just of an upset girl who didn't know how to cope. Even if attending parties and being around Imogen when she drank was jeopardizing Fiona's sobriety, she still tried her hardest to fight her urges so that she could be there for her girlfriend. Imogen knew deep down how selfish it was to force Fiona to be around alcohol, but at the time, she was spiraling into a depression, and quite frankly, just didn't care.

Eventually, Fiona told Imogen that she couldn't be around her anymore if alcohol was involved. Imogen neglected to acknowledge the sadness that was swimming in Fiona's eyes and instead told her that she would just go out without her and see her whenever she wasn't with the theater kids (the theater kids that partied, to be exact). One Saturday night, exactly three months before graduation, Fiona was begging Imogen to stay in with her and watch movies, but Imogen had bluntly told her that she was going to a party. "I love you, Immy. You know that right?" Fiona had said with glossy eyes, "but I don't know what to do anymore… Please stay in with me tonight. I miss you. I'm worried about you." Imogen had rolled her eyes, sarcastically muttered, "Thanks for the mini-speech, mom," and walked out of the loft without looking back.

By the time Eli stopped by the party to say a brief hello to everyone, Imogen was a mess. She was stumbling all over the place and was being held up by an extra sleazy guy that Eli recognized from class. He stepped outside and called Fiona, telling her she needed to come and get Imogen before she got into trouble. Once Fiona was on her way, Eli went back inside only to realize Imogen was nowhere to be found. When Fiona arrived, she calmly asked if Eli had checked upstairs. When he didn't respond, Fiona marched up the stairs and began throwing each bedroom door open until she finally found one that was occupied. Imogen was on the bed, heavily making out with the tech guy, and let out a laugh when she saw Fiona walk in. "Uh oh….I'm in trouble," Imogen slurred as Fiona picked her up, half-carrying her down the stairs and outside of the house where a cab was waiting, courtesy of Eli. Imogen wasn't fully sure why she had started making out with the boy, but she was desperately searching for a feeling that didn't hurt. When they reached Imogen's house, Fiona told the driver to wait while she walked Imogen to her front door. She helped the younger girl unlock the door and Imogen headed inside. When she felt Fiona let go of her, she turned around, confused, and asked, "Aren't you coming in?" It was then that she saw her girlfriend was shaking and silently crying. Fiona shook her head and managed to choke out, "I can't….not anymore…" before retreating back to the waiting car.


Eli had tried to talk some sense into Imogen after the breakup, but she dismissed him, drowning the growing pit in her stomach with more alcohol and more anger. She continued to hang out with a bad crowd and separated herself from anyone she used to talk to at school, rarely showing up for a full day of classes. Before she knew it, it was the weekend of prom, which signaled only a couple of weeks left until graduation. She hadn't spoken to Fiona or Eli in months, so she decided to show up to the dance with a group of people who planned on staying for just a couple of minutes before bailing to go out. When she finally got to the dance, she slipped in the back and managed to hide from most of the other kids there. She spotted Eli and Fiona, who had similar colored outfits and were sitting together at a table. She found out later that Eli and Clare had split and he had asked Fiona to be his friend-date. Imogen met up with her "friends", and no more than twenty minutes later they had decided to leave, but before she walked out she had surveyed the room one last time. She spotted Fiona, who was standing towards the back, shyly flirting with a gorgeous girl that she recognized to be from the LGBT club. That was the last thing she could remember before she woke up in the hospital, with her mother standing over her.

Imogen had gotten alcohol poisoning on the night of prom, and as a result her mother had insisted that she see a therapist regularly and monitored her school attendance. Although she had only been in therapy for three weeks, she was no longer drinking and had been spending time alone, getting herself together, trying to be her old self. Although her grades had tanked, she had still passed all of her classes, which meant she was graduating. The downside was that she would have to go a small University nearby for at least a year to get her grades up before she could transfer anywhere else, but she was committed to getting back on track. She showed up to graduation alone, and managed to talk to Eli before the ceremony began. He was understanding and accepted her apology, but he also noticed that her gaze kept flicking over to Fiona, who was off in the distance talking with Marisol and Mo. "Did you figure out what you'll say to her yet?" Eli questioned knowingly, but all Imogen could respond with was, "No apology can make up for what I put her through."

After the ceremony was over, Imogen saw that Fiona had broken away from her friends and family and was packing up extra programs into a cardboard box near the stage. She nervously approached her, and blurted out "Congrats!" to the older girl before she could chicken out. Fiona turned around slowly and avoided her gaze, "Uh, Congrats to you too, Imogen," she said before turning back to the programs. Imogen's heart broke; she knew this is what she should expect, to be dismissed, but it still hurt. "Where are you going to University?" Imogen tried again, knowing she needed to at least attempt an apology, but the right words weren't coming out. Fiona sighed, taking a deep breath before turning to face Imogen once more, "I'm going to UT. They offered me a scholarship I couldn't turn down. Look I've gotta go. Good luck with everything." With that Fiona picked up the box, turned around and headed towards the school's front doors.