Last chapter! I've gotten severe writers block, so I decided to just finish this up. Thanks to everyone who has been reading!

As Fiona found herself walking home alone on Valentine's Day, she wondered why she had been so stupid and accepted some random girl's dinner invitation when she could have been watching movies at home. The date had been awkward at best; they had absolutely nothing in common and right off the bat the other girl had ordered a glass of wine. It probably didn't help that during the entire meal Fiona kept thinking about how much she rather be with her best friend Imogen. Imogen. Fiona sighed to herself, she thought about that girl a lot more than she ever wanted to admit, and part of the reason she even went out on the lousy date was to prove to herself that Imogen was just a friend after all this time. The problem was, she wasn't sure, not even a little bit. She had loved the crazy girl with all that she had, and she ended up getting hurt, like always. Imogen had been going through a lot, she knew that, but it didn't change the fact that she had pushed Fiona away and pushed her to her limit. As much as her heart wanted to just forget the drama from the previous year and try again, her head told her otherwise. What would happen the next time there was something bad going on in one of the girl's lives? Would Imogen just shut down again? How could Fiona be in a successful relationship with someone who couldn't handle the serious stuff with her? Plus, she didn't even know if Imogen was staying in Toronto next year, she had always expressed interest in going to some art school in the states if she got her grades up. At the same time, Fiona knew that she couldn't keep doing the whole "friends" thing forever, sooner or later she would have to address her lingering feelings and maybe even cut off all contact so they could both move on with their lives.

Fiona had finally reached her loft and couldn't help but wonder if Imogen would still be inside. She had called the younger girl several times but strangely, every single call went straight to voicemail. Unlocking her door and stepping inside, she called out "Imogen? You still here?", but all she got in return was silence. As she walked into the kitchen, she froze. Fiona saw the table set for two, the candles that had been extinguished, and the bottle of sparkling cider. She saw the dinner still sitting on the stove, which was now cold, and the decorations filling the loft. She pulled her phone out and frantically called Imogen again, with her only response being a monotone voicemail. Not knowing what to do, Fiona walked into her room and threw her purse on the bed, which is when she saw a small, wrapped box laying neatly in the middle of her comforter. She picked it up and held it in her hands, trying to decide whether or not she should open it. Curiosity got the best of her; she tore the paper off and opened the box. When Fiona picked up the contents of the box, a tear immediately dropped from her eye. She had no idea how she had done it, but Imogen had made her a snow globe, perfectly designed to fit among the rest of Fiona's collection. The difference was instead of some generic scene inside of it, there was a mini carnival, complete with a Ferris wheel that had two figures on it kissing, wearing red and greenish-blue hats.

All of the doubts that Fiona had been having about resuming a relationship with Imogen were immediately wiped away, as she cursed the other girl for having her phone off. She was unsure of what to do, considering she had absolutely no idea where Imogen would be. Fiona walked into the kitchen and made a cup of tea, as she began to clean up the remains of Imogen's grand gesture. As a result, she faced a long, sleepless night; at least she did until she heard her fire escape rumbling. After hearing another thud, Imogen appeared at the door to Fiona's bedroom, pausing when she saw the socialite was already home. "Oh. You're home," Imogen said with a bland tone. "You came back," Fiona replied with a smile, "I've called you like a hundred times." Imogen's gaze was flicking across the room, landing anywhere but Fiona's eyes as she spoke, "I came back to clean everything up before you came home. Guess I was too late." For a moment, Fiona contemplated launching into a speech about everything she felt, but she finally decided she was done talking to Imogen. Instead, she slowly walked toward the other girl, and once she reached her she pulled Imogen into a long, slow kiss. Imogen's hands immediately flew around Fiona's neck as she deepened the kiss, the kiss that both of them had been waiting to have again for so long.

"What was that for?" Imogen had half-jokingly asked once the two had broken apart. "The snow globe," Fiona replied, "Definitely the snow globe."