"Hey, Sammy," Lucifer called to the other room, he could picture Sam growing red like he always did whenever he was called Sammy "Why don't you come in here, watch this film with me?"

"Not now?"

Luci rolled his eyes and walked over to the other room where Sam was busy googling some paranormal on the computer. Luci leaned down and blew on the back of Sams neck softly. Sam shivered just a bit, before placing his hand there.

"Stop it." Sam said begrudgingly.

"You don't really want me to stop do you?" Lucifer protested running his hand under the front of Sams shirt while he ran his fingers through Sams hair.

Sam rolled his head back in defeat and got out of the chair. Lucifer winked and grabbed Sams shoulders, throwing him against the wall and pinning him there. Sam made a little grunting noise as he lifted Satan's shirt above his head and ran his hands over Luci's lean torso. Lucifer was almost amused by Sams desire and he kissed lightly on Sams neck. Sam rolled his head back and Lucifer held back a laugh.

"Oh little Winchester, so easily pleased."

Sam blushed, and Lucifer smiled kissing Sam abruptly on the mouth. He forced his tongue through Sams thin lips and Luci's hands travelled through Sam's mane of hair. He felt Sams hand over his back, resting his fingers just below the waistband on Luci's pants. Luci smiled against Sams lips and he tore Sams shirt off his body.

Sams face was awe-stricken, as it always was. Luci pushed Sam onto the couch and straddled him. Sam leaned up to kiss Luci and Luci kissed back before tugging off his pants. Sam stared, his face eager. Lucifer looked down at Sam and leaned over him.

"You have a job to do Sammy." He whispered into the Winchesters ear.

Sam shrugged out from under Luci and pushed Luci down on the couch. Sams fingers fumbled with the buttons on Luci's childish duck boxers. He eventually pulled them down to reveal Lucifers penis.

Sam looked from it to Lucifers face and back.

Luci rolled his eyes, putting his hands on the back of Sams head and pushing his head down, his mouth wrapping around Luci's cock. Lucifer bit his lip as Sam continued with the momentum Luci had started. He could feel his member grow harder and pulse inside Sam's warm mouth. Sam moaned, struggling to take the whole thing in.

Luci rested his hands on Sams head, tugging gently at Sam's hair. He groaned quietly, pushing his head back into the pillow. He let out a long moan, and finally sat up pulling Sam up and tugging off all remaining clothes.

Luci pushed Sam down on the ground and spread Sams legs, pushing inside Sam and groaning deeply. Sam grunted, moving his hands to be on Luci's lean back. He thrusted mindlessly pulsing in the tight hole.

Sam moved one hand to his own member, jerking it softly while groaning quietly. Luci moved one hand to Sam's shoulder sliding him up and down in coordination with his thrusts. Sam closed his eyes and grunted non-stop, moaning Lucifer's name over and over again. Lucifer went faster, his pelvis hitting Sams thighs with each threust.

Luci fell forward, his head on Sam's chest while he continued to thrust, breathless, and his heart beating fast.

Sam groaned louder, in a steady crescendo until it could be classified as a muted scream, matched equally with the volume of Lucifer's moans.

Lucifer could feel something coming. He groaned and they came simultaneously. Luci moaned and rolled over beside Sam. Sam fought to catch his breath as he placed a hand on Lucifers chest and fell asleep.