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Jubilee felt a kind of nervous anticipation as she stood in the street, pretending to look in a shop window. She stole a glance towards Gambit, who was leaning against a wall, flicking through one of the packs of playing cards that he always seemed to carry around, looking quite at ease with himself.

She saw a man emerging from an office building and knew that this was their quarry. Arthur Wilde. Gambit had told her that Wilde had recently convinced the occupants of a tenement building that he owned to move out so that improvements could be made to their rooms. Those "improvements" turned out to be demolishing the entire building and selling the land off to a developer, leaving its former residents sleeping on the floors of friends or relatives.

As they'd rehearsed, Jubilee waited until Wilde was in the right position and then turned, clattering into him and causing his briefcase to be knocked from his grasp. The lock burst open on impact with the ground, scattering its contents.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"she exclaimed in her best innocent voice. "Let me help you."

Wilde simply gave her a glare as he began gathering up the papers. Gambit came and knelt with them, picking up papers with one hand while, unnoticed by anyone but her, his other hand slipped into Wilde's pocket and removed a small object. Concealing it in his own coat, he handed Wilde the pile of papers he'd gathered with a reassuring smile. Wilde snatched the papers from him, stuffed them back in his briefcase, and stormed off down the street.

Jubilee resumed her examination of the shop window for a while until she considered it safe to head for the alley where Gambit was waiting. He greeted her with a lingering kiss. "Excellent, mon cherie."

"What have you got?"she asked.

Gambit thumbed through Wilde's wallet. "A hundred dollars in bills and all his credit cards and passwords. I think his former tenants will shortly find their bank balances unexpectedly increased."

"Very charitable, LeBeau,"a deep voice sneered. "Assuming you live long enough to do anything with it."

Jubilee turned at the voice and saw a thickset, heavily-built man with a beard and a lithe green-haired woman standing at the entrance to the alley, blocking their exit.

"Greycrow,"Gambit murmured.

It was then that Jubilee realised who the pair were. Siryn had told her of the Marauders that the other X-Men had fought while she and Gambit confronted Mr. Sinister and of the two that survived: Scalphunter and Vertigo.

"Let Jubilee go,"Gambit instructed. "She's not involved in this."

"She's an X-Man,"Scalphunter retorted. "That makes her involved." He pulled a weapon from behind his back, using his mutant powers to shift it so it transformed into a flamethrower. Gambit and Jubilee dived aside as he opened fire.

Jubilee saw Vertigo training her powers on her and felt waves of nausea course through her body. She generated fireworks and managed to hurl them. They exploded in front of Vertigo's face, temporarily blinding her and causing her to grab hold of her face with a yell of pain.

Gambit, meanwhile, had charged up a playing card and hurled it at Scalphunter. It attached itself to his weapon and then exploded, wrecking it. Scalphunter grabbed Vertigo by the arm. "Stop them,"he snapped. Gambit and Jubilee felt the waves of nausea enveloping them, stopping them, as Scalphunter dragged the still blinded Vertigo from the scene.

Rogue heard the laughter coming from the corridor as Kitty, Colossus, Warren and Siryn came up from the basement. "I can't believe you managed to nail that last one,"Kitty remarked.

"Hey, just call it precision screaming,"Siryn replied.

"I'm glad you've learned to be that precise,"Colossus commented.

"Just call it a team effort,"Warren suggested.

The four of them walked on past the sitting room, apparently not knowing she was there. Bobby paused by the doorway and looked at her. She looked away and he headed for the office.

"Are you feeling left out?"

Rogue looked round at the voice and saw Leech had come over. "What's it to do with you?"she asked curtly.

"I know how you feel. They leave you out because you're pregnant, they leave me out because I'm the youngest. They forget we're X-Men too. They'll remember eventually."

Rogue managed a grateful smile, then she heard the commotion in the hallway. She hurried out, Leech just behind her, to find a group of students staring at Jubilee and Gambit, who had just arrived back. Their clothes were torn and looked burnt in places and they had a dishevelled appearance. As if they'd been in a fight.

"Get to class,"Rogue snapped at the students before raising her voice. "Bobby! I think you're needed out here."