Since you take prompts, how about a nice little 00Q one: blind!Q, some how he tragically lost his eye sight, whether it be a mission, kidnapping, or accident. James is there for him, but everyone else in MI-6 is like "Shit our Quartermaster is blind, what now?" Can you do something like that?


When Q wakes up in the morning, he knows exactly where his tea will be on the nightstand, how many paces it will take to get to the bathroom and how to avoid bumping into any walls or falling down the stairs in his apartment. All of these things and many more that had seemed completely inane to him only a month ago, now valuable insights he needed to memorize in order to make it through daily life.

He feels around and finds his kettle, filling it with water to make himself some tea, suddenly there are arms wrapped around his waist and he jumps, turning around quickly. He hears a familiar chuckle and with a resounding 'thwack' he hits his assailant about the head.

"James, you ass," he chides loudly but hears nothing but laughter coming from Bond "just because you're stealthy enough to sneak up behind me does not mean you should."

He finds himself smiling nonetheless and reaches up to touch Bond's face, enjoying the feeling of every curve and nuance. He still remembered this face, watching it from afar then learning every facet of it, he could remember lines that creased his forehead and his eyes crinkled with laughter. He could still remember the depths those eyes held, so pale and so incomprehensibly vast. There had always been so much in those eyes, everything Q already knew but James could never say was held there. And now he couldn't see them, now he could never again read all the things James desperately needed him to know.

He keeps this to himself, there is no need to make James feel the sadness he feels about it, no need to drive him away when Q feels he already has more than enough reason to. So he smiles and deals with the fact that he can no longer see.

Not being able to see his lovers face is obviously not the only problem Q has with his new lack of sight, he can no longer work. His entire life had been work and now without it, he was at a loss for what to do. He's tried, really he has, but every time he goes to MI-6 he can feel the stares and the gasps of co-workers who once feared and respected him. For now, he's mostly attempting to figure out how to work from home.

"I love sneaking up on you," James replies in a gravelly tone, interrupting Q's internal thought process "the look on your face is worth the abuse."

He can hear the smile, something so very new as odd as it is indescribable that he himself begins to smile. Then he feels James' body tense ever so slightly, can hear the infinitesimal hitch in the breath he takes. And is instantly on edge.

"What is it?" he asks before James even has the moment to speak "What's wrong?"

If possible, James becomes even tenser, Q feels his shoulders hunching. James places a placating hand on his shoulder, rubbing a tiny circle into the fabric he finds there.

"They're…" Q pauses long enough to let out a large sigh "they're looking for my replacement aren't they…"

Bond says nothing, instead electing to simply wrap his arms around Q, hoping to comfort him in some small way.

Q is frozen, he doesn't know what to do without his job, doesn't know who he's going to be from this point on. He feels James shaking and finds it incredibly odd, then realizes he is the one who's shaking. His whole body is stricken and he can feel the tears finding there way down his face, feel the wetness trailing down to fall uselessly onto James back.

He takes a few shaky breaths and then steadies himself, he releases the grip he had on James' and pulls away to smile at him. He touches James face softly and he feels the worry and tension there, the downward turn of his lip and along the curve of his brow.

"It's alright love," he says as he presses their foreheads together "I'll be alright."

He doesn't know how it turned out like this, with him comforting his worried lover, but he's accepted it.

Mostly because he just doesn't know what else to do.