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It was a sunny day in Domino City, and the high school bell rang a final resounding time. The day had finally ended, and the weekend had arrived. The students all got up and grabbed their belongings, running out of the classrooms like bats outta hell.

"It's the weekend!" Joey jumped up from his desk and grabbed Tristan and Yugi. "About time! Let's go to the arcade."

"You seem excited, Joey." Tea said, sauntering over to the group.

"Why wouldn't I be? They just released an online player vs. player game console for Duel Monsters!" Joey practically shouted.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Tristan said, raring to go.

Yugi nodded. This could be fun. "Yeah! Let's go."

The arcade was packed. Beyond all the customers, a new row of arcade machines was barely visible to the eyes of the group. On the screens of these machines, duel monster battles were being played online with people from other countries and local towns. The boys' eyes lit up like it was Christmas.

Against all odds and how packed the arcade was, a spot opened in the duel consoles. Joey jumped in, and chuckled. "This is gonna be awesome!"

Joey punched in three coins and the screen blared up. Welcome to Duel World. The screen stated. Please enter name.

"I know just what my game name should be!" Joey said. Using the keyboard on the screen and the arrow keys on the console's dashboard, Joey entered his game name, Joe Justice.

"Joe Justice?" Tristan mocked.

"You're just jealous 'cause you didn't think of it first!" Joey clicked on the silver sword as an icon for his player and hit enter.

The console hummed and a sentence read across, showing his icon alongside another icon that resembled a black rose.

Joe Justice vs. Black Sapphire. Game Start.

"Who's Black Sapphire?" Tristan wondered.

"Whoever it is, they're going down Joey-Wheeler style!"

The game progressed, and Joey was in trouble from the get go. He had used Red Eyes and Flame Swordsman, but failed to prepare himself for his opponent's traps and card effects. His sore weakness. Within five minutes Joey lost.

"Agh, who does he think he is, playing me like that?" Joey muttered at the screen.

"Come on Joey, don't be a sore looser." Tea said, dragging him off the game console.

"Yuug, you gotta avenge me! Beat this arrogant bastard for me will ya?"

Yugi sighed. "If I must."

He sat down to play. Yugi entered his game name, 'Yugi Motto' and selected the star icon.

Immediately, the online chat box pinged. Yugi clicked on it and read the message.

'I've seen many players use that name. You think you are as good as the king of games?' Black Sapphire wrote.

Yugi shrugged and typed, 'If it's a game, then I'll win no matter what.'

'We'll see.' Was the reply he got.

Game Start.

Halfway through the game, Yugi began to sweat. This was a good opponent. No matter what he tried, it seemed that Black Sapphire had every counter available. This player was good at predicting moves, too. Just when Yugi planned to replenish his life points with his cards effect, Black had the card destroyed on the following turn.

Yugi took a deep breath and clicked on the deck in the screen to draw his card. Black Magician. Finally!

Using the spell card 'ancient rule', which allows the summoning of a level five or higher monster without a sacrifice, Yugi summoned his ace and threw down three face downs. Black already had traps waiting for him, and Yugi couldn't risk his Black Magician by attacking just yet. He ended his turn.

Black drew a card. He played a card that sent another one of his dark monsters to his graveyard, and with the requirements met, he special summoned a level seven Dark Armor Dragon. The dragon's attack and defense points were 2800/1000. The attack points were 300 more than Dark Magician's.

"Not bad." The spirit, pharaoh, murmured next to Yugi, watching with interest.

Then Black Sapphire followed up with a spell card, bringing back his dark monster from the graveyard, leaving a total of three monsters and two face downs on his side of the field.

Dark Armor Dragon attacked the Black Magician. Yugi quickly clicked his trap card into play, negating the attack. However, Black Sapphire returned suit with a trap card of his own, destroying Dark Magician. The last two monsters on the field lined up to attack Yugi's life points directly when the power on the machine died, and the screen fell black.

"What!? What about the duel?" Joey shouted at the machine.

"It's enough Joey, we already know who would've won." Yugi said. "I still had one trap card left to play. It would've kept me alive till my next move when it would all depend on the next card I drew."

"I bet that person feels like they won…"

"Never mind that Tristan, let's go and get something to eat." Tea said.

"That's best thing you've said all day!" Joey agreed.

As Yugi's friends headed out the door, Yugi looked back at the machine, left to wonder who it was he actually dueled, before joining up with his pals.

"Wait up, guys!"

On the other side of the row of duel systems, in the same arcade that Yugi left, sat a girl with wavy long dirty-blonde hair and deep brown eyes. She felt somewhat deflated, for victory had been stolen from her. She stared at the black screen.

No wait...he still had that trap card left. So things may have ended up undecipherable. Oh well. At least she got a good game in.

Packing up her bags, she trudged off towards her new home sweet home. A last trail of thought echoing in her mind.

I wonder if I'll ever meet that duelist again...

I hope you all enjoyed it. I've been reading up on a lot of Yu-gi-oh fanfiction recently, and thought, why not? This is mostly me scribbling down my thoughts, so I don't expect much from it. Most often those are the stories that end up doing well. Funny huh? In later chapters you'll get to see more of Atem, and the Black Sapphire. Who knows? Maybe Marik and Bakura will show up eventually.