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The Black Sapphire Ch. 6: Ambushed

Marik Ishtar sat impatiently in the limousine next to his sister and Odion. He'd been fiddling absently with his millennium rod ever since they left the airport twenty minutes ago. It had been a long 14 hour trip, flying non-stop on the way to Domino city. They had woken up at 4:30am in Luxor, so his mind was telling him it should be 6:30pm. Japan was seven hours behind Egypt, so as they had arrived in Tokyo International Airport, it was really 11:30am.

Marik covered his yawn. They were asked by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities to monitor the supply of artifacts that were to be displayed at Domino Museum. Ishizu had bartered with them to make their stay as long as possible in Japan, arguing that they had more experience with ancient artifacts than any of the squints they had ordered to transfer the objects.

Their life was dedicated to the protection of Egypt's secrets, and in that Ishizu had gained a high status in the Egyptian council when their family duty to the pharaoh was completed at the end of the city tournament last year. Marik however, still managed to live satisfactorily while being unemployed. His sister once offered a seat in the council, but Marik told her that he didn't want to become a puppet of some big organization, being pulled around to whatever corner of the world they wanted him to be.

There was a reason Marik had agreed to this trip, however. One, he missed his millennium bearer friend, Yugi and his pals. Another was that his millennium rod had felt a disturbance in Japan. Sadly, he no longer could look to his sister for guidance when the world of shadows was involved. She had lost her power of foresight when she had given Yugi her millennium necklace. She was now blind to the influence of the items, and Marik could tell at times when she looked longingly at the distance, stroking the soft skin above her collar bone where the necklace once rested. Like she was doing right now.

Marik looked down at the rod. The eye centered at the end of it gleamed with the sun's reflection as the limo made a turn to exit off the highway. Yesterday, he had gotten a strange feeling from it. It was trying to tell him something, but he couldn't grasp what it was. The only thing he could thing of was that something had happened in relation to the items. He had decided that to find out more, it would be best to check on the other item holders.

The limo turned on to the parking lot of Domino Museum, and parked in the front lots reserved to them. Marik practically jumped out of the car as the driver opened his door. He took in the familiar cool air of Japan, and ran to the doors of the museum.

"Marik, don't trouble the workers inside!" Ishizu called out to him in modern Egyptian.

"Yeah, whatever!" Marik called back. He rushed through the front doors and raced across the waxed tiles. His thrill abated as he saw a cluster of people dressed in uniform gathered in one spot. He skidded to a stop once he recognized distress on their faces.

"What's wrong?" Marik asked, walking up to one of the officers.

The exhibitor talking to that officer turned around and addressed his VIP guest. "Ah, you must be the younger Ishtar from Egypt. I'm sorry you and your sister had to come at such a bad time."

Ishizu caught up with her brother, and recognized the polite demeanor of Professor Hawkins.

"Greetings, professor." Ishizu said in fluent Japanese. "What seems to be the problem?"

The professor took of his hat to wipe his forehead with the back of his hand. "Well, the issue here is just as it seems." He wave a hand towards the new glass-cased exhibit.

The glass was broken into, and the scroll was gone.

Yugi and company were walking with me towards his grandfather's shop from the arcade. Joey had mentioned a short cut, so we were weaving our way through different avenues like city junkies.

I was following along happily when I happened to bump into someone. This large man in a black leather jacket turned around and I saw his eyes go wide.


That's when I noticed the skull on his jacket, and the word Siren beneath it in red. /oh shit/.

"You!?" I squealed. The team turned around and saw several men gather around the guy I bumped into. All wearing the same emblem. Skull Sirens.

"Run!" Yugi grabbed my wrist and the team sped off around the corner with eight gang members on our tails.

I regretted not doing sports almost immediately. After running full sprint for two blocks I felt my leg muscles burning and my breaths were taking in all the air I could get. I could taste bile mucus building up in my mouth from the exercise. I swallowed it down and kept going, ignoring the increasingly fast beat of my heart.

"In here!" Joey called out. He must have been in shape, for he wasn't breathing hard at all. I looked up and gasped. Joey was slipping through the wooden planked wall of a certain abandoned factory...

We all followed him in, only to find ourselves surrounded, with an ambush waiting for us inside. Outside the ones that we had ran from blocked our exit.

Locked in a bodily induced pain, I slid down to the floor, my back against the wall. I tried the best I could to settle my breathing, as I was hyperventilating and couldn't do much of anything at the moment. I watched as Joey tried to fight off the three men who muscled him down. The sound of their punches making contact echoed in my gut.

Yugi pulled back one of the men's arms. They turned their attention to him and Yugi was assaulted by four guys. Tristan broke it up and managed to get caught in the fray as well.

"Enough!" Everybody turned to see a man walk out, his buddy next to him holding Tea with a knife to her neck. "Surrender quietly, and this girl doesn't get hurt."

I watched as my friends unwillingly let the men grab them and tie them up. I was grabbed as well, and had my wrists tied behind my back.

"Well, well well. Look who came crawling back with her friends." The man looked at me. He had short spiked red hair in a mohawk and a tattoo of an arrow vertically shot down on his right eye. Piercings decorated him like a Christmas tree on his ears, jawline, eyebrows, nose and tongue. His crazy silver eyes glared at me from under his cold disposition.

"Who are you people?" I asked. "You're all crazy. I've never been here before in my life!"

"Is that so? Then how do you explain showing up here two nights ago, and putting five of my best men in the hospital?" The red head leader hissed. His eyes burning with a dangerous fire.

"You've got the wrong person!" Yugi shouted, struggling against the ropes cutting into his hands. "Jade would never do that!"

"Two nights ago Jade was with us." Joey said from the ground, where he had been shoved face first and now lay with two men pinning him down. "How could she possibly be in two places at once?"

The man looked at me and my bedraggled state seemed to finally occur to him. I wasn't faking the out-of-breath, unfit, state of shape my body was in. My face was no doubt red hot with perspiration, and I was still slightly gasping for air. How could a girl like be take out give of his men?

"If you are who you say you are, then the only way out is to win your freedom." The leader decided. Another guy tossed something to him and he caught it. The leader placed in on his arm and with a ring of lights the black duel disk sprang into action. "Those are the rules I make. Now I'll be a kind gentlemen-" here he paused as laughter spewed from his cohorts, "- and let two of you fight me. A two-on-one match. Win and you go free. Lose..."

The man eyed me threateningly. "...and you don't ever see the light of day."

I slipped out of my handler's grasp. There was no way I'd let two of my friends get dragged into something I'd been the cause of. I was going to be one of the ones fighting. "Bring it on!"

Tea tried to move, but the man holder her tightened his grip. I looked over at my other friends and managed to catch something spectacular.

Yugi's millennium puzzle began to glow and radiate a golden light. Yugi's violet eyes closed and in one split second I saw a change. He was taller, and his back stood up straighter. The shape of his eyes shifted from concern to determination, and when he opened them...they were a scarlet red.

My dream had arrived.