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General POV

Her throat burned with hunger. It was something that she started feeling about five years ago and it's the only thing that she did feel. She looked around at the people in the club, trying to pick someone out to satisfy her hunger. The whole place was packed with potential meals for her. A shadow of a smile appeared on her face when she picked a person out.

He was about 18-20 with black hair. As she got closer to him, she noticed that he had blue eyes, just like someone from her past. Her past didn't bother her, not anymore. The only things she thought about now was blood, sex, and staying alive.
"Hey." She whispered seductively to her potential next meal. "Are you here all alone?"
"No, I'm actually here with my girlfriend." 'That's no problem.' She thought.
"Would she mind if I stole a dance with you?" She asked with a pout, hoping he would come willingly.
"I don't think one dance would hurt." She gave him a small smile as she took his hand and led him to the dance floor.
"You're not a bad dancer."
"I was forced into ballet when I was little." When their eyes connected, his expression became blank.
"You will dance with me and only me all night." She said as she compelled him. "We will have a great time and when we leave, you will follow me to where ever I take you with no resistance and when your girlfriend comes back, you will break up with her. You no longer care for her." He repeated every word back to her mechanically and without emotion. Elena evilly smiled before they started to dance the night away.

After five minutes of dancing together, the guy's girlfriend came back.
"Hey, can I have my boyfriend back now?" She asked. Elena gave a small nod, even though she knew what was going to happen.
"Hey Sally." The man said as Sally took his arm.
"Let's go dance Kyle." She said, slightly pulling him. When he didn't budge, Sally looked at him, slightly confused. Elena kept a blank expression, for more than one reason.
"I don't want to." Kyle said. There was a slight pause. "The thing is Sally I..." He looked straight into her eyes "... I don't care for you." Tears started to gather in her eyes, although she was trying to keep them in.
"When did this happen?" Sally looked back towards Elena. "Did it have something to do with this bitch?" Elena took a deep breath and stepped forward.
"Oh, if only you knew." Elena gave a small smile to Sally before looking straight into her eyes. "You will dance with the both of us all night. When we leave, you will follow with no questions asked. And you will do anything and everything I say with no problem." Sally repeated the words back because of the compulsion. "Come on guys, let's dance." She gave them a smile before dragging them to the middle of the dance floor.

Unknown to Elena, there was a man watching her. He was at the bar that she was at earlier. He frowned at how she was acting. She was using compulsion and was clearly going to use the two people she was dancing with for her dinner. He couldn't believe how much like Katherine she was acting. 'What's happened?' He thought as he watched Elena from a distance.

The club was still packed as they danced well through midnight. Elena wasn't one bit tired, but she was growing bored of dancing. The humans that she had compelled were starting to lose energy, but she didn't care. Unknown to her, she was still being watched.

Elena slowly sipped the rest of her drink as Kyle stepped up to her side.
"I'm getting tired." He said to her.
"That's fine." Elena said as she set her glass down on the bar. "We're going to leave soon anyway." She turned to Sally, who was sitting next to her. "Let's go." Elena said before walking towards the door with Sally and Kyle behind her.

The three of them walked for five minutes before Elena found an alley to feed in. Elena guided Sally and Kyle to the middle of the alley before looking at Sally.
"You will be quiet and you will not move from your spot until I tell you to." Elena said, compelling her. She turned to Kyle before she kissed him. Their lips pressed onto each other until Elena slowly moved to his neck. The moment her lips touched his neck, the burn in her throat returned. Veins appeared around her eyes and her fangs descended before she viciously bit into Kyle's neck. The fresh blood flowed into her mouth and down her throat, satisfying her hunger. She moaned in satisfaction from the taste of the blood. Elena took her time drinking his blood, trying to make it last even though she had another person waiting behind her.
"Tasty." She said as she lifted her head from his neck. She licked the blood from around her lips as she watched the Kyle's body drop down to the ground. Elena sped to Sally, who was still standing behind her and sank her teeth into her neck. Elena sucked the blood faster, not wanting to waste time. As she drank, the man that was watching her before stopped at the alleyway. He stood there watched as Elena drank the blood from Sally. When Elena was done, she lifted her head and watched as the body fall to the ground. Before she was able to lick the blood from her lips, she felt someone speed towards her. She used her vampire speed to dodge the person. When she turned around, she saw him. It was the first time she saw him since she turned.
"Hello Katherine." He said, not knowing it was Elena. Elena licked the blood off of her lips before speaking to him.
"You're getting your doppelgangers mixed up Damon." Elena said, which made Damon shocked.
"Elena?" He asked, taking a small step closer to her. "That can't be you."
"Oh, it is Damon." Elena said as she took a small step closer to Damon. "The sweet little Elena you knew, is gone."
"What happened to you?" He asked.
"You don't need to know." Elena said before speeding away, leaving Damon standing. He was speechless and surprised. The last time he saw her, she had turned, but she was still the same Elena he knew. Now, five years later, she was acting more like Katherine. It worried him and he told himself that he would find out what happened to Elena and try to get her back to the way she was if it was the last thing he did.

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