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General POV

Elena was in her hotel room, with a human she compelled. They were tangled together in her bed, underneath the sheets. She let the human kiss her, not wanting the control. As he kissed Elena up her neck, there was a knock at her hotel door.
"Come in." She yelled. If it was a human, she could always compel or kill them. The hotel door opened to reveal Damon. He walked in and closed the door behind him. Elena stayed in the bed as Damon couldn't help but look around. There wasn't anything that made him think she had stayed there for a while, but she had turned it off. With her humanity off, she didn't find a point to get personalized things or to decorate a room. "Hello Damon." She said, momentarily looking over the human's shoulder.
"How long are you going to take?" Damon asked, trying not to show the surprise he felt when he saw Elena the way she was.
"I didn't know you were in a hurry." Elena said before biting into the human's neck. Damon was slightly shocked that Elena was drinking from the human right in front of him. Elena took her time drinking from the human that was on top of her, which made Damon think about how much she's changed. When she was done, she pushed the human off to the side without any care before looking at Damon. "Let me get dressed and I'll be out in minute." Elena said before moving the sheets so they were over the body and leaving her exposed. As much as Damon wanted to see Elena without clothes, he turned away. "Feel free to help yourself to the bourbon." Elena said as Damon walked away.

Elena took her time putting on her blue skinny jeans and a light blue tank top that she got when she was shopping. Damon was sitting on the couch and couldn't help but look towards Elena, who was walking towards him.
"You didn't get into the bourbon." Elena said when she noticed that Damon didn't have a drink.
"I'm not in the mood to drink." Damon said as Elena walked towards the mini-fridge that she had and took out two bottles of bourbon.
"Well, you can't let good bourbon go to waste." She said as she poured bourbon from one bottle into two glasses. When she was done, she turned around with both glasses in her hand and handed one to Damon. "If I remember right, bourbon is your favorite." Damon slightly smiled as he took the glass from Elena. Elena sat on the couch opposite from Damon and relaxed her legs on top of it. "What do you want to talk about?" Elena asked before taking a sip from her glass.
"What have you been up to?"
"Traveling." Elena said with a slight shrug. "California, Florida, Colorado, and even Illinois. I never really stayed in one place too long. I met up with Katherine a couple of times." Elena looked straight at Damon. "She said that everyone gave up looking for me." There was a minute when Damon thought he saw sadness in Elena's eyes, but he didn't see it when Elena took another sip from her glass.
"Bonnie was the first." Damon quietly and reluctantly said. "Then Stefan and Liz." Damon slowly stood up, walked over to Elena, and moved her legs so he could sit down. He knew he was taking a chance, but he wanted to reach Elena's humanity. "Caroline convinced me to never give up on you because you would never give up on me." Damon put his glass on the table in between the two couches and gently put his hand on Elena's knee. "I had a hard time accepting that you were gone and I thought that you had left because of me."
"I didn't leave because of you." Elena honestly told him. "First I lost Alaric. He was like a dad to me and then when I killed Jeremy, it became too much." Damon thought he saw another flicker of emotion within Elena. 'I have to keep trying' He thought before scooting an inch closer to her.
"I know that now Elena." He quietly said to her. "Caroline practically gave me a lecture before I could convince myself that you didn't leave because of me." Damon and Elena looked into each other's eyes. Elena could see the emotion in Damon's eyes. "After Caroline started college, she kept tabs on possible places that you were." He still couldn't believe that Caroline actually went to college. "After everyone else stopped looking, she kept giving me locations. For three years Elena. Three years I followed those leads and I never found you. I started asking witches to help me. Some of them actually helped, but they couldn't help me find you either."
"Why did you keep looking for me if after all the failed times?" Damon took a deep breath and convinced himself to continue. He gently squeezed Elena's knee, which she noticed.
"Because after Caroline's lecture I told myself that I'm never going to give up on you." Their eyes connected again. "I love you Elena and because I love you, I'm not giving up on you." Damon let out a breath and decided to take a risk. He started to get closer to Elena, hoping that his idea would work. Elena didn't move as Damon's lips touched hers.

Damon slowly pulled away and looked in Elena's eyes, hoping that he would have ignited some emotion within her. Elena quickly set her glass on the table before pulling Damon's lips onto hers. There was a second when Damon thought he got through to her, but he knew he didn't when Elena pushed him underneath him on the couch. He could tell that she wasn't recovering her humanity.
"Elena..." Damon said as he pushed her off of him "... not like this."
"So you don't want to?" She asked before getting completely off of him and sitting like she was before.
"I want to Elena." Damon said as he sat up. "You don't know how much I want to, but not while you're like this. This isn't you Elena."
"This is me. If you don't like it, then leave." She said, which made Damon frustrated. 'If only I could compel her to turn it back on' He thought, knowing how stubborn she was being.
"I'm not leaving you. I've spent the past five years looking for you and you think I'm going to leave when I just found you?"
"Jeremy said he wouldn't leave me after I turned." She said quietly, which made Damon think he was getting somewhere.
"It wasn't your fault." Damon made Elena look him in the eyes. "You have to forgive yourself." His eyes looked down and he noticed that Elena had Jeremy and Alaric's rings on a chain around her neck. He brought his hand to the rings and held them in his hand without taking it off of Elena. "As long as you have his ring with you, he'll never leave you." A small smile appeared on Damon's face when he noticed he was finally getting through to her. "He wouldn't want you to hate yourself for what you did. Alaric wouldn't either Elena." Damon let go of the rings and held onto Elena's hands. "Elena, I promise that I will never leave you."
"Damon." She quietly whispered his name just as some tears started to form in her eyes. Damon knew that her humanity was coming back so he had no worries about giving her another kiss. This time, she returning it with the same amount of passion that he was giving her.
"We'll work together Elena." Damon whispered when they pulled apart.
"Together." Elena said with a small smile before they kissed again.

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