"Vee! It really isn't as big of a deal as your making it out to be." I smiled and rolled my eyes through my sunglasses at her.

"Are you JOKING? You're pregnant and you think that it isn't a big deal?" She rose to her knees and shook me making sand fly everywhere.

"It will be a bigger deal when I tell Patch, then you can keep freaking out and let the whole town know" I raised my sunglasses as I sat up. Patch and I have been doing well since the war. We all graduated a couple of weeks ago and we now settling into summer. After Gavin and Vee moved back to Coldwater after their wedding, we have all be inseparable. I found out I was pregnant one month ago and was just telling Vee now. I'm not sure how to tell Patch, we have never talked about kids before. I have no doubt in my mind that he will be a great dad but I hope he doesn't freak out when I tell him.

She stood up and took off her dress revealing her bikini underneath. Ever since Vee got married, she has been working out so Gavin doesn't leave her which is kind of ridiculous because they were made for each other. "Are you coming into the water with me fatty or what?"

I stood up with her and walked to the water. "So am I the only person you have told?" I nodded nervously at her.

"Well you need to tell Patch babe, you're gonna start showing soon." She dipped her head back and let her hair absorb the water.

"I know but I don't know how to tell him!" I pouted at her as she raised her head and I slapped the water.

"I have the best idea! Wait until you get super fat and on the way to the hospital, break the news! Perfect plan." She closed her eyes and gave me a smirk.

"Not so much. You know you aren't helping me as much as I thought you would." I moved closer to shore and sat down on the sand squishing it between my fingers.

Vee swam towards me and kneeled in front of me with a smile. "I'm sorry Nora but I can't figure this out for you. This is your baby and husband and you need to make this decision on your own. "She reached forward and placed a hand on my stomach. "I can't wait though; you guys are going to be the best parents."

I blushed at her kindness and thought about Patch holding a baby in his arms. Just thinking of the look in his black eyes when he sees his baby for the first time and realises that he gets to keep them forever. Vee helped me up and we both made our way to the Jeep. Patch never used to let me drive his car but a deal one night let me get to drive the jeep whenever I wanted too. We drove down the beach strip for about ten minutes until we reached our house.

"Gavvvvvyyyyy!" Vee yelled through the house once we walked inside and I walked over to the kitchen grabbing myself some orange juice and sitting at the island. She placed all our bags down and came over to me taking my cup for herself.

"Hey! That was mine!" She winked at me and she started drinking. I turned when I saw both Patch and Gavin trotting down the stairs laughing about something. When they came over to us Vee immediately started making out with Gavin like she hadn't see him in years. Patch stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my stomach and brings his lips down to my ear.

Hey Angel.

I smiled and cuddled my head into his. "Did you boys have fun?"

"Yeah, you know we were just doing some guy stuff." I smiled at the English accent coming from beside Vee. She looked distraught when he took his lips away from hers. I saw Vee started to wiggle and could tell that she was getting very impatient.

"Okay hunny, I think it's time to go!" She started tugging on his arm and waved goodbye to Patch and I before walking out the door.

A couple hours later I was laying in bed with my laptop while Patch was taking a shower in the bathroom. I was looking up what symptoms pregnant women have at their 3 month mark which is where I was. My breasts were really sore and my nausea was getting increasingly worse. I looked up and closed the computer once the bathroom door opened. I moved the laptop beside me and saw Patch walk out of the bathroom with black track pants hanging low on his hips and a towel shaking his hair.

"You know, if those pants get any looser then I'm going to have to pounce on you. I will have no choice." He smirked at me and walked over to the bed and climbed on top of me.

"And if you keep wearing those shorts to bed, then I'm going to have to keep you away from every boy in town." I blushed as he started kissing down the front of my body and snaking his hands up and down my sides. Once his hands got to my stomach, he stopped. I suddenly started to feel a little panicked, why did he stop?

"Patch, Is everything alright?" He kept looking at my stomach and running his hands over top of it.

"Yeah everything is fine and I'm not trying to offend you angel but it looks like you gained a couple pounds this week."

I couldn't contain myself; I didn't think I started showing already!

"I'm sorry, but it's really catching me off guard. How are you gaining weight when you have been throwing up the last couple weeks?"