I stood in the kitchen flipping Patch's favourite bacon grilled cheese. He was lying on the couch a couple feet away in the living room watching television with Lily sleeping on his chest. He had to go back to work today because he could only manage to take two weeks off after the birth. Patch now managed the Borderline since the owner died during the Nephlim war. Over the years, the Borderline has become very popular and Patch was setting to open up a second Borderline at the Delphic Amusement Park with his new business partner Gavin. Vee's husband got on board a few months after they returned from England. They planned on living there after the wedding but Gavin got fired from his job a few weeks after. I heard a cry take me away from my thoughts and I turned around watching Patch stand up and carry his daughter up the stairs to change her. I removed his grilled cheese from the pan and placed it onto a plate. After turning off the oven, I poured him a glass of juice and walked upstairs and into our bedroom.

"Babe, why does this diaper look like it isn't on right?" I placed his food down and walked over to the change table and giggled when I got there.

"Patch... you put the diaper on backwards." I reached my hands between his and corrected the diaper on Lily, picking her up when I was finished. "Your food is over there on the table." I motioned him towards the bed and stood and I gently patted my baby's back.

He dived on the sandwich and devoured it. Once he finished eating he came back inside our bedroom and started changing into his work clothes. "I really don't want to leave you alone." He said.

"I can handle this on my own love, plus Vee is on her way here." I said.

"That is what I'm the most worried about." I smiled at him as he tightened his tie and walked over to me, pulling me into his arms.

I tilted my head up so I could get a kiss on my lips and was shocked when he leaned down past me and kissed Lily's head. He leaned back up with a smirk and kissed my lips. We both heard the doorbell ring and we headed downstairs together to answer the door. Before Patch could even place his hand on the door knob, it opened and Vee came flying in. "MY BABY!" She yelled throughout the house and took Lily out of my arms and cuddling her like she was now the proud owner of a new baby girl.

Gavin sighed as he walked behind her into the house. "She has not stopped talking about Lily since we left the house. Please just let her have the baby for the rest of the day." He moved his fingers up and started massaging his temples. "I would like to have some sleep tonight and not listen to her talk about wanting a baby."

We all laughed at his situation and everyone said their goodbyes. "Have a good day angel." Patch kissed my lips with his which were moist and soft, then left with his partner Gavin. That afternoon Vee and I had played with Lily, watched her sleep and Vee helped me pack some of the clothes that didn't fit her anymore so they could go into the attic. Vee then saw how little clothes we had for the weight that Lily had now gained and decided that we needed to go shopping.

"So I have something that I need to tell you and have been hiding it for a while because I would be afraid of your reaction but I hope you don't hate -"I stuttered until she cut me off.

"Hush hush! Just tell me what you need to say, shesh!" Vee spoke annoyed.

I started nervously pushing some baby clothes around on the rack. "Scott is kind of… alive again?" I giggled nervously and looked at her.

"What do you mean kind of?" She said staring me down.

I just get nervous, I couldn't help but ramble. "Well he was sent back to earth because some of the elder nephlim think that our family needs extra protection because no one knows what Lily is or can be capable of. So he moved and is now living next door but I was really afraid and here we are!" I ended with a smile in her direction.

"So let me get this straight. You were worried because Scott came back and thought that I would have an issue with it?" She spoke.

I nodded at her as I bit my lip. "Babe, I'm married now and even though I did love Scott with all my heart I have a husband whom I love with all my heart."

I smiled at her and reached over the clothing rack giving her an awkward positioned hug. "So how is everything going with you and Gav? I feel like I haven't seen you guys in forever." We paid for Lily's new clothes and kept walking throughout the mall. I lifted Lily into my arms needed to feel my baby in my arms and Vee pushed the stroller holding our bags.

"We are really good but his parents are coming to stay with us next week and he is really on edge because of it." She shrugged.

"I remember them at the wedding and they didn't seem terrible at all! I remember dancing with his mother." I smiled at the memory and walked through the exit doors to the parking lot with Vee following close behind.

"They aren't terrible but he just doesn't like them because they keep sending him money. He thinks that they believe he can't make it on his own in America. On our own." She placed the bags in the backseat of her neon replacement and folded down the stroller as I buckled Lily in her seat.

"Well maybe you should show them that you both are living a wonderful and happy life! Maybe take them to dinner at the borderline and show them around?" I got into the front seat as she got behind the wheel.

"Yeah! Babe you are a genius." She leaned over a kissed my cheek and it ended with a muck!

Vee dropped me off at home seeing as Lily was starting to become fussy and helped me bring everything inside. I didn't bother putting anything away and started climbing the stairs with the carrier in both of my hands. "Are you ready for bed little angel?" I smiled as though she could actually understand what I was saying and pushed open my bedroom door.

"Scott?" I stood in the doorway as he sat on my bed with his elbows leaning on his knees.

His head shot up at the sound of my voice and he sat a little taller in his seat.

"Hey, I'm sorry that I came inside but Patch gave me a key." He patted his shirt pocket. He saw me standing there awkwardly and decided to stand up and grab the carrier off the floor, setting it on the bed.

"Is there something going on that I should be worried about?" And Patch gave you a key? I decided that saying those words out loud would seem rude.

I watched as Scott started gently unbuckling a sleeping Lily and lift her into his arms, resting her face against his shoulder. "No, everything is okay… I just needed to see you and her. Ever since you're little spaz attack I haven't seen you at all except for the night she was born and you were still sleeping."

I looked up into his eyes and once again remembered the Scott that I missed. The goofy charm, thin but muscular body, and a wonderful smile. He was my best friend and it hadn't really sunk in yet how much I had missed him in his… departure. I finally gave in and walked over to him and started up a conversation. The day suddenly turned into night as Scott sat in front of my closet and I twirled standing in my closet trying on all my old clothes for him. That night was one of the best nights I have had in a while. Patch and I always spend the night together, but from juggling the baby we haven't been as connected as usual. It was nice just spending a night with a friend and laughing our heads off. I was for sure going to do this with him again.