This idea has been on my mind for a while so I decided to write it to get it out of my head. So I hope you like it.

I know that I've already started a story called Mated to Jasper Whitlock.

For any of you who don't know it's about Bella's little sister Kim who moves to Forks to live with Bella and her Dad, she's also unknowingly Jasper's true mate.

Summary - Instead of just Shape Shifters being able to imprint, vampires can too. The only difference is that when a vampire/s imprint on a human they only EVER feel protective and if the child is young then the vampire/s will feel as if the child is their own and will do absolutely ANYTHING to make sure he/she is safe. This is the story of Jasper and Alice imprinting on Bella's little sister Miley.

Disclaimer - I don't own Twilight or any of the setting in this story, sadly. I do own Miley though, YAY!

Also just to let you know, vampires can purr. But only for their mates to either calm them or when they are truly content with them. They can also purr for their imprint/child when they are really happy with them or when they child is scared and the vampire needs to calm him/her. Vampires also have a special growl like purr that can be heard by all vampires but only affects their imprint. They often use it to make him/her feel safe and to make sure that the child is their imprint.

Now on with the story.

Fact File on Miley

First name: Miley.

Middle name: Rose.

Last name: Swan.

Nicknames: Smiley Miley, Sweetheart, Darlin', Honey. (Maybe some more as the story continues.)

Age: Five. (Older as the story continues)

Hair colour/length: Natural curly light caramel, nearly dirty blonde mid back length hair.

Eye Colour: Bright blue, almost the colour of the beach in Tropical Islands.

Father: Charlie Swan.

Imprinted father: Jasper Whitlock/Hale.

Mother: Renee Dwyer.

Imprinted mother: Alice Cullen/Brandon/Whitlock.

Step-father: Phil Dwyer.

Siblings: Isabella Swan, likes to be called Bella.

Mate: ? (Not sure yet, review who you want it to be)

Likes: Watching TV, learning about history, shopping and colouring/drawing.

Dislikes: Mean peoples, vegetables, sports, spiders, clowns and strangers.

Chapter 1 - Phone call

Isabella Swan's Point of View

I was sitting in the Cullen's living room, sitting next to Edward, my mate just spending the day relaxing. All of the other Cullen's were doing their own things. Jasper and Emmett were playing Halo on the X-box, at the moment Emmett's losing. Badly. Rosalie is filing her already perfect manicured nails. She still hasn't warmed up to me anymore but has at least tried to be civil with me once she realized that I wasn't going away, but it was more than I could ask for. Alice was flipping through what seemed like a fashion magazine looking like she had no care in the world. Carlisle and Esme were in a lovers embrace, since it was the weekend and Carlisle was off work. They were whispering what seemed like sweet nothings to each other, I thought like I was intruding, so I looked away quickly.

I cuddled closer to Edward, sighing with content as I felt with wrap his arm around me securely, as if protecting me from the world. We stayed in the same position, not moving an inch for what only seemed like minutes but I knew it was probably a few hours.

When all of a sudden Alice's shocked, yet surprised gasp rung out through the now silent room along with Edward's. Jasper quickly got up, X-box forgotten and went to his mates side and holding onto her shoulders gently, probably sending her calming emotion and asked her.

"What to you see Ali darlin', what's got you so muddled up?" Jasper questioned her slightly panicked, his southern accent coming out more than usual.

Edward shook his head and his expression filled with an awe like wonder, it made me really curious to see what Alice's vision was. It seemed like I wasn't the only one once I caught the rest of the families expression, Emmett probably more than anyone wanted to know, knowing my brother bear like I do.

"It's nothing Jasper, just that Charlie's going to call Bella in a minute to tell her some news." Alice said with her normal bright, cheerful smile. For some strange reason her smile seemed brighter than usual.

As what Alice said registered in my head, I suddenly wondered what dad would have to tell me. It's not like he could tell me that it was time to come home from Edward's house, since I had to get home by 6 and now it was only 12:45. Maybe he needed to tell me that he was going fishing with Billy later. Or that the Police Station needed him and that he wouldn't be back till tomorrow.

But what if it wasn't something good, what if it was something bad like-. My inner ramblings were cut off by Jasper's worried yet suspicious voice.

"Your not telling us everything Alice. What else did you see?" He asked Alice, I had just noticed that he was now sitting on the sofa Alice was on with her on his lap. The same for Rosalie and Emmett.

"Well-" Alice's voice was cut off by my mobile phone ringing.

I looked at the callers ID and it read 'Dad'.





- Start of conversation -

(Bold = Charlie, Italics = Bella and Underlined = Miley)

"Hi dad." Bella greeted her father cheerfully.

"Hello sweetheart, I bet your wondering why I'm called you huh?" Charlie asked his daughter.

"Yes I am, is something wrong?" Bella asked slightly panicked. Jumping to conclusions, as always.

"No, nothings wrong. In fact I've got some good news actually." Charlie told Bella, laughing slightly towards the end.

"Ok, what is it." Bella asked, curious now.

"It's now so much as an it, more like a who." Charlie said cryptically.

"Ok, who-" Bella started to say but was cut off by another voice entering the conversation.

"BELLA!" An overexcited, yet adorably cute little voice screamed.

For some reason the sound of little Miley's voice made both Alice and Jasper gasp loudly, and stare at the phone which Bella was holding with sudden interest. It made the other Cullen's look at them questionly, but Alice just shook her little head at them and then continue looking at the phone.

"MILEY!" Bella's equally excited voice greeted her little sister, the Cullen's looked at Bella shocked since that had never heard her so excited before.

"Hiya Belly-Bean, guess what, guess what?" Miley questioned Bella at lightning speed.

"I don't know what?"

"I'm here in Spoons with Daddy!" Miley said excitedly. None of the Cullen's saw Jasper flinch in pain when Miley called Charlie 'Daddy'.

"Really? That's really good sweetheart, oh and this town is called Forks not Spoons." Bella said, laughing quietly to herself, along with the rest of the Cullen's at Miley's cuteness.

"Oh that's what I meant! Anyway daddy wants to talk to you now Bells, Bye-bye." Miley said happily. Jasper flinched again when Miley said Daddy, this time Alice noticed and looked at him with a understanding gaze.

"Bye Miley" Bella said.

"Hi Bells, I was just wondering if you wanted to come home now to come and see Miley, before ask. Yes you can take her to the Cullen's house." Charlie told his first, and oldest daughter.

The rest of the Cullen's, but Bella now noticed that Alice's along with Jasper's eyes lit up when Charlie said this. Little did they know Miley was their imprint.

"Ok I'll come and get her now, bye dad." Bella said to her father.

"Bye Bells, see you in 10." Charlie replied before hanging up the phone.

- End of conversation -

Third Person Point of View

Bella smiled brightly at the now confused Cullen family, who were now all going through the conversation that they had overheard in there head trying to figure out who 'Miley' was.

"Who's Miley love, is she your sister?" Edward asked Bella confused, yet slightly hurt that Bella hadn't told him about her.

Bella nodded, but then noticed Edward expression and added quickly. "I was going to tell you about her it's just that I missed Miley so much that it hurt to think about her, let alone talk about her." Edward's expression softened at his love's explanation.

"Anyway, I've got to go and get Miley. Wait it is ok if she comes around here right?" Bella asked nervously.

"Yes!" Both Alice and Jasper nearly shouted immediately, before anyone else could object. The rest of the family were shocked at their outburst. Alice they could understand since it's her personally it be happy and excited. Jasper's outburst they were shocked at since he was always calm and quiet speaking. So they put it down the Alice's emotions just getting to Jasper.

Edward knew better though. He knew by reading Alice's and Jasper's minds that they could tell Miley was their imprint just through her voice and really wanted to meet her.

The Cullen's all answered with 'Yes's to answer Bella's question, once they had gotten over their shock.

"Ok bye!" Bella said cheerfully, kissing Edward's cheek and nearly running out the house, in eagerness to see her little sister. Making sure she was careful because of how clumsy she was.

As the Cullen's heard Bella's old rusty truck roar to life and begin to make it's way towards her house. It set them in action.

Esme went running into the kitchen to see if there was any food for Miley to eat. While making the rest of the Cullen's clean, the already clean living room.

Everyone helped but Alice and Jasper since they were in to deep of thought thinking about Miley and what she will look like and wondering how long it will take for Bella to go and get her.

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