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Chapter 5 - Home at Last

~ Miley Swan's POV ~

As soon as I had shouted out the word 'Daddy' my daddy's head whipped in my direction so fast that I was shocked that it didn't snap off!

My daddy just stood there as still as stone staring at me with wide eyes. As soon as I saw this I began to panic I mean what if my daddy didn't recognize me and just thought it was a stranger that was shouting, or what if daddy decided that he made a mistake by telling mommy that I could live with him.

But before I could think of something else bad that might happen, a wide smile lit up my daddy's face and his brown eyes suddenly got the sparkle to them that he always had when I saw him. He opened his mouth and shouted back. "Miley!"

I smiled an ear-to-ear grin back to my daddy in pure happiness and relief that my daddy remembered me and by the looks of it still loved me. Unable to help myself I dropped the grey handle of my pink suitcase and ran as fast as I could towards my daddy's now open and welcoming arms.

As soon as I reached daddy his arms stretched out further and pulled me forward to meet him in a hug. I relaxed almost instantly as the scent of my daddy's aftershave filled me senses and I couldn't help but think of how loved as my daddy's strong arms pulled me tighter towards him.

"Miley, oh my little girl your home, you've come home." My daddy muttered brokenly into my hair as he took deep breaths through his nose, as if trying to remember my scent as I had done to him only moments ago.

I don't know how long that my and daddy stood clutching each other in the surprisingly still overcrowded airport. Just as my legs had started to ache my daddy slowly pulled back to look at my face, he gently cupped and started softly stroking my checks as he placed a kiss on my forehead.

"Come on Miley, lets go home." Daddy told me, having now letting go of my face and held my hand gently and started to pull me in the direction of the airport exit door. I starting walking as well but then I remembered something. "Daddy, my suitcase!"

I spun round and ran to get my small suitcase, as soon as I got to in I lifted the handle out and started dragging to where my daddy was standing. As soon as my daddy saw the small suitcase he looked around as if looking for something then finally asked me. "Is that all that you brought with you from your mothers?"

"Yep, all of my other clothes are for the warm weather and mummy said that it is really, really cold and wet in Spoon." I explained to my daddy with a sheepish smile.

We started walking toward the exit door again, still talking. "Miley its Forks honey, not Spoons." Daddy told me while chuckling lightly at my mistake, but I know that my daddy wasn't laughing at me because he thought I was stupid.

"Well does Sp-Forks have a town by it called Knifes or Spoons. Or maybe plate!" I asked daddy excitedly, I mean if it did then maybe everything was made of food since it would be named Plate!

My daddy's light chuckles turned into a full loud and joyous and happy laugh. "No honey there isn't I'm afraid." Daddy stopped talking for a minutes as we approached his Police Car, daddy opened my door and helped me in as well as making sure my seat belt was on propably. Before getting into the car himself, he started the car and drove out of the airport car park until continuing. "There however is a town called LaPush, my best friends Billy Black lives there with Jacob, he's Bella's best friend and Billy's son. You've met them before as well as a few of their close friends, but I doubt that you will remember them." Daddy explained to me.

I thought to myself for a moment, Billy Black and Jacob Black. I tried to picture them but I just couldn't no matter how hard I thought, I was slightly upset since I wanted to know Daddy and Bella's friends too.

As if my daddy could tell what he told me. "Don't worry if you can't remember them Miley, like I said it was at least a few years since you've seen each other." Daddy paused for a moment, as if just thinking of a really good idea. "I've got an idea, why don't one day I contact Billy and ask if we can come round for dinner one night, that way you can see them again"

I smiled, now forgetting my earlier negative thoughts about not being able to see my daddy and Bella's friends as I now realized that it was possible. "Yes please daddy, I really want to meet your and Bella's friends!" I told daddy voicing my thoughts.

"I'm glad to hear that Miley." My daddy told me with a bright, happy grin, obviously daddy was glad that I wanted to meet the Blacks and their close friends.

The long over 2 hour car journey passed rather quickly as we spent the time telling each other about the little things that we had done over the past year, that we didn't get chance to discuss in our nightly phone calls. Also my daddy told me a bit about the primary school that I would be attending once I had settled in. I protested almost immediately since I hated school and really didn't want to go since I wouldn't have any friends plus I was really bad at making them, but like always my daddy calmed my fears by explaining to me that I would have a couple or weeks maybe more until I started school, plus somehow daddy convinced me that I would make lots and lots of friends.

Just as me and daddy had just finished talking about school I noticed that we were starting to weave in and out of small roads, that were filled with lovely new looking houses and trees on the side where there were no houses. It was beautiful, a bit too green but none-the-less beautiful.

I starting to vaguely recognize some of the small cottage like houses and some of the gardens from when I lived here, most of the neighbours were friendly like Mrs. Cloggs and Miss Chase. But there were also some not so nice neighbours like Mr. Ronald who was a grumpy old man who sent shivers down my spine when I saw him.

That's when our house came into view, I was momentarily shocked that the normally messy, long grassed and weed filled garden, now had short healthy green grass and there was no weeds in sight only small little daisies and the occasional bright yellow buttercup.

'All of this must have been Bella, because there's no way that daddy could do this without probably doing more damage then there was beforehand.' I thought to myself rationally.

Apart from the now clean and beautiful garden the house that I grow up for most of my life hadn't changed a single bit from what I can remember, dad might have possibly re-painted the gutter and the door frame again from what I could see. I was glad that it hadn't changed because this will always be my home, the house that I was born and live in and I don't want it to change, ever.

My daddy stopped the car took his seatbelt off and got out the car and slammed the door loudly. It was the loud banging that reminded me that I was still stilling buckled up in my daddy's Police Car, I quickly got out and followed my daddy up the stone filled pathway and into the house, I wiped my feet before walking into the living room and looking round.

It was just as I remembered, but now it had been re-painted the same shade of magnolia just fresher and slightly brighter, there was also a few more pictures for Bella on the mantle place that hadn't been there last time I visited.

I jumped up about 2 feet in surprise when I felt me daddy's lift me up into his arms with ease and hugged me to him softly as he whispered quietly in my ear. "Welcome home Miley." I sighed in content and I relaxed into my daddy's warm embrace.


I groaned loudly as I heard my daddy's voice talking to someone on the phone, his voice was so loud that it woke up from my wonderful deep sleep.

Wait, sleep? I didn't remember falling asleep when I got home a few hours ago, according to the alarm clock that was sitting on the dresser by the bed.

I then realized that I must have fallen asleep while daddy was hugging me because it was the last thing that I could remember doing. I rubbed my eyes sleepily as I looked around my new room, it was painted a pale baby pink with posters on the walls of my favourite TV programs - Good Luck Charlie, Suit Life on Deck and A.N.T farm.

My new room also have a huge oak wardrobe that nearly when up to the ceiling! I also have 2 oak coloured dressers by the side of my bed, that had pink Barbie covers on it. My carpet was a creamy magnolia colour, I knew that it would get dirty VERY easily so I made a mental note to remember to always take my shoes off before entering. Also I had a large Barbie dresser that was surrounding by light fairy lights.

I was amazed at the sight of my room and I loved it immediately, it was even better than my room at mummy's and that took a lot since it was lovely. But now as amazing as this room.

I got out of my comfy and warm bed reluctantly as I walked tiredly towards my wardrobe, I was really surprised when I saw all of my clothes hanging in the wardrobe neatly. I then realized touched that my daddy had taken the time to unpack all of my belongings and hang my clothes up neatly and scatter my toys around my new room.

I changed my clothes from my previous wrinkled plain pink long sleeved top and black jeans with normal plain white socks, to a long sleeved white top which had an awesome picture on a tiger on it, I got it for my birthday last year and light blue jeans and some thick woolly black socks that I saved for winter in Phoenix but I think that I can wear them any time of the year here.

I also went to the bathroom and washed and cleaned my face with the new bar of white soap that said for 'sensitive skin' I don't think I have sensitive skin but it was soft and the only soap that I could see other than the small animal soaps, that daddy must have gotten for me I thought with a smile.

As I went, or more like skipped down the narrow stairs and walked into the living room, I could see my daddy sitting down on his favourite old and worn out black leather sofa while still talking to someone. I sat down on the sofa next to daddy and greeted him with a smile since he couldn't talk to me because he was on the phone.

The old TV was on and it was on the football channel, I don't know anything about football so all I know is that there are two teams and this time one team was in blue and the other in red, I tried to watch the football and not listen in on daddy's conversation but my curiosity to see who my daddy was talked to won my need to not listen in and be rude.

I turned to face daddy, I made sure that he was looking at me then mouthed 'Who is it?' so I didn't disturb the conversation as much as I would if I just asked him.

Daddy mouthed back 'Bella' with a grin I was about to open my mouth and ask can I speak to her when daddy lifted his hand up from the sofa put it to his lips in a 'shhh' motion.

I nodded back, now I listened as my daddy told Bella "It's not as much as an it, more like a who." I was momentary confused but what daddy said until he winked at me and held out the phone to my already open and awaiting hand. Daddy hadn't told Bella I was here so it would but a surprise, I held proud of myself for working it out.

Unable to help myself I held up the silvery grey phone to my ear and screamed. "BELLA!" I almost apologized for screaming so loud but Bella's equally loud scream cut me off.

"MILEY!" I winced violently as the sound reached my eardrums, I was surprised that Bella's scream didn't make me deaf!

I shook my head to stop the ringing noise, when it went I questioned Bella lighting speed unable to contain my excitement. "Hiya Belly-Bean, guess what, guess what?"

"I don't know what?" Answered back Bella clearly amused.

"I'm hear in Spoons with Daddy!" I answered back almost as quickly as before.

"Really? That's really good sweetheart, oh and this town is called Forks not Spoons." Bella said laughing quietly, I nearly moaned out loud at forgetting, again.

"Oh that's what I meant!" I explained to show Bella I wasn't stupid. "Anyway daddy wants to talk to you now Bells, bye-bye."

"Bye Miley." Bella told me before I handed the phone back to daddy, before daddy spook to Bella he whispered to me so quietly that Bella wouldn't be able to hear. "Why don't you put something else on TV?"

I nodded silently back knowing that I wouldn't able to be as quiet as daddy just had.

I turned the TV over to Sponge Bob Square Pants and started watch an episode, I wasn't really paying that much attention because I had seen this on about one THOUSAND times. Ok maybe about 3 times, but still I know what happens.

About 2 minutes after I started watch Sponge Bob I hear daddy in the background saying goodbye to Bells and putting the phone back on its charger which is at the opposite side of the room. Daddy then came back and sat back down next to me and said. "Miley I've just said goodbye to Bella and she's on her way over here to take you to the Cullen's house." Daddy told me with a small smile.

I squealed loudly, unable to help myself as daddy told me that Bells was coming over. I jumped up off the sofa, Sponge Bob forgotten as I danced around the room happily while saying. "Bella's coming over!" and "I'm going to see Bells again, isn't that great Daddy?" over and over again. I was aware that I probably looked stupid, but to be honestly I was too happy to care.

After about two more minutes of my dancing in circles around the room I suddenly started to feel dizzy, I stopped quickly by the sofa and grabbed onto the leather arms the stop myself from falling, my daddy swiftly got up from the sofa and gently gathered me into his arms and laid me down so I was lying on my back on the sofa.

"Miley your going to lie down there on that sofa until Bella comes and collects you." Daddy told me as he placed a pillow behind my head.

I opened my mouth to protest but I quickly closed it quickly when my daddy sent be a stern glare that would make anyone cover or turn away from his now icy eyes, including me as I flinched away scared.

My daddy saw his and crouched down so he was my height and whispered gently to me. "I'm so sorry for scaring you sweetheart it's just that I was worried that you would hurt yourself." Daddy said while looking down sadly.

"It's ok Daddy I don't mind." I told daddy with a smile to let him know that he was forgiven, then added. "But can I still watch Sponge Bob." I asked pleadingly with my cute puppy dog pout that I know my daddy can't resist.

"Of course you can sweetheart." My daddy reassured me and walked into the kitchen to do something, maybe to make himself lunch. I don't know.

I gave up on thinking about what my daddy could be doing and turned towards the TV and started watch with rapid interest, since by the looks of it a new episode had just started and I hadn't seen it before, ever.

I could feel my eyes drooping as the dancing that I did earlier start to catch up with me, this surprised me since I had never slept so much ever so well I thought as I closed my eyes.

'I'm home at last.' I thought before I fell in the world of sleep.

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