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Chapter 7 - Who are the Cullen's?

Third Person POV

After what seemed like hours, though it was actually 10 minutes Bella's truck finally made it's way up the drive of her home.

Just before Bella got out of her truck to go and see her father, and more importantly her little cute, adorable sister. Who could light up even a strangers day with one of her famous 'Miley smiles'.

Suddenly, without any warning all of her doubts and fears stuck her at once. She rubbed her temples, trying to rid herself of her fears and the huge painful headache that just struck her.

'What if Miley isn't this excited to see me, and she didn't really miss me while I was gone. Or what if she resents me for leaving her with mum to come her, to live with dad.

Bella quickly shook her head, she know she was being stupid, of course Miley would have missed me, the evidence being all of the phone calls ending the same way.

'Bye-bye Bells, I hope I can see you and daddy soon because I miss you both so, so much. I love you sissy.'

Also Miley wouldn't resent her, she was too kind to do that. Plus Miley can't hold a grudge to save her life!

Bella smiled happily to herself as she realized what was about to happen, she was going to see her sister after a year of being separated.


After a tearful, loving and happy reunion both Swan sisters sat in Bella's faded red, rusty slow truck on their way to the Cullen's house.

The atmosphere was light and happy as both sister caught up with each other, both of them silently basking in the company of their sister.

Ed Sheeran's song Little Bird, was playing in the background as the truck banged and groaned as Bella tried to get it past 40mph, but her efforts were in vain because if anything the truck slowed down!

Miley's laughed filled the truck as she heard her sister grumbling something along the lines of - 'Stupid truck, why can't it go any faster!

Miley decided to try to lighten the mood, since her sister obviously wasn't very happy, and Bells should always be happy.

"Bells, your truck sounds really hungry. Don't make it too angry or it might eat you!" Miley cried out in mock horror, before she burst out laughing.

Bella pursed her lips to try and keep herself from laughing, but it was a useless effort and soon Bella was laughing with Miley, at the thought of a truck eating her.

Bella knew that she was a danger-magnet, and she laughed even harder as she thought of the papers headline - Bella Swan - Eaten by hungry truck. Soon she had tears streaming down her face and a huge smile on her face.

'Mission accomplished' Though Miley smugly, as she attempted to calm down.

It was unnaturally quiet at the Cullen's normally loud and busy house, which could easily be classed as a mansion.

This was because of the 3 stories that it had and the large forest area that the Cullen's owned, which surrounded the property and kept any humans away.

Since no sane human would travel deep enough in the woods the find the house, and even if they did lets just say that they would be in for a nasty surprise.

Esme, Carlisle, Emmett and Rosalie were out hunting with Edward in the forest, even though they had gone the night before they didn't want to take any chances.

Correction, Jasper didn't want to take any chances.

- - - - Flashback - - - -

"I think that everyone should go hunting." Suggested Jasper, from his place next to Alice on one of the leather black sofas.

"There's no need too Jasper." Replied Carlisle, "We all went last night, and I think that nobody is thirsty."

Emmett, Rosalie, Esme and Edward nodded in agreement, while Alice was looking at Jasper in confusion, wondering why he was even suggesting going hunting.

Meanwhile Jasper clenched his jaw in an attempt to calm himself and to stop himself from snapping at Carlisle. "I know that Carlisle, its just as a precaution, since there are now going to be two humans in the house."

Jasper barely contained a flinch at calling his imprint a 'Human' Alice wasn't in any better shape as she wanted to smack Jasper making it sound like he didn't care about their imprint, so she settled for giving him a death glare.

Edward was about to but in and shout at Jasper for even thinking about calling his Mate, his Bella by the name 'Human'

But he quickly stopped himself as he heard Jasper's thoughts, they were practically filled with self-hate and regret, he send Jasper a quick wave of happiness, to get him out of his state before anyone noticed. Then and he turned his attention back to Carlisle.

"Now, now Jasper like I said before everyone is fine, but if you need to go hunting then feel free too, no one will judge you." Carlisle spoke warmly.

Jasper could hear The Major growling and snarling in his head, and rattling on the bars of the cage in the back on his mind. He wanted to be free and show this 'Carlisle' that he wouldn't take to being mocked.

Jasper was about to open his mouth and voice his thoughts, no matter how much they might hurt Carlisle.

Edward could hear what Jasper was thinking and he knew that if he didn't step in then this would get out of hand. Alice obviously felt the same because just before Edward opened his mouth he saw she shot him a thankful look.

"Carlisle perhaps Jasper is right, I mean I don't want to take any chances that something might happen to Bella or her sister." Missing the thankful look Jasper shot him, he carried on.

"Also, maybe Jasper and Alice should stay here, in case Bella and Miley come here early, because they did go hunting for a lot longer than the rest of us."

Everyone bar Carlisle nodded in agreement, causing him to sigh but agree anyway.

- - - - End of Flashback - - - -

Alice and Jasper were lying down on their crisp whit bed sheets as they basked in each others company. It was rare that the two of them got to relax together like this, so like every other time they appreciated it.

Both of them were nerve about meeting Miley, but that didn't matter to the two now. All that mattered to them was that they were together and nothing would ever chance that.

"Where are we going?" Asked Miley, who had been patient during the first five minutes of the car journey.

Bella was surprised that Miley could be so patient because she would have normally asked that question the moment she got into the car.

"We're going to the Cullen's house." Bella told her sister with a smile, she just loved their house it was so beautifully amazing.

"Who are the Cullen's?" Asked Miley confused.

Bella felt like hitting herself, of cause Miley didn't know who the Cullen's were, since she didn't mention them in their nightly phone calls. Well apart from Edward of cause.

"Well, remember when I told you that I had a boyfriend called Edward?"

Miley nodded her head, still confused. She didn't see what Bella's boyfriend had to do with these mysterious Cullen's.

"The Cullen's are Edward's family." Bella paused looking at Miley quickly to see if she understood, when she saw Miley's bright blue eyes light up in understanding.

"Carlisle and Esme are Edward's parents, they are very nice and friendly. Emmett and Jasper and Edward's brothers and just don't be afraid of Emmett because of his size because he is just really a big Teddy-Bear. Rosalie and Alice are Edward's sisters.

After Bella explained more about the Cullen's personality's the more Miley seemed to want to meet them.

The things that Bella told Miley about the Cullen's were;

Carlisle - is a doctor, is kind, caring and protective of his child.

Esme - is very motherly towards any children, is kind and could make anyone love her by just giving them one of her 'Esme' hugs.

Emmett - loves his Xbox games, is the joker of the family and is very protective of his family.

Jasper - is very quiet, he keeps to himself, loves history and like reading.

Rosalie - is very beautiful, can sometimes be a bit vain, loves fashion, enjoys fixing cars and loves children.

Alice - is very energetic, loves to shop, loves to give makeover and go anything girly.

Miley smiled as she heard Bella describing her boyfriends family, it was obvious that she cared for them like they were family, you could tell by the way that her eyes shone in love and laughter when she was talking about them.

Miley had to admit that the Cullen's sounded like lovely people especially Jasper and Alice because Miley loves history - like Jasper. Also she loves shopping - like Alice.

Miley really couldn't wait to meet them all.

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