Chapter One:

Let's Go.

"Sammy, Sam, Sam please open up!" Danny said knocking on the window to Sam's bedroom at 2 o'clock in the morning

"Uhh, Danny!?" Sam said getting up out of bed

"Sam, let me in!" Danny said wiping the water that was dripping from his check. Outside it was pouring rain, and freezing cold, and lets not forget dark.

"Oh my gosh, Danny!" Sam said running over to the window and unlocking the lock. Danny ran inside and grabbing Sam, letting water drip of over Sam, including his own tears that were dripping down his eyes onto Sam's pajamas.

"Danny, you're cold and soaking wet, let me go get you a towel" Sam said releasing Danny from his hug.

"NO! Sam don't leave ME!" Danny said looking into Sam's eyes, tears running down his face. Danny walked over to where Sam was standing, and walked with her to the bathroom, in Sams bedroom. There was a tub, that looked like any other tub, a regular sink and a big cabinet and closet. Sam walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a big towel and wrapped it over him. Danny walked over and sat on the edge of the tub and Sam stood in fornt of him.

"Danny, what's wrong?" Sam said sweetly walking over and sitting with him on the edge of the tub rubbing the towel that was draped over his back.

" parents, they...they"

"Oh, Danny what happened tell me everything" Sam said


Danny was doing his normal routine on a Friday night, fighting the Box Ghost out in the open like normal. After the Box Ghost said his last 'Bewares' he was sucked into the thermos like normal. Then Danny put the cap on, and then he was hit straight in the back with someone that was no ghost.

Danny fell to the ground out cold, all he could hear, was the rain started coming in. Danny hit the ground, and he tried to open his eyes to see who it was. When his green eyes half lid opened a little, he saw his parents, Jack and Maddie Fenton. Out of pain, Danny closed his eyes and a white ring appeared in a flash, he turned into the normal Danny Fenton, and thier son.

"Ah, Danny?!" Maddie said seeing the hurt boy that was lying on the ground in pain

" Danny Phantom?" Jack said dropping the warm blaster in his hands hitting the ground. Danny scared and surprise, he jumped up, turned into Danny Phantom again and flew away in the pouring rain.

"Danny, NO wait!" Maddie said screaming after her boy flying through the sky

"Our boy in the ghost boy? Oh my gosh, we hurt Danny!" Danny's mother said to her husband after Danny was gone.


"I..I can't go back Sam. I just can't" Danny said after telling her the whole story and brasted her in a hug. Tears running, now back down both of their backs.

"Oh, Danny. Thats horrible." Sam said wiping the tears from her eyes, Danny pulled away from the warm hug. Danny looked into her violet eyes seeing the tears, he put his thumbs on them and wiping them away. There was a small moment of silence, before Danny pressed his lips on hers, and kissed Sam, and it was a very passionate kiss.

She understands him, she cared about him, she was the real only person that he could trust with his deepest darkest secrets (like being half ghost), and he loved her.

After a couple of moments of kissing Sam broke away from the kiss need a breath of air.

"Danny, tomorrow...we can go. Wherever you want to go, I'll be there with you. We can run away together, just us." Sam said making out the words grasping for breath. Danny grasped her pulling her into another passionate kiss-being dead Danny could hold his breath longer than any humans-more than the first.

"I love you, Sam" Danny said after Sam broke away from the kiss again.

"I love you too, Danny. We'll leave tomorrow, after the rain lets up. In the morning go to your house and pack up a backpack of things that you're taking, I'll get money, food, and some of ghost hunting equipment, for survival." Sam said barring her head into Danny's chest.

"But, tonight do you think I can stay here, I..I can't go home, and i'm not leaving you" Danny said breaking a tear, Sam nodded.

That night the two, fell asleep in the tub, Danny hugging Sam in his arms, Danny still in ghost form. The two were in love, and they needed sleep for tomorrow, they needed rest. Sam curled up in Danny's arms, putting her arms around his waist for comfort. Dannys snowy hair touch Sams forehand, she loved the smell of his hair. So the two fell asleep, in each others arms.