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Chapter 3

Everyone who close to tsuna knows that tsuna had a weakness on for example lambo and ipin who is the youngest members of vongola decimo famiglia,Tsuna pamper them so much since he is become the leader of the most powerful mafia boss in the world

Eventhough Lambo now is officially vongola guardian,but Tsuna insists to let Lambo had a normal education like NORMAL children do,in NORMALschool. Because Tsuna wants Lambo can feel how it's like to learn like everybody else and enjoy his childhood

And so does Ipin,Tsuna let Ipin to decided her future by she she wants to be a normal civilian or continue her job as an assisant,eventhough Tsuna didn't approved her to do that dengerous job and wish Ipin to grow as a normal girl

When Tsuna heard that Ipin want to try to school like other kids,lets said that he is very happy and prepared all things that she would be needed,from school acomodation until place to lived In where Ipin will learn

But when both of them said that they wanted to learn at Namimori middle school,Tsuna was not liked Tsuna didn't agree but there are many others school in Italy that more good and had a better Japan is far away from Italy,Tsuna afraid if something happen with both of them and Tsuna can't protect them

In the end Tsuna agree for them to school in Namimori(much to Hibari delight and pride,and HE SMIRK to Tsuna horror)and Tsuna change Vongola HQ to japan,to his guardian amusment Tsuna was called "Overproctectived father" since then by his own Tsuna just ignored them

Beside he really missed his mother cooking,its not like foods in Italy are bad,its really great really,he had more than hundred chiefs from around the world with different kinds of food. But who can defeted mother agree that no one can cooks as well as mama

The one who the most happy when Tsuna said he wants to re-Located vongola HQ to japan is Yamamoto,he already excited to go back to japan,he always wants to see his old teammate and his old man who still opens sushi restaurant even for 10 years really wants his dad to retired,but Tsuyoshi always declined it he claim he still can work even for one hundred years more

Tsuna not surprisedwhen he heard that he just shook his head while muttering something like "fruit not fall far away from its tree".Yamamoto just laugh it of like usual.

Spring,Namimori middle day of school

Vongola hideout in Japan seems busy since this morning,Tsuna and the others guardians are sits in table and chattering to each other until Tsuna came with his wears his black suit and his back cape with matching orange his hand he wears black glove with his vongola rings in his finger,he looks gergeous

His eyes are wondering to his guardians, Tsuna looks satisfied when he know all of his guardians all he didn't want his guardians miss their youngest members first day of school.

Above all things Tsuna always prioritize family,whenever he got time,he spends it together with his friends

Lambo and Ipin with their Namimori uniform looks proud and happy,Lambo can't hide his happiness he is grinning all the time until Ipin knocked his head because she said Lambo right now looks idiot when he makes that kind of face

Lambo seems dispointed but happy anyway,he knows that Ipin feels the same way as he can't wait to see his new school and friend,Lambo have went to Namimori middle school for a fewtimes (to brought Tsuna forgotten lunch)

But that was 10 years ago with Hibari as the headmaster and owner of Namimori town,it must changed a with hibari as a leader that infamous of his strucking fear to citizen who dare to disobey his rule

You can said that since Hibari rule the town,citizens of Namimori town struck with actions had been cut in more than half,the other half are either stupid or just moved out to Namimori so they did not know Hibari's ways to rule

But more or less the Namimori town is the safest town you ever seen,no one wants to mess in Namimori because of Hibari himself or because now Namimori is the headquater of the famous Vongola in Japan

After finished their breakfeast Lambo immediately grab his bag and drag Ipin along with him,"Lambo do you need a ride"Tsuna asked worriedly from the the other guardians snickering behind him "Mother hen" they are whispering

Tsuna gave them dead glare to made them shut up,and it's really second all of them shut their mouth tightly,afraid Tsuna will made a living hell out of them

"No need Tsuna-nii I and Ipin will walk,I do not want to make a grand entrance and made all of my friend afraid"Lambo said while he is running with reason is true,after all, all of guardians and Tsuna's cars are lamborgini and the least are of them they import from its original country

It would be amazing if you see someone from middle school ride a car and that said car is imported car,Lambo had changed,he was not the brat from ten years ago and he proud of many years Lambo learn how to control his selfishness because of one accident that made him relize it (you want me to make this a chapter or not ^_^)

In outside Namimori school front gate Lambo and Ipin look stunning,Namimori middle school really has change a lot,they already knew and heard but when you look at it by yourself it different

The sound of bell made both of them wake up from they daydreaming ,in hall many new students sit in the chairs with their parents at the back of the room,they are looking proud at their own really envy at other children who still have parents,he never see his parents and so does Ipin,because they were born in hard life of mafia children

But now they have Tsuna as their big brother , the other guardians as their uncle,and kyouko , haru, and chrome as big sisters. They quite happy as they are not connected by blood,but they love each other like real family

The speech from headmaster is beggining,Lambo can not help but fidgeting in his chair,he is wondering if Tsuna and the others will come on time,seeing how busy they are every time with work and they rarely had a tiime to play together.

But Tsuna made sure to clear all schedules on Sunday just for them,and Lambo very happy about a while Lambo see Ipin with corner of his eyes,Ipin looks like unconfortable like him and try to focus on what headmaster said in front

Not too long each teachers has come out and intoduce themself to new last teacher come in front is Nezu sensei who teaches sains in Namimori middle did not know how come he can still teach here,he still remember that he faked his score ten years ago and iscovered by tsuna

Well anyway it is seems that he never learnt his leason...yet anyway Lambo smirk,lambo crushed a piece of paper and threw it at Ipin,Ipin who feel someone throw her something look her surounded and found lambo smile michsveously and pointed at a ball of paper at her feet

Ipin open it and read it

Looks like this year would be interesting