The curse of the Man-Spider

This story is a sequel to my story `The arrival of the black spiderĀ“. It's been a month and a little more than three weeks since Spider-Man's battle against Black Tarantula and he has almost fully recover, his left arm is healed and his ribs are almost completely healed as well. Things has been pretty easy since the battle with Black Tarantula but as usual things are going to be tough for our hero, only that one of the challenges he's going to face have been lying dormant inside of him since he got his powers but now it's about to awaken, what will happen to Spidey?

Chapter 1- Peter's mutation awakens

Spidey was sitting on top of a skyscraper and looked down at the street he had been sitting there for almost an hour now and just looked around the city, it was really beautiful from up there, he sighed, he had taken Gwen up here once and she was amazed over what he saw every day and he told her that looking at the city like this usually helped him clear his head when he was troubled.

I can't believe I have survived doing this for over two years, there has been times that I thought I wouldn't make it, one other thing I can't believe is that it's my 18th Birthday tomorrow, I wonder what my friends and family have prepared for me, even thought I told them to not make something big I believe it will be huge, Spidey thought as he looked at the sunset.

He suddenly heard police sirens under him, he looked down and saw a car chase and he jumped down and swung after the speeding car. Spider-man was gaining on the car in the air, he was about to swing lower when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in both of his sides and it was not like the pain from his ribs it felt more like something was trying to burst out of his sides. He lost his grip on his web-line and fell towards the ground while he held his sides and was feeling pure pain, his spider sense suddenly warned him that was getting dangerously close to the ground, he fired a web-line but because his head was so foggy he missed even though he had a clear shot.

He shot two new web-lines but both missed, he suddenly sensed that he was almost at the ground and fired a forth web-line and this time it connected to a building, he swung towards it and stuck to it while he held his sides in pain. He felt the pain disappear and his head became clear again, he looked to his left, the cars had gotten pretty far but he could still hear them, he shot another web-line and followed them again while wondering what had just happened, he had never felt anything like it before.

He soon caught up with the cars again, he landed on the roof off the speeding car and saw that it was a few teens that he could see was about fifteen years old, he knew he had to stop this car before someone got hurt. He covered the entire windshield with webbing, causing the driver to panic and lose control over the car that began to spin, Spidey jumped off and formed a giant web there the car was heading, it got stuck in the web which forced the two teenagers in the car to get out only to stop when Spidey landed in front of them.

"Where do you think you're going guys?" Spider-Man held out his hand and was about to web them up when he felt the pain in his sides return, he grabbed them and went down on a knee. The teens looked shocked at him but the sound of sirens made them realize that this might be their only chance to get away and began to run, Spidey looked up and saw them try to escape, he ignored the pain and fired a web-line at one of the teens and pulled so that the teen fell to his back and then fired another at the other teen and yanked him to the ground as well. The police car had caught up with them just as Spidey used his left hand to web the teens to the ground while he held his right hand at his left side, he looked at the officer who came up, "Are you okay Spidey, you look like you're in pain". Spidey didn't know what to answer so he just said: "I don't really know I feel a little weird but it's probably nothing, well I would love to stick around but I have to go, have to be somewhere in 15 minutes".

Spider-Man jumped up in the air and began to swing but lower than he usually did since he didn't know if he would get any more pain attacks and if he did so shouldn't he be high up in the air, he still needed to hurry to Oscorp, he had promised Harry to get there so they could continue to work on their secret project that nobody except them knew about.


Peter and Harry walked through the factory, Harry had given the workers the day off so no one would find out what was going on, they entered the secret room that had once been a hideout for the Goblin's tech, they went inside and saw a mechanical battle suit, Peter looked at Harry, "This battle suit is almost complete, there is a few things that needs an adjustment. But Harry I will ask you one last time, are you sure about this? If you begin to help me fight crimes you're life will be turned upside down". Harry looked at him, "We have had this discussion before, I want to give you a helping hand Peter, so just be quiet and let's finish this suit already".

Peter sighed and looked at the suit, it had red gloves and blue and red chest, it had red legs and blue boots and a red mask with the same type of eyes that Peter's mask have, Peter looked at Harry again, "Alright Harry, since you're sure let's get to work".


Peter and Harry backed away, "That will do for now, all the systems are up and running and even though they still needs some improvements so will they do for now, you have now flash grenades to blind criminals and enemies, powerful steel cables you can fire to catch criminals, police radio and scanner built-in in the suit as well as a two-way radio from your mask and mine. This suit also enhances your strength a little more so that you will be a little stronger than I am, you can also get blades to come out in your wrists as well as stun blasts powerful enough to even stun Rhino as well as knockout gas".

Harry smiled and was about to say something when the computer began to beep, Harry walked over to it and Peter asked what was going on, Harry looked at him, "Since we were in here I made this computer able to pick up trouble in the city". Harry pressed in a few commands and soon so saw them that it was a bank robbery going on, Harry looked at Peter who was already in his costume and was right now putting on his mask, Peter looked at Harry, "You stay here, that suit isn't tested yet so you aren't allowed to use it until we have tested it". Peter slingshot himself upwards and opened the roof window and swung towards the bank there the robbery was going on, he figured that he would be there in a few minutes since it wasn't far away.


Spider-Man landed on the roof of the bank and looked down through the roof window, he saw five guys in there, two at the door keeping the police in check, two keeping the people in the bank under control and the final one was gathering money. Spidey knew that he had to take it easy or someone might get hurt, he opened the roof window and crawled in silently, he then took and snatched the guns of the two who was holding the people in the bank hostage, they looked in time to see him before he placed a hard kick in each of their faces, and quickly fired two web-lines at the goons at the door and took their weapons too and finally snatched the weapon of the one who was taking the money.

The two thugs at the door ran towards him and tried to punch him but he sidestepped each attack before he threw them both hard into the wall and they lost consciousness, he turned around to see the last one pull out a knife, "Oh no a knife, I'm soooo scared now", Spidey said sarcastic. The man ran towards him and tried to cut the Spidey but he just dodged for every swing of the knife and then did a back flip to avoid getting cut across his chest, but just as he landed he got another pain attack.

NOOO, not again, not now, what is going on with me why do I keep getting these pain attacks in my sides? Spider-Man thought as he felt his head get a little foggy.

The thug looked confused at Spider-Man, the wall-crawler was acting strange but he decided to take advantage of it and threw the knife at Spidey. Spidey's spider sense went off and he saw the knife coming, he tried to dodge but he was too slow because of the pain and his foggy head so he got the knife in his shoulder. Spidey gasped in pain as he felt the sharp blade sink into his shoulder, the thug ran towards him and tried to kick him in the face but thanks to the shock from pain in his shoulder his head became clear and he caught the leg and threw the thug with one hand into the wall hard enough to crack it. He got up to his feet and pulled out the knife and webbed his wound, he webbed all five of the thugs up before shot a web-line at the roof and pulled himself up and out through the roof window before the police could get inside.


Peter was sitting in the secret room without his shirt and his mask off while Harry looked at Peter's wound, "What happened Pete? This is the wound of a knife and you are way too fast to actually get hit by a knife". Peter sighed and told Harry about the pain attacks he have had today, Harry looked worried, "Do you think your body is trying o tell you that you need rest? You know getting pain like this so that you will realize that you need to take a break?" Peter shook his head, "No this is different Harry, I can't say what is going on but I think it have to do with my spider powers, if this hasn't stopped by tomorrow I will take and check my blood and see if I finds any changes".

Harry nodded agreeing and the two of them decided that they were finished for the day and went home to let Peter rest up and recover.


Peter was thinking about today, his aunt had already congratulated him when she woke him up and he knew they all planned a surprise party for him, he just hoped that they didn't do something too big, but right now he was going out on a patrol, he called down to his aunt May, "Aunt May I'm going out on a patrol, I won't be gone long, max 2 hours". His aunt told him to be careful and that she wanted him to come in through the door today, he asked why since she had told him that the party wouldn't be before 7 pm today, "While you might be Spider-Man Peter I would like to not make people suspicious, what if I have guests that don't know your secret and you suddenly came down for the stairs and they know that you weren't up there?"

Peter sighed and packed some normal clothes and then jumped out through his window, May smiled and picked up the phone, "He's out of the house now, but he might not be out long so we have to hurry".


Spidey was swinging through the air with a backpack on his back, so far he hadn't seen any trouble, he was still thinking about yesterday and those pain attacks that he had gotten.

Suddenly he felt his spider sense tingle and he let go of his web-line and avoided a few throwing stars, he landed on a roof that he had been passing over and turned around and got shocked. In front of him was a half dozen ninjas from the Tarantula organization, "It took you guys almost two months to come after me again? I thought you would attack me every single day until I begged you guys on my knees to leave alone out of boredom", the ninja who was in charge had already drawn his katana and rushed towards Spidey and the others followed him while they drew theirs.

Spidey sidestepped the first one and punched him in the face twice, knocking him out, he saw the others come at him and decided to make things more interesting, he grabbed the unconscious ninja's sword and began clashed swords with two while he kicked a third one hard in the face knocking him out which meant that two was down and now it was just four to go.

Spidey pushed the two in front of him away thanks to his superior strength, another one came towards him, the ninja tried to cut his head in half but Spidey knocked the sword out of his hands and then kicked him in the chest hard enough to send him flying into the last one that was still getting closer and he webbed the two of them to the ground before he yanked away the other ninja's sword so that they couldn't escape. He saw the two he had pushed away come towards him again, he blocked ones sword with his while he caught the other ones sword between his fingers, he snapped the sword he held between his fingers and punched the ninja hard in the face knocking him to the ground before he pushed the other one to the ground as well before he webbed them up, he knocked out the four that was still conscious before he webbed them all together and lowered them towards the ground after taking away all of their sharp toys, he then left and continued his patrol.


Spidey landed in an alley in Forest Hills, he had been out swinging through the city for a little more than one and a half hour now and he decided that it was enough for now.

It was weird running into members of the Tarantula organization after not seeing a single sign of them for almost two months but except for that it has been a pretty calm afternoon, well for New York anyway, Spidey thought while he changed clothes.

Soon so was Peter walking towards his house in his normal clothes, while he was walking towards his house so did his thoughts wander off to another thing that was still on his mind.

I haven't have any more pain attacks since yesterday, maybe it was just a temporally thing, but even so I wonder what it was, it felt like something was going to come out through my sides, Peter though as he reached his house and walked up to the door.

Peter opened the door and walked in deep in thoughts and almost jumped up in the air when he heard: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER!" Peter looked in front of him and saw his aunt May, Gwen, Harry, MJ, Liz, George and Anna Watson, he blinked confused, "I thought the party was going to be at 7 pm". May smiled at him, "I said that so you thought you had some time before it so you would go out, we planned to surprise you when you came home and according to your reaction we succeeded".

Peter shook his head while he chuckled, he should have guessed something was up when his aunt told him to come through the door instead of going through his window as usual, they went into the living room and he saw that the table was filled with cakes and soda, they sat down and began to eat.


Peter and Harry was helping with the dishes while George, Gwen and MJ helped May to put away the leftovers and Anna and Liz had already left, Harry looked at Peter, "Did you enjoy your 18th birthday Pete?" Peter looked at him, "Celebrating it with friends and family, what's not to like?" Peter was about to put away a plate when he felt the pain in his sides return, he dropped the plate that fell to the ground and crashed, Harry was at his sides as he saw his friend double over while he held his sides in pain.

The others suddenly ran into the kitchen, they had heard the plate crash into the floor and wondered what was wrong, May was at Peter side in a second, "Peter dear what's wrong?" Peter didn't answer and just ran up to his room and digged up his old microscope.

The others followed him while Harry told them about the pain attacks Peter had been having in his sides, including that he had had one in the kitchen a few moments ago, they came into Peter's room and saw him put some of his blood under the microscope and looked at it, they saw a look of shock cross his face as he looked at his blood, Gwen asked him what was wrong and Peter told her to look for herself.

She walked over to him and looked into the microscope and at his blood, she got shocked then she saw normal white cells and weird red cells, she looked at him, "What are those red cells?" Peter looked at her before he turned his looked back at the microscope, "They're mutated cells", everyone looked shocked at him and he show them a picture of his DNA on his computer and they saw a weird red spot in it, "See that? That's a mutated part of my DNA and it's producing those mutated cells. It seems like I have had a mutation disease lying dormant inside of me since I got my powers and that it has first now awakened, I don't know how long it will take but I know that I will start changing but into what, I don't know but I know something for sure, I won't be human anymore".

So Peter has a mutation that is about to break out, what will happen and what will Peter turn into? Can he stop it or will he turn into a monster similar to the Lizard? Continue reading to find out and please give me reviews.