The curse of the Man-Spider

Last time so did Peter try to get over the shock of having six arms only to learn that Michael once again was attacking people and had to go after him while trying to stay out of sight. But once he got out he ran into both the Punisher and the Sinister Six, he managed to get away from them and found Michael, but while hanging after him in a web-line so was he once again attacked by the Sinister Six, they kept attacking to keep him out of balance. But during the battle so did Spidey's time run out and he mutated into the horrifying Man-Spider who prepared to attack the Sinister Six, What will happen next?

Chapter 6- Back to normal and Blade's entrance


May and the others looked worried when they saw Peter getting slammed into a wall, they could see that he could barely move now, they know that he wouldn't be able to win this fight now.

But before the Sinister could continue to attack him so did he scream in agony and then live on TV so mutated Peter, his friends and family looked horrified at what he turned into, May and Gwen broke down in tears when they saw the Man-Spider roar and run towards the Sinister Six.


The Man-Spider ran towards the shocked Sinister Six, Rhino were the first to get out of his shock and ran towards the Man-Spider, they grabbed each other's hands while trying to overpower each other.

The Man-Spider was slowly being pushed back by Rhino, even though the Man-Spider were stronger than Spider-Man so were Rhino a little stronger than him. The Man-Spider roared before he digged the claws on his feet into the ground which managed to stop him from being pushed back and then continued to struggle with Rhino.

But then Kraven came in between Rhino and the Man-Spider, he tried to attack the Man-Spider but he used his middle right arm and punched Kraven hard enough to send him flying into Rhino with enough force to knock away Rhino's feet and he fell to the ground.

The Man-Spider threw Kraven out of the away before he grabbed Rhino with all six of his arms and lifted him over his head and threw him towards the other members of the Sinister Six.

The others dived out of the way for the massive body that was coming towards them before it hit the ground hard enough to make it shake. The Man-Spider saw Kraven rush towards him and pulled his head back before he spit a green liquid out of his mouth.

Kraven tried to avoid it but it touched his arm slightly and he roared in pain when he felt the flesh on his arm melt, he landed while holding his arm while growling at the Man-Spider who had the green liquid which was acidic spider venom dripping from his mouth.

The Man-Spider suddenly got hit from behind by Electro, he turned around and spit more spider venom towards Electro, Electro ducked and stood there preparing another attack.

But what no one had noticed was that the spider venom had hit a water post that were behind Electro, it melted it and water streamed out of it and hit Electro which short-circuited him causing him to lose consciousness.

The Man-Spider then turned towards Doc Ock and spit spider venom at him, Ock placed two of his tentacles in front of him and blocked it but that caused the two tentacles to melt together rendering them useless. Doc Ock looked up and saw the Man-Spider land in front of him while bringing down his top right arm with his claws aimed at Ock's head and Ock knew that he didn't have time to stop it.

But before the Man-Spider could dig his claws into Ock's head so were he hit by a sonic blast from the left side. Shocker came towards him while charging up his gauntlets to their maximum strength, but the Man-Spider spit more spider venom and hit the gauntlets. Shocker screamed in pain and ripped the gauntlets off his arms, he looked up and saw the Man-Spider come towards him before the human spider punched him in the face and sent him flying through two walls.

The Man-Spider once again turned to Doc Ock and shot webbing from all six of his arms at him and webbed Dock Ock up, Ock tried to use his remaining tentacles to break free but Man-Spider used more spider venom and melted them as well.

Suddenly so roared the Man-Spider when Kraven slashed him over the back, he turned around while he flung his top and middle right arm at Kraven and made deep slash wounds in Kraven's chest and stomach and it bled really much, Kraven held his chest in pain before he got three right hooks and was sent through four walls.

The Man-Spider turned around only to get punched in the face by Rhino, he was sent flying and landed hard on the ground. Rhino tried to stomp on the Man-Spider but the Man-Spider used his four lower arms and grabbed his foot and used his mighty strength and pushed Rhino off his feet before he jumped on Rhino and punched him in the face until he lost consciousness.

The Man-Spider looked up and saw Vulture flying around over his head, he grabbed a car and threw it up in the air at Vulture who was forced to dive down to avoid, people ran away in panic right before the car hit the ground and exploded. The Man-Spider shot webbing from three of his arms and caught Vulture and pulled him down before he kicked the old man in the face.

The Man-Spider roared in triumph, he walked over to Ock who was struggling against the webbing, he looked at the Man-Spider and got scared when he saw some of his acidic spider venom dripping from his mouth, he realized that the Man-Spider was going to use it on him.

The Man-Spider pulled his head backwards and prepared to fire some spider venom when the sound of sirens could be heard, he looked in the direction the sound came from, he roared before he fired a web-line and swung away from the scene.


Harry and MJ was trying to get May to calm down while George tried to get Gwen to calm down, but he understood that after seeing what happened to Peter on TV so would it take quite a while to get them to calm down. After a few minutes so did Gwen calm down a bit, she knew that crying wasn't going to help Peter and that she needed to stay focused on helping him. She looked at the clock and saw that it was 10.30 pm, Dr Connors and his family wouldn't get back to New York before one and a half hour from now.

He was so brutal and he didn't seem to care about the innocent bystanders, it looks like he can't see the difference between enemies and innocent and he probably won't know when someone is trying to help him either, Gwen thought.

Harry sighed, "I really hope that we can help him before he hurt someone or someone hurts him", Gwen and MJ agreed and George nodded.


Dr Connors, Mrs Connors and Billy came out in the airport only to see Gwen, Harry Osborn, May Parker and Mary Jane Watson waiting for them, Curt got worried when he saw that Peter wasn't with them, he walked over to Gwen.

"Where's Peter Gwen?" Gwen looked at a TV screen and pointed, Curt, Martha and Billy looked and got horrified when they saw the Man-Spider on the screen.

Curt looked at all of them, "Martha take Billy home and you others come with me to the lab now, let's see if we can fix this problem". Martha took a struggling Billy since he didn't want to go to sleep knowing what had happen to Peter and the others made their way to the ESU lab.


Dr Connors was looking at some of Peter's blood and was amazed, this mutation was almost like a evolutionary stage for Peter. He figured that Peter becoming Spider-Man was just the first stage, he looked at Gwen, Harry and MJ and George, George had drove May home since they thought that things could become unbearable for her.

"I have good news and bad news, I can make a cure for him but I would also like to see the notes for the serum he made himself", George looked at him, "What are the bad news Dr Connors?" Curt looked at him, "We have from the time he mutated only 48 hours before the transformation becomes permanent so now we have only 46 hours left".

Everyone got worried when they heard that, if they couldn't cure Peter before something around 10 pm in two days so would he be the Man-Spider forever.

Curt looked at them, "Please go home and get some sleep you three will have to go to school tomorrow and need to sleep and let your bodies rest, I will work on a serum for Peter and I won't rest until I have succeeded". They heard the door open and saw Martha Connors come in, "he means that WE won't rest until we have succeeded, we will find a way to save Peter".

Gwen didn't like the idea but she knew that Dr Connors was right. they wouldn't be able to do something for Peter right now, they all went home, Martha walked over to Curt, "Are you okay Curt?"

Curt looked at her, "I'm just worried, we have about 46 hours to save Peter and I just hope that we can save him in time or he will be like that forever", Martha looked worried at him. "After all he has done so can't we let him down, we will find a cure and save him". Curt nodded, he knew that she was right and he had something that could help them save him but it was untested so he wouldn't try unless it was necessary.


Harry, Gwen and MJ was sitting in the classroom but all they could think about was that Peter were out there as a spider monster, they had made up a story about Peter was really sick and couldn't come to school today.

"I can't believe that we're just sitting here while Peter is out there, in that form so is he reacting to instincts and not common sense", Gwen nodded. "I know Harry but there is nothing we can do, we will get to the ESU lab as soon as school is over and ask how it goes with the development of the cure for Peter". All three of the friends agreed to that and listen to the teacher again while waiting for the day to end.


Harry, Gwen and MJ came into the lab to see Dr Connors and George talked to each other, they looked at the teens and came over to them, "Dr Connors have managed to find a way to reverse the mutation, he hasn't found a cure for it yet but this will have to do for now. If we can inject Peter with this serum so will it force back the mutation returning him to normal again".

Harry walked over to Curt, "give me the serum Dr Connors and I will give it to him", everyone looked shocked at Harry, "Harry even with that armor of yours so can't you stand up to him, he is two or three times as strong as before".

Harry looked at Gwen, "I know and I also know that my suit was designed to make me just a little stronger than Peter so I will have to take him by surprise so I can inject the serum into him". The others nodded realizing that this was the best option.


A red-haired woman was walking down a street unaware that a man was following her, he increased the speed of his steps and was soon behind her, he then grabbed her and pulled her into an alley.

She tried to scream but the man covered her mouth and she got scared when he pulled out a knife, "I won't let you get away until I have had a little fun with you". The woman got tears in her eyes.

But what neither of them noticed was that the Man-Spider was on the roof over them, he had seen the man pull a red-haired woman into an alley. He looked down and saw a picture of Mary Jane in his head, he landed in the alley and both of them looked in his direction and got scared when they saw the Man-Spider coming towards them.

The Man-Spider growled when he saw that it wasn't Mary Jane, the man let go of the woman and she ran away screaming. The Man ran towards the Man-Spider and tried to stab him but the Man-Spider dodged, this act of violence made the Man-Spider to see this man as an enemy and reacted defensively.

He grabbed the man's head and tossed him out of the alley and across the street and into a brick wall that got cracked by the force.

The people on the street got shocked when they saw a woman come running out of the alley screaming before a man flew out of it and into a wall on the other side of the street. They got scared when they saw the Man-Spider walk out of the alley and towards the man, he grabbed the man's head and lifted him up in the air.

The Man-Spider began to squeeze the man's head trying to crush it, but before he could so did the sound of sirens catch the human spider's attention and he saw police cars come towards him. The police officers came out of the cars and aimed their weapons at the Man-Spider, "Alright freak let go him go before we open fire".

The Man-Spider roared and the officers opened fire, the Man-Spider managed to dodge and saw the officers as enemies, he threw the man at them and hit two of them and sent them flying a few meters. The officers continued to fire but the Man-Spider dodged and fired spider venom at them, they ran to hide as the venom hit one of the cars and it exploded, he then fired at the remaining two cars and blew them up too.

The police officers looked at the fire worried, then they got a look of pure horror when the Man-Spider landed in front of them, he roared and lifted his arms to attack them when thick steel cables trapped his arm against his body and then he got a steel cable around his legs as well before something collided with his back.

Harry was able to keep the Man-Spider down but he knew that it wouldn't last long, "If there is anything of you left in there Spidey please listen, I don't want to fight you I want to help you".

Harry took out a syringe that contained the serum, he tried to inject it into the Man-Spider but he ripped the steel cables apart and grabbed Harry and threw him away. Harry fell to the ground, he got up and turned around but the Man-Spider punched him in the chest and sent him flying, Harry's suit told him that the damage had brought down its power to 75 percent.

Harry got up again before he got spider venom all over his mask, Peter had designed the suit to withstand acid to some extent but not much, and also his sensors got messed up and his vision disappeared. Harry almost threw up blood when he got two hard punches in his stomach and he was sent flying up in the air, he began to fall towards the ground again.

Harry's sensors got back to normal and he saw that he was about to crash into the ground with his head first, he activated his jet boots and managed to change his direction but he still crashed into a building.

Sparks appeared as his suit had taken a lot of damage, he looked up and saw guns aimed at him, he looked at the officers. "Easy officers, I'm a friend, I'm the Armor Spider and I am a friend of Spidey's, he doesn't know what he's doing and I want to save him from this nightmare". The Armor Spider took off and flew towards the Oscorp facility.


All of them got worried then they saw Harry return in his damaged suit, he entered the container and the machines helped him get it off, he came out while rubbing his sore arms and head.

"It will take a few hours to repair the damage and it won't do any good, he's too strong", Curt looked at him, "I know who can help you, the Lizard". Everyone looked shocked at him, Martha was about to say something when he interrupted her. "I'm no fool, I have invented a serum that will allow me to control my Lizard form for about one and a half hour".

All of them sighed, they knew that Harry needed help and if Curt could control the Lizard even for about an hour or a little more so could he help Harry. Curt suddenly saw something that looked like hair stuck in the suit, he picked it out, "And I just found the piece I needed in order to track him".


Harry had just finished the repairs on his suit, Peter had come up with the design but Harry had memorized the blueprints and managed to fix it alone. He heard someone come in and saw Curt coming towards him.

"Since the time limit for how long I can stay in control is short so should we wait a little, I know that it is risky but it's the best option we have". Harry nodded and so they waited. After 40 minutes so did Harry get inside his suit and Curt injected the serum into himself and he transformed into the Lizard, the Armor Spider gave the hair to Lizard who memorized the smell and the two of them went out looking for the Man-Spider.


The Armor Spider and Lizard had been looking for an hour now and was getting desperate, the Man-Spider's scent were all over the city, the Armor Spider was about to say something then his suit told him that someone was calling Harry Osborn, Harry had connected his phone to his suit so that calls to it were coming to the suit.

"It's Harry", a second later so did he hear aunt May yell, "HE WAS HERE HARRY, A FEW MINUTES AGO, PETER WERE HERE!" Harry gasped in shocked and told Lizard what May had just told him and they made their way to Forest Hills.


The Armor Spider and Lizard entered the Parkers house and found May looking out through an open window, Harry asked if she was okay and she looked at him and nodded.

"He came in through the window, I was scared at first but when he just stood there and looked at me I decided to get closer, I held out my hand and he leaned in and I put my hand on his face, then sirens could be heard and he left".

Lizard sniffed and looked at the Armor Spider, "His smell is strong, he must still be close", Harry looked at him and nodded and the two of them ran out and went in the direction the Man-Spider had gone.


The Man-Spider looked down at the street and growled, he then suddenly got tackled by both the Lizard and the Armor Spider and the three of them went through the wall of an abandoned building, he grabbed them both, he threw the Armor Spider away while spitting some spider venom at Lizard, Lizard used his tail and blocked it only for it to melt off, he growled and punched the Man-Spider in the face forcing him to let go.

Harry decided to try a new tactic and took off his helmet and called out to the Man-Spider and he turned around and looked at him, he seemed to recognized Harry and walked slowly towards him, but then Lizard jumped on him from behind, he grabbed four of his arms with his arms and legs and wrapped his tail around his throat, "Now Harry do it".

Harry grabbed the syringe and ran towards the Man-Spider, the Man-Spider threw away Lizard but he was too slow and Harry injected the serum into him. He roared as the four extra arms was withdrawing back into his body and he fell to the ground, his arms and legs returned to normal as he shrunk down to his normal size.

His head was slowly changing back, he roared one last time before he changed back completely, Harry walked over to him and pulled out the reserve mask he had taken with him earlier today, he put it over Peter's head and helped him up.

Peter was shocked when he saw the Lizard but calmed down when he learned that Curt was in control, Harry grabbed both of them and activated his Jet boots and flew towards the ESU lab.


Everyone was waiting, Harry had called them and told them that Peter was back to normal and now they're waiting for them to get back. All of them got huge smiles on their faces as they saw Harry get in through the roof while holding both Lizard and Spidey in his torn suit.

As soon as they landed so did Peter stumble towards his aunt who ran up to him and hugged him hard soon followed by both Gwen and MJ, he was enjoying the moment but then his spider sense began to tingle. Peter turned around and saw that Curt was holding his head while he hissed, he knew that Curt was about to lose control.

Martha came up with the serum for the Lizard, Peter grabbed it and jumped onto Lizard and forced the serum down his throat. But at that moment so did the Lizard part of Curt's brain take over and he wrapped his tail around Peter's throat and tossed him across the room and hard into the wall, Peter struggled to get back up on his feet, he was not back at full strength since he returned to normal.

Lizard was about to leap at him before he roared and transformed back to Curt and began to fall, Peter jumped across the room and managed to catch him before he hit the floor, Peter smiled under his mask, "Thanks Dr Connors", Curt smiled back. "I owed you this Peter".

May gave Peter some clothes she had taken with her and he changed into them in order to go home.


Peter and his aunt entered their house, but as soon as Peter got inside the house so ran he up to his room, May followed him and saw him change into his spare suit, he looked at her, "I'm sorry aunt May but I don't have time to rest, I have to find Michael".

He jumped out through his window before his aunt May could say anything and she ran over to the window and saw him jump from roof to roof and begged that he would be okay.


Spidey stopped to rest, his body was still not back to full strength, he suddenly heard something on the roof next to him and looked in that direction to see Michael being attacked by a black man with sunglasses and a sword, he saw that Michael were on the losing end and decided to help him.

The man was about to cut Michael's head off when Spidey kicked him in the back and sent him flying, Michael took this moment to fly away, Spidey was about to swing after him when his spider sense warned him and he grabbed the black man's sword before it could cut him.

"Who are you?" The man growled, "I am Blade the vampire hunter, you are a familiar aren't you?" Spider-Man looked at him in shock and wondered if New York had finally gone completely crazy.

They managed to reverse Peter's mutation but he has already found new trouble, who is this Blade and where did he come from? Continue reading to find out and please review.