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A-Note: Hey guys I'm back :) This is something that I co-wrote with Lily272. We've been working on this since June. It was our attempt to get our OCCs in a story together (Mattie, Seth, and Joe) and I must say I love how it turned out :) I really hope you guys like it and like always sorry for grammar, spelling, etc. And now enough from me let's see what Lily has to say :)

Hey guy's. I'm Lily272 and I'm really enjoying writing with V here. Since he really wanted it, I'll even be in a story for the first time ever and you'll get to find out just how crazy I can be. I also brought my two OC siblings Seth and Joe along and I really hope you like them. And now I hope you'll have at least half as much fun reading this as I had writing it.

Now that you've heard from us I hope you really like the story and Mattie too :)

Summary: When Joey's son and Seto's son meet nothing can keep them apart, not even their father's terrible relationship. What will Seto and Joey do when their sons take matters into their own hands and try to hook them up? Co-written With Lily272

Chapter 1: Seth Wants A Kitten

13 year old Josephine Kaiba waited in front of her school for her best friend Matthew Wheeler. As usual she had a few plush animals as key chains lined up on a chain that hung loosely around her hip. She also had a Lollipop in her hand and her long white hair was done into two ponytails sitting rather high on both sides of her head which only left the shorter part in the front to frame her face to just below her chin. Once she saw the Wheeler's car she waved and ran to it as fast as she could shouting at her friend before he could get out of the car, "Matt I got great news, I talked my brother into tutoring you." She put her Lollipop into her mouth and looked at his dad giving him one of her sun-rivaling smiles saying, "Oh I'm sorry, I'm Joe, Matt's bestie nice to finally meet you Mister Wheeler." After that she looked at her friend saying cheerfully and with excitement in her big blue eyes. "But you'll have to come to our place today after school but Pappy already knows." She said and then looked at Matt's dad for a second before looking back asking, "You think your dad will allow it since he didn't talk to Pappy? I mean Pappy would but Seth just doesn't have time on any other day before your next big math test and he'll tutor me too since I'm so going to fail my one otherwise." Then she suddenly looked a little shyer and turned to Joey again. She played with one hand with the little black dragon plushy key chain she had gotten just for today and said looking slightly afraid of the answer, "You'll let him come over won't you? Pappy can pick him up with me and it'll be so much more fun and easier to learn if he's around and I really don't want him to fail in math, I mean he'd be in my grade then but I know that he'll be sad and I would never want that. I'm sure you'll allow it right? I wrote down the address where you can pick him up right here." She said and held up an envelope, "Or rather Pappy wrote it saying that it was okay." Luckily Joey had no idea that inside was a blank paper that was soaked with coke so much that anything might have been on it before. He would have to call Matt for the address later but it could help to get him to agree.

"Well I see no problem with it, just make sure you behave Mattie" Joey said giving the boy a smile. The girl looked sweet and Joey couldn't be happier that Mattie had found such a good friend so early after moving here.

"You know I will Daddy, thanks for letting me go. I'm sure to pass now", Mattie gave his dad a hug. Once his Daddy was gone Mattie walked over to Joe. Mattie's blonde hair was in its usual uncombed state, his emerald eyes shined with their usual happiness, Joe handed him a grape favored lollipop and the headed in to school. "How on Earth did you get your brother to agree to tutor me?" Mattie asked the girl everyone knew Joe had a way with boys but Mattie knew that her brother was an exception to her charms.

Joe smiled and removed the bands that where holing her hair, "Well a girl can still learn a few things right, and I just did." She grinned her most wicked grin before applying a bit of lip gloss. "Maybe big bro got over being a sucker for the cute thing," She started to say before she got a bandage out and wrapped it around her right wrist. "But I found out a way to let him dance according to my wishes again." After that she pulled out a form from a doctor claiming she had tendonitis and wasn't allowed to use her right hand, "Pappy dearest didn't get over it at all and he just pays Seth for tutoring. And how I got to get around Homework for a while is my little secret. I'm just happy I do get around it because I'm way too lazy for homework." The last thing was something she didn't need to point out. She hadn't done any homework for ages since she even had managed to get all the female teachers to fall for her acts. Matt did wonder what she's keeping from him and has no idea that Joe showed a picture of her new friend to her brother certain that he's his type and now Seth would do nearly anything to get Joe to bring him home once. Needless to say that Joe only made her Pappy pay her brother to give her fave and only big brother some extra pocket money. Seth is the only one who never got to feel her more evil attempts to get what she wanted because she still loves him more than anything. "But your dad really is a sucker for cuties. He fell for my act much too easy that was boring. You know I like a challenge."

"You know meeting a girl like you makes me happier that I'm gay" Mattie teased. He remembered his first day here, he had gone to the library to study and Joe was sitting at a table and she walked up to him and did her 'cute' look on him and asked if he would do her assignment and he simply said "nice trick but it doesn't work on gay boy's sweetie". Joe had blushed a bright red and her eyes went wide, Mattie told her that he thought it was cool and they instantly bonded. "I hope your brother doesn't hate me and Daddy isn't too shocked when he finds out who you are", Mattie said popping the lollipop in his mouth.

"Oh big brother doesn't hate you. He just wants to rip your head off for wasting his time but other than that you're good." Joe teases a little knowing how wrong that statement is and is already planning to do him another favor by dolling up her friend before presenting him to Seth who has no idea that the cutie from the picture is coming today. "Oh and you know what I was wondering recently? Since you're the only one I know who really is totally unaffected by cuteness because you're gay, couldn't it be that Seth is too? Maybe you can try to pull off a cutie show just for him and see how it goes. I mean the worst that can happen is that he's ripping you to shreds after he ripped of your head." She couldn't help but grin at Matt's face but then chuckled and said, "Don't worry, he won't do anything, he always plays the big scary dragon but he's a total teddy bear."

"Well I could try it but if he's really hot I'll probably turn into a babbling idiot, it would be cool though to know someone who was actually interested in me. Joe would you mind if I started to date your brother" Mattie asked giggling. "But seriously though if he is he's not going to like me, remember you said he's just like your Pappy and I'm just like my Daddy and since they don't get along I highly doubt we will". Mattie sighed it would be nice though to have a warm teddy bear to snuggle up to.

"Matt, I already told you, you don't worry about anything." She smiled sweetly. "I've got your back today; I'll make sure he's going to love you. And of course I wouldn't mind you dating him and being part of my family." She gave him a hug. "You're probably a little more fun to be around then some gold digging bitch he might pick up without my help."

Mattie hugged Joe back hoping she was right. They continued down the hall until they had to go their separate ways. "Have fun in your meeting with Mr. Winstead" Mattie said starting to run after seeing the time. Joe waved and went the other way.

After school a maid picked up the girl who insisted that her Pappy must have forgotten to tell her that Matt would come today and that she better not interrupt Seto for something like that. As soon as she said that, the two kids sat in the limousine on their way to the Kaiba mansion. "I wonder what your dad's going to say when he sees where you've been today." Joe chuckled, "Oh and Seth isn't going to be there for another two hours which gives us plenty of time for a makeover and for me to tutor you to not turn into a babbling idiot as you called it. Do you want to go for hot and sexy or sweet innocence?"

Mattie rolled his eyes at the girl, "What's wrong with the way I am now?" Joe sighed at him and gave him a 'just pick one damn it' look. "Fine sweet innocence, I don't think I could pull off hot and sexy in the presents of a hot guy" Mattie said his insecurities kicking in as they got closer to Joe's house. "Daddy will be fine…unless he sees your Pappy then all hell will break loose" Mattie said as they pulled in the drive way.

Joe smiled at him and said, "You can pull of anything if you really try and know how to but I think sweet innocence is rather something for big bro." Once they were at the mansion Joe brought Matt into Seth's room which was clear right away after entering since it was much to mature for Pappy's baby girl. Joe walked to the wardrobe and opened it, "Now let's see what big brother has that doesn't fit him anymore and could be used for you. It has to be really tight fitting and make him look at your butt."

"He's going to know if I wear his cloths Joe" Mattie said but after looking at the girls face he quickly grabbed some skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Mattie watched to see if the cloths would earn her approval, she shook her head and she snatched the shirt from his hands and picked him out a much smaller one that looked like it would fit like a second skin. She shoved Mattie in the bathroom and waited, after fifteen minutes he finally came out with a dark blush covering his face, "I thought we wear supposed to be going for sweet innocence! This screams take my virginity now".

She chuckled and said, "Of course it does, I'll need to add the accessories to make you sweet and innocent. After all you don't want him to look at you and think you're a kid, you want to make him hot don't you?" She took his hand and left without bothering to clean up the chaos they had coursed while looking for the outfit. Once they were in her room she pulled out a chain that was like the one she had around her hip and put it around Matt's waist. After that she removed the black dragon key chain she had been wearing today and fastened it on Matt's chain. Once that was done she opened a drawer that was so full with key chains with little plushies that it was a miracle that she had been able to close it. She pulled out a little black kitten with green eyes and said, "That one's from my brother he loves cats." After that she fastened that next to the dragon and said, "Now let's see if we can tame that mop of hair you got." She passed him another lollipop and pulled him into her own bathroom to style his hair a little. During the whole time she did that she told him what he should do to get a guy's attention that went with the sweet innocence style. Things like keep looking into his eyes and then shyly away. While he tutors chew on your pen and lick your lips and don't forget to play with the lollipop, put it in and out of your mouth all the time especially when he looks at you. She also told him to play with the plushy whenever he got nervous and told him that she never got nervous and did it when she wanted to look that way but he probably will be nervous since Seth has a talent to make people uncomfortable around him.

"Your hair is the worst." She said after she heard some noises from the hallway that could only mean that either her Pappy or her brother had returned home and since Seto was usually much later, it must have been Seth who usually is also late but had promised to be earlier to help his sister study. "Oh and Matt, I forgot to tell you something. I talked Seth into tutoring me; he hasn't got a clue that you're here." After that she took his hand and ran out towards the entrance to see her brother stand there looking just as powerful and handsome, with his black hair and his pricing red eyes wearing his black suit with a tie that matched his eyes, as only a Kaiba can. Joe smiled at him and said, "Hey big brother this is Matt he also needs tutoring and he's my best friend so please help him."

Mattie looked at the boy in front of him and he was hooked. He was beautiful if Joe wasn't holding his hand right now he would tackle the boy to the ground. Once he met the boys eyes he had to look away…this is not going to be good.

"Why should I?" he asked happy that he never blushed easy and unwilling to let on how much he appreciated the sight of the slightly younger male while his eyes moved over Matthews's body, "And why is that boy wearing one of my outfits and your key-chains?"

"Because I wanted to play makeovers." She said and flashed her most innocent smile.

"Quite the act." Seth ordered with a glare, he hates it that his sister is getting more spoiled each day and tries to work against it hardly able to deny his baby sister anything himself and happy to have a great poker face to hide that fact. "I know that you're just trying to play me. I want to know why you did this."

She gave a sigh and then said honestly, "Because he needs to get a guy hot and we were practicing on how to do that."

"He's gay?" Seth asked surprised and the glare eased down even though he's getting slightly annoyed with Joe for keeping that bit of information.

"Sure." she said, "Is there a problem with that?"

Seth's eyes moved over the boy's body one more time before he said, "Fine I tutor him too but I want my outfit back before he runs of. I don't want some dude walking around trying to get laid with my outfit."

"Thanks big brother." She said and whispered to Matt, mainly to raise his confidence "That was way too easy; I bet he already got the hots for you."

Mattie trusted Joe completely but he couldn't help but wonder if this was a good idea. Mattie felt a strange attraction to this boy, he wanted Seth to like him not someone he wasn't. Mattie decided that he would keep the look but act like himself so that hopefully if he totally stuttered like an idiot at least Seth would think he's a hot one.

"Joe remember that funny conversation we had earlier about me dating your brother? Well I'm being totally serious right now I really like your brother…help me!" Mattie whispered to her as Seth walked into his room, Mattie then pulled the girl into hers. "I don't care about getting tutored right now I just need you to be totally awesome and help me not geek out tonight…I don't want to use any tricks because I want to know if he likes me for me. So if you could be a dear and try to keep the conversation going and cover for me if I do something stupid that would be great."

Joe rolled her eyes but said, "Do what you think is right but you wouldn't be someone else if you did what I said, you'd just have an easier time gaining his attention and a plushy to help you when you're nervous." She smiled at him and since he still looked nervous she said, "Don't worry; I'll see what I can do to really get you together with grumpy pants."

"Who's grumpy pants?" A voice asked from the door. He had removed the jacked from his suite and the tie. He also unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt and now was completely in black apart from the rubies on his belt.

"You are!" Joe simply said, "So what are we waiting for. I can't wait to start math."

"Since when?" Seth asked with a watchful look like he was expecting her to blow something up. He had been sure that Joe simply talked to their father so she could complain about getting a bad great after studding so hard while he himself could use the time to finish his new book.

"I still don't like it, but...I have a feeling that this is going to be so much fun." She said.

Mattie kept his mouth jammed shut to stop from drooling; Seth was even hotter now…was that even possible? Mattie's inner thoughts were interrupted when Joe began to drag him along somewhere; he assumed they were going to study. When they arrived at what Mattie guessed was the Kaiba's library Joe made sure he was directly in front of Seth and when the boy's eyes met his he felt the blush rise in his face and did what Joe recommended and started to play with the red-eyed dragon that reminded him of Seth.

Joe grinned after seeing him blush. Seth told them to get out everything they had done in math recently and then start with their homework while he had a look at what they had done and to see where they had made the most mistakes and might need some more help. It took Joe about as long as she needed to get everything out of her bag until she said, "I'm bored."

"Tough luck." Seth told her sternly, hoping to use whatever she tried to pull to finally get her to study at least a little, "Get started."

"I don't want to." She wined.

"Fine then I can go and stop the tutoring." He said and was about to leave.

One glace at Matt's face and she said, "Okay you win I do it." And then she started to look at her homework.

Mattie mouthed 'thank you' to Joe he knew he could always count on the girl. Mattie tried to focus but Seth was just so hot.

Seth looked at her with one raised eyebrow before he started to see what Matt had been doing during math recently. It was very quiet and as soon as Joe tried to say something Seth just said, "Focus and be quiet unless you really need help."

Joe pouted until Seth looked through her math book and then leaned down to whisper, "I know that you weren't talking about me. So who is grumpy pants, who does he want?"

Joe grinned at her brother and asked, "Why do you want to know? Do you want to get into his pants?" She asked and saw Seth's red eyes move over to Matt for a second like he feared he might have heard.

Mattie was licking his grape lollipop and trying to get this math done right so Seth could be proud of him. Mattie didn't know what had come over him but he felt a need to make this boy happy.

"You do realize that that would currently mean to get into my own pants since he's wearing mine?" Seth replied to avoid an answer. Joe had always been able to tell when he lied to her.

"If you're after your own pants," She whispered with a wicked grin, "Use your bloody hands."

Joe could feel Seth slap the back of her head lightly before he said, "Very funny. I'm serious and you know that I sort of like him. But to answer your question, I don't want to do anything inappropriate with him; I want to get to know him better."

She chuckled and then said, "I already told you who grumpy pants is. And I bet he'll like to do something 'inappropriate'."

"You told him you'd help him to get together with that guy." He glared at her even more, usually he was the only one she would help and Seth wasn't used to her protecting someone else secrets from him. "I heard what you said so quit playing me and tell me the truth."

"I just did you idiot." She told him again, "He's got the hots for you and I mean like in, really, really big time lovey dovey mode. So either you believe me and let me disappear here and kiss him silly or you don't believe me and use your damned hand to get some."

Seth glared at her even more until it eased up all of a sudden when he asked, "Why don't you tell me a wrong name? I doubt he'd appreciate it if you talk me into any funny ideas, so why come up with this lie?"

"Man you're stupid with this," She whispered rolling her eyes. "It's like you heard, I promised to help him get together with you and I know you enough to see that you want to screw him silly, and don't even start to pretend otherwise I'm 13 not 3. Seth I would never lie to you about this but I swear to you that if you push him to much or hurt him in any other way I'll turn your life into a living hell!" She grinned at him and then added louder, "Think about it big bro, while I go to the little girls room." She winged at Matt before she left the room with absolute no intention to return to those dreaded numbers at her place any time soon.

Mattie's eyes widened why the hell is she leaving! He gave her a 'why the fuck are you going look' and she just smiled at him. Mattie had no clue what to say or if he should say anything, he clutched the dragon and tried to focus on anything but Seth's beautiful eyes.

Seth watched Matt's reaction after his sister's words and saw how he looked after her. He also quickly noticed that he avoided looking into his eyes but he still didn't completely trust his sister, he knew that she would do almost anything to get around studying. He hated it to mistrust her since they are very close but even after they entered the Kaiba mansion. But she is getting really spoiled and Seth always wondered if she might even go against him one day to reach her goals.

Still he couldn't blame his father who had done everything in his power to help them. It wasn't really his fault that Joe is so cute that he never could deny her anything. Seth hadn't been able either back then. When they were in the orphanage he had hacked Seto's system to sell information's to competing companies for over a year to afford a bit of luxury for his sister. At some point Seto had found out but still no real evidence to actually get Seth punished. He decided to take them in instead.

Seth had been worried that he would seek revenge but instead he had helped them, sort of understanding the boy and loving both kids. By now Joe had changed greatly though, the unconscious begging look had turned into an act that she could pull off anytime and that she used shamelessly, not being used to be denied anything anymore. But Joe hardly remembers the hardships of their childhood and only the luxury she grew used to. And even though they're still really close, he fears that it will stop if she gets too spoiled, partly even due to his own work that prevents him from having all that much time for his beloved sister.

Still today she had done the first unselfish thing for someone apart from him in years. She had stayed for Matt and done her homework, well started is more accurate but still, she had studied for his sake so why use him to get around it now? Seth walked right next to him and leaned down to have a look over his homework and then whispered right into Matt's ear, "Well done. And thanks, being around you seems to be good for my sister."

Mattie didn't think that it was possible for him to blush more but he did. He turned his head and Seth's magnificent eyes were looking straight into his own. "T-thank you, a-actually I th-think I'm the one w-who ben-benefits more fr-from being around h-her". Mattie wanted to claim those lips and never let them go, but he was sure that the boy would never talk to him again. Remembering one of Joe's tips Mattie ran his tongue slowly over his lips.

Seth stared at his lips and followed the movement of his tongue. Seth couldn't help but find his shyness extremely cute. And it made it obvious that his sister really had said the truth. She clearly still could be kind at least towards people she liked and obviously Matt was one of them. "Are you're sure about that?" Seth asked with a little grin, "Because you should know that you need to be careful when asking her for help." After that he leans closer to him and whispered right into Mattie's ear, "Because she just told me that you want me." Seth looked into his eyes to see his reaction but only for less than a second before he claimed the younger boy's lips in a heated kiss.

Mattie wasted no time before he wrapped his arms around Seth's neck and pushed him down hopping on top. When they parted for air Mattie ripped Seth's shirt open and the buttons flow everywhere, he ran his hands down Seth's chest and bent down nibbled on the boy's ear. Mattie whispered in Seth's ear "I have to leave soon so you may want to take your cloths back".

Seth couldn't believe how this shy boy could be this demanding but he really liked it. He never stopped kissing him while he carried Matt back to his room where he soon reclaimed his outfit.

A little while later when Matt started to get dressed with his own cloths, which he had left in Seth's bathroom before, Seth asked him, "Did Joe pick that outfit you've been wearing when I arrived? Because if she did I owe her big time."

In the meantime Joey was freaking out, it's was past Mattie's curfew and the letter that he had received from Mattie's friend was ruined. Joey picked up his cell and Mattie's number for the hundredth time when he heard Mattie's voice he let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"Matthew Wheeler where are you because this letter is ruined!" Joey hated being mad at Mattie but something was going on and he was damn well sure going to find out what.

Mattie was at a loss for words he had no idea how to explain any of this to his daddy. He totally forgot that his cell was in the pocket of his jeans and now his daddy knew he was up to something.

"W-well Da-daddy I d-don't K-know why" Mattie felt arms wrap around him and he was able to relax. Seth held his hand out and Mattie gave him the phone.

"Hello Mister Wheeler. I'm Joe's older brother Seth and I fear I have to apologize to you. You see my friend and I send each other prank mails every now and then just for the laugh and since, well let's face it in the electronic age we would never get to see a real letter otherwise right? It seems that Joe must have mixed up our father's letter to you with my prank letter in her excitement to spend the day with Matt. Please except my apologies and let me make it up to you by escorting Matt home and safe you the trouble of finding our place. Just please give me a minute to get it sorted and he'll be home as soon as possible if you wish". Seth spoke with such a dreamy voice that Mattie felt like he was turning to goo.

"Well thanks for clearing all of that up for me, Mattie has to be home as soon as possible". Seth was quite pleased with himself. When he had seen Matties picture on his sisters phone a background check done in case it might turn out helpful to charm the sweet boy, receiving enough information to know that mentioning his surname wouldn't be the best way to introduce himself in this situation. Seth hung up the phone and put it in Mattie's hand, "here you go…Mattie".

"Yeah, I only let special people call me that. Thanks for that Seth", Mattie said smiling at the boy.

Seth was pissed. "So your boyfriend isn't special enough?" he asked mad that the boy didn't love him as much as his father. Sure he was young and only had this man was his only living family while they only met today, but it still irritated him greatly.

"Y-you want to be my bo-boyfriend?" Mattie said looking at Seth with a deep blush on his face.

"Kitten I'm already your boyfriend, no one else is laying a hand on you", Seth said pulling the boy in his arms.

"Kitten? You can call me Mattie…boyfriend", Mattie couldn't get the smile off his face.

"Yes you're my Kitten; I plan on getting you a collar later. Thank you Mattie" Seth had the boy in his arms not really intending to let him go. Happy again that he not only could call him Mattie as well as Kitten.

"Well I want to call you something too…you are my something to you know" Mattie said in a cute way that made Seth hold him tighter.

"And what's that Kitten?" Seth wondered what pet name his Kitten would call him.

"Mr. McHottieKinz" Mattie said. Seth smiled smugly at the name; he'd be lying if he said he didn't like it.

Seth let the boy out of his arms long enough to lay down on the bed and pull the boy down with him. "You know you sound a lot like your dad, it's sort of strange because I sound like mine to". Seth began to say after a while.

Mattie giggled "Yeah it is, if we didn't have Joe's help we probably would have ended up like them, which is sad because that would mean I'd have less time with you". Mattie said in a sad voice.

"We should be our parents Joe! That way they'll get married and more importantly we'd all live in the same house so I'd never be far away from you again". Seth said a plan already starting to form in his head.

"We'd be separated in school Mr. McHottieKinz" Mattie said kissing up Seth's chest.

Seth moaned, "I'm taking care of that issue tomorrow". Seth flipped them around so he was on top and feared that Joey would have to wait for his son a little longer than originally planned because he wasn't ready to let him go while he's obviously in a playful mood.

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