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Epilogue: Joey Wants Memories Part 1

"Okay so now that I have everything ready. I suppose I should continue this". Joey said to himself as he sat down in the empty room and front of the camera.

"Hey there my future grandkids or whoever is watching this since I'm not really sure who will see this, but I'm sure who ever does I either love you or would have if I'm not around anymore. So anyway as you know I decided to do a video diary to catalogue my crazy but wonderful life so that you'll have something to remember me and my loved ones by, so let's see I've already covered how me and Seto got together and how I got from one child to four. So the next big thing would probably be when me and Mattie moved in to the Kaiba mansion.

'Mattie are you ready yet?' I asked him before taking one last look at our former home. I was happy that everything had finally worked itself out. I had the man of my dreams but I was still going to miss that place and all of the memories that me and Mattie had made here.

Mattie was still taking some time and most likely taking one last look around his room, he must have felt similar like I had, not only did he get a new boyfriend and father but he also got not one but two sisters! Mattie really loved his new family and our future home was amazing, but he obviously couldn't shake the feeling of being sad. Once he heard my voice he still quickly shut his room door for the last time and went to join me in the car.

The ride to the Kaiba mansion was usually quick but this time there were many things flooding the minds of us both. 'Mattie are you okay? You haven't said a word for like an hour, and I'm starting to really worry'.

Mattie looked up at me and released a sigh that he'd been keeping in. 'Dad I really don't know how I feel, I mean you know how much I wanted this, but at the same time I never really took time to think about how much everything would change. For the longest time it was just you and me and now it's not going to be anymore and what if Seto doesn't like me, or Seth gets sick of me…what if we never see each other anymore'.

I quickly slammed on the breaks and pulled off to the side of the road. 'Matthew Wheeler you've been the most important person in my life since you were born and that's not about to change just because everything else will okay?' I said pulling my son in for a hug. 'How about I promise that every Sunday me and you will go out and have a father-son day? Just the two of us…just until you get bored find something better to do'. I said with a smirk.

I was happy to see Mattie smile back at me 'I wouldn't count on that daddy'.

My smirk turned into a smile, 'And don't worry about Seto, he like everyone has, will come to love you the more he gets to know you. Now take it from me there's no way in hell that Seth will get sick of you…if anything you'll get sick of him'. I had to giggle.

Mattie smiled, 'that won't happen daddy…I love him too much'.

'Then I bet he feels the same way'. When Mattie smiled back and kept the grin on his face I felt myself relax for the first time that day. 'Hey, how about we take a quick trip somewhere to relax, I doubt everyone would mind if we're a little late'. Mattie nodded and I did a quick U-turn and sped off in the opposite direction."

"By the way, that U turn, ruined my day." Came a voice from the door and Joey turned around to look at it.

"You're ruining my recording." Joey growled towards his husband.

"My apologies" Seto grinned. "Then how about I enhance them a little by explaining why, it ruined my day."

Seto didn't wait for a response and simply started while Joey was actually interested to hear about this day from Seto's perspective for the first time. "'Seth,' I said after entering my son's room, 'How many more room makeovers do I have to pay for?'

Seth glared at me. 'Until it's perfect of course…and I don't do room makeovers, I simply improve it. Mattie is going to move in today. Having to move might make him feel nervous and I want this room to be perfect to ease the change.'

'From what I heard from Joe' I reminded my son. 'He enjoyed your room greatly the last time he was here.'

'He only entered this room twice before. The first time he was sort of preoccupied with the makeover Joe was giving him and the second time, well let's just say, he was about as focused on the room as Joe usually is on her match homework.' Seth replied looking around the room. He still wasn't really satisfied with it.

I gave a sigh before I stated, 'It's not the room that he has to enjoy. And I'd suggest that you leave the room the way it is and redecorate it after he moved in. That way he can tell you what he likes. You still don't know each other all that long and it might be wise to ask for his preferences.'

'I could also ask Joe,' Seth mused, 'she knows him a bit longer and is rather close to him too.'

'They're nearly here Seth.' I pointed out. 'I strongly suggest waiting until he arrives.'

Seth gave a sigh, 'I really hope he'll like it here.'

'I'm sure he'll need some time to get used to it, as will Joey, but they both choose it for themselves so I'm positive that with some time they'll consider this their home as much as we do.' I reassured my son as well as myself.

I also had rearranged my room a few times. Not as often as Seth but that's mainly due to the fact that I was slightly preoccupied with Josephine and Akiza. It seemed like the two girls would need some time to bond which still slightly worried me at the time. I hadn't even dared to mention it to Joey that the girls had a few disagreements. I worried what Joey would make of them and just hoped that the girls would grow closer before he would move in.

'This pace is so much different from what they're used to.' Seth pointed out.

'I know.' I had to agreed, 'I doubt that Joey ever had maids walking around or even half as many rooms as this mansion. But it is easier to grow used to luxury then to lose it so I assume that they'll grow attached to it soon.'

Seth looked at the time. 'Either way, you do have a point stating that I should wait for him since they can arrive any moment now and I rather not present an unfinished room to him.'

'That's a wise decision.' I told my son, 'So how about you look for your sisters and see if they're ready to welcome Joey and Matt.'

'You're still not allowed to call him Mattie?' Seth asked slightly smug.

'To be honest,' I replied, 'I never tried and probably never will. Matt his Joey's son and they've been together even longer then we. Joey knows Matt since he's born and even though I will try my best to have a good relationship with Matt and to be seen as part of his family by him, I would never attempt to try to get as close to him as Joey is: firstly because I doubt it possible and secondly because it might hurt Joey's feelings.'

'Would it hurt your feelings if Joe and I got closer to him then to you?' Seth asked curious.

I had to think about it for a moment before I answered, 'I don't think it would. But I think Matt and Joey each are a little more emotional than we two together. And we had Joe around and the maids. We've never been as alone with each other nor did you two ever depend on me as much as Matt did on Joey since you were a little older when you came to me.'

'I must admit that it still feels a little strange that Joey is my step-father. I hardly know him and he's my boyfriend's dad. I mean I love the fact that you're dating him and I get to live with Mattie, but it's still going to be strange to call him dad.'

I watched my son for a moment, 'I don't think that Joey would be upset if you call him by his name. I could also explain it to him. You know him as little as I know Matt and I would never expect him to call me father or something like that right away. Maybe someday when he got to know me better, but for now I'll be happy if we can all get along.'

'I thought you want us all to be one big happy family.' Seth wondered looking at me.

"If course I do." I smiled a little at the thought of having a family with Joey like I always did. 'But I'm realistic enough to know that such things take time. It took over a year to gain your trust after I adopted you.'

'Sure, but I think that was due to the fact that I had been stealing from you for Joe's sake before that and assumed you to take revenge.' Seth reminded me

'I was considering it at first.' I admitted to him for the first time, 'But that was before I meet you and your sister. You reminded me too much of me and Joe was a lot like Joey back then. She got a little spoiled since then but still, I loved you two. And with time we became a family, and I'm sure that will happen with my Puppy and your Kitten too.'

'Pappy?' Joe asked me from the hall. 'Shouldn't Matt be here soon?'

'Yes.' I replied with a look towards my watch. 'Their scheduled to arrive right about now but maybe the traffic is bad or they needed a little longer to pack their last things than expected.'

In my and Seth's room where already a few boxes with things our 'pets' didn't need on a daily basis and could go without until the actual move. There shouldn't be much left to course a delay and I was sure that it was due to a rather sentimental goodbye and expected them to arrive any moment.

'When will daddy be there?' Akiza asked showing up behind Joe-Joe. Akiza already called Joey daddy and me Pappy and also got along with both boys.

'I'm sure he'll be here any moment darling.' I assured her with a smile while Joe glared at her.

'Is that my lip-gloss?' She asked sounding pissed already.

'No.' Akiza replied with a blush.

'Please don't start a fight.' I begged but was ignored by my girls like usual.

'You don't have lip-gloss.' Joe grumbled, 'But you're wearing lip-gloss.'

'I found it.' Akiza mumbled and already did a few retreating steps.

'Joe, please remain calm.' Seth begged his sister who didn't seem to even notice him.

'And where? She growled threateningly.

'In the drawer beside your bed', Akiza grinned and ran away as fast as her legs could carry the little girl.

'Joe, don't...' But neither I nor Seth could finish the sentence we started to say simultaneously before Joe was after the little thief of a sister.

'The usual?' I asked my son.

'The usual.' Seth confirmed before Seth ran after Joe to calm her down and stop her from attacking the younger girl and I went after Akiza to beg her to leave Joe's stuff alone and come to me if she wanted anything.

I just didn't understand why Akiza kept taking Joe's things. I had bought her a lot of stuff and promised to buy whatever she wanted as long as she stayed out of Joe's room but even if Joe locked it, the little girl somehow got into it. It seemed like she had learned a few handy things while living on the street. But I didn't understand why Akiza always went after Joe's things; she got along great with the boys and never took anything from them or me. She's been in my room a few times during the night after getting nightmares from the robbery which was only natural. But other than stealing from Joe she was a little angel. I thought that maybe if I found out why she kept doing it I could stop her and this might be the last chance before Joey moved in and he had to act fast. I seriously didn't want Joey move in and the first thing he saw were the girls fighting.

About an hour later I had Akiza on my arm and Seth was next to me and we waited for Joey and Matt while Joe was hiding her favorite stuff from her new sister.

'Maybe we should call them.' Seth mumbled worried.

'If something happened we would have heard.' I cautioned, 'Maybe they just need some time.'

'What if they changed their mind?' Seth asked worried.

I was quiet for a moment and Seth must have been able to see the worry break through my mask for a split second and probably understood right away that I was just as worried as he was but tried to hide it to keep my children from worrying with me. 'Joey isn't the kind of guy to just bail. If he got cold feet he'd at least give me a call. And Akiza is here too, he wouldn't just leave her hanging without knowing what's going on. I'm sure their departure from their old home was a little more sentimental than necessary and they probably need a little longer due to that.'

'They're about an hour late.' Seth mumbles, 'That's more than a little late. What if they had an accident?'

'I would know about that.' I insisted and added more to prove that point to myself. 'Joey is my husband now and if anything happened the hospital or police or someone else would notify me immoderately.'

'Not if no one has found him yet.' Seth just had to remind me.

'The streets he might have used to get here are rather busy and I'm sure someone would have noticed if there was an accident on the road'. I told him still mostly trying to keep myself calm. "And I doubt that something in the house might have happened that would knock both of them out and yet stay unnoticed by the neighbors."

It was quiet again between the us three until Joe showed up about half an hour later. She watched us for a moment glaring to Akiza on my arm while I was still looking out of the window and it took a while before I noticed the arrival of my older daughter in the room.

'I hope you got it into the little devils head that she's to stay out of my room.' Joe grumbled still upset that Akiza kept taking her stuff.

'She's young Joe.' I reminded my older daughter. 'But I'm sure she'll learn and won't do it again.'

'You always say that.' Joe nearly growled. 'Why do you always have to take her side?'

I looked at my older girl and gave a sigh. Maybe the problem wasn't Akiza stealing her things; maybe Joe was simply being jealous. And considering that I indeed had tried to protect Akiza from Joe's wrath might just have made matters worse. I put Akiza down and moved an arm around my older girl. 'I know this isn't easy for you my little princess, but Akiza isn't used to things here and we all need to help her since she's much younger than you. But if she is ever going to break something of yours you just tell me and I will replace it for sure. And if she doesn't stop soon I will punish her for sure. Just give her a few weeks to settle in first.'

Joe still seemed to be grumpy but after a while she noticed that Seth hadn't said a word about it at all and was still staring out of the window rather than being with Matt in his room. 'Don't tell me their still not here?'

'I'm afraid not.' Seth replied this time with a slightly worried expression.

'Why don't you just call them?' She asked.

'How would you like it if your boyfriend would call after you just because you're a little late?' I asked, 'If this was just any day I'd probably still call just to make sure that he's okay, but their moving in here and if their already late because they got cold feet I'd might make matters worse.'

'You really have no idea how to deal with guys.' Joe said with a sigh. She walked closer to Akiza and then mumbled. 'I wonder how long it will be until Daddy is here. He really should be here. I mean he promised us to come right?'

Akiza looked up to her new and beautiful big sister and listened closely to every word. She obviously thought about it a moment and then smiled up to me, 'When will daddy be here?'

'I don't know.' I told her. 'I should be here by now and is probably running a bit late. But I'm sure it's not his fault.' I had no idea what Joe was up to but I really didn't want the little girl to be upset with my Joey.

Joe gave him a look that clearly meant 'You really are a hopeless fool.' before she said, 'I guess Daddy is the only one that knows when he'll come, too bad that we can't ask him since he's not here.' While saying that Joe got out her mobile to play with it a little.

Akiza watched her big sister for another moment before she grinned at me, 'I wanna ask daddy, can I call daddy?'

'What a great idea.' Joe smiled to me, 'After all, Joey and Matt might be upset if an inpatient lover checks up on them all the time, but a worried little girl will only make them hurry to her side right?'

Seth chuckled for a moment before he said, 'I know that a lot of people at work say that pap's will go to hell and stuff, but one thing is for sure. You won't end up there.' After a questioning look from me and Joe Seth adds, 'I doubt the devil is stupid enough to let his biggest competition in, he might as well hand his thorn to her on a silver platter.'

'Of course', Joe said proudly, 'I'd have him do what I want in less than a second.'

'Can I call daddy now?' Akiza asked.

I got out my mobile and said 'Sure sweetheart, I'll get him on the phone for you.'

All three Kaiba children watched me while I held my phone to my ear after dialing until I put it down again with a sigh. 'I can't get through to him. But I'll send him a text that Akiza wanted to call him and ask how much longer they will be. I just hope he'll believe it.'

'If not she can confirm it.' Joe calmed and smiled at her sister, 'Wouldn't you? You'd tell daddy that he really should have picked up when you wanted to talk to him won't you?'

'Yes he should.' She said slightly upset.

'Maybe daddy is driving and will be here in a second.' I calmed the girl. 'And it's not safe to hold a phone while driving.'

'He can put it on speaker.' Joe insisted but after a glare from me she didn't push the topic any further and left. She must have noticed that I clearly would continue taking Joey's side to keep the peace in the family; I noticed that it might have angered her further.

I gave a sigh and decided to schedule some time to spend just with her during the next few weeks, maybe that will help the rocky relationship between Akiza and Joe as well as improve Joe's overall mood again.

'Maybe daddy will call back.' Akiza said hopefully after Joe had left.

'I'm sure he'll call back soon.' I agreed. 'And maybe Seth can call Matt, he's with daddy and then you can talk to daddy over Matt's phone.

Seth smiled and had his phone out and on his ear before I had finished the sentence but he had as much success as I had with calling Joey. He too send Matt a massage stating that Akiza made him call because she wants to talk to Joey and that he please tell his dad to call me so Akiza can talk to him. That way it wouldn't seem like Seth was waiting nervously for news from his boyfriend.

The more time passed the more nervous we two got and the more frequently we tried to call. Always writing a message after each call stating that Akiza was getting impatient…It wasn't a total lie. Akiza did ask us to try again a few times and more frequent with each passing moment, but more than half of the time they tried to call, it was due to our own impatience. But it still took a few hours before we heard anything from Joey or Matt."

Seto smiled at Joey, before he said, "At least you came after all."

"That was due to Mattie." Joey pointed out. "Mattie mentioned a little later that he couldn't remember a time he was this relaxed without Seth's presences. He was watching the sunset on the hood of my car when the thought entered his mind and he asked me. "Daddy what time is it; it's really strange that Seth or Seto didn't call? Maybe we should have called them like you said before we went swimming".

I hopped down off the hood and grabbed my phone from inside the car. 'Crap! Mattie we have to go, there's no service here and we were supposed to be at the house five hours ago!' Mattie's eyes widened and he hopped in the car with me.

Once we were in a location with a strong signal…and after we received the messages sent by you two, we were able to call you guys and stop the deployment of the National Guard.

"I really have no idea how or what strings Seto would have to pull to use the National Guard…every time he does I manage to stop him or I'm too afraid to ask". Joey grinned into the camera. "Well that's that story, now what else should I tell". Joey's thinking was interrupted when the door to the room was opened and one of his daughters walked in.

Akiza entered the room and saw her Daddy in front of a camera. She looked curious at him and asked, "What are you doing there?"

"Hello darling. I'm recording my video diary of important memories so that the future family will have a part of me in case I'm not around anymore". Akiza smiled at her Daddy and went over and gave him a hug.

"Can I join in and talk about my first day here?"

"That's a great idea Akiza" joey said smiling. "Okay whoever's watching now, we're going to find out more about my youngest daughter and her first day here".

Akiza smiles a dazzling smile while she remembered the big day she entered the Mansion for the first time.

"It was a really tiring day." She says still smiling into the camera. "A lot had happened that day. I was on the street for three days after running from an orphanage. It was probably a bit hasty since the main reason that I ran was that an older girl had stolen my favorite plushy. But I was really sad and none of the minders helped me. They didn't know who owned the plushy and two other girls claimed that I lied.

The night had been cold and I was still freezing. I wanted to warm up a little and walked into a bank where I got caught in a robbery. I was scared, but only at the start because after a while, someone–who later became my daddy—was there for me. It was the first time that someone was there to help me and I felt great due to that even though I was a little scared. The best part was when daddy called me his daughter even though I wasn't back then. Even the scary rescue couldn't destroy the happiness I felt than. I was sad again when the woman from social services showed up though. I knew she would bring me back to that orphanage but as it turned out that wasn't the case.

The boyfriend of my daddy—or rather the guy that gave out to my dad for risking his life before he could confess his love and then started to make out with him—suddenly said that he wanted to adopt me with my new daddy. I couldn't believe it at first and after a bit of back and forth between the grown-ups that I didn't completely get, Joey and Seto took me to the Kaiba mansion where they, about an hour after the robbery ended, married.

They looked ridicules since they didn't really have the time to change and only very few where present. Some of Daddy's friends made it but where shocked and tried to talk him out of it because they didn't like Pappy. Uncle Tristan was the funniest of all and glaring at pappy who grinned at him and they started to fight until Lilly, Daddy's friend, started to pass around chocolate and meatballs claiming that the sweetness of the chocolate should melt their hearts and the power of the holy meatball will help them reunite their feelings. She's a total nutcase but the meatballs where great. Tristan and Seto both said that her promise to leave them would also work to end their fight and after she promised it with a grin they both just stayed away from each other to avoid Lilly's attempts to stop their fights.

I don't know why Tristan didn't like Pappy; I loved him right away because thanks to him, I got to stay with Daddy and even got the two boys that showed up right after the big rescue as my brand new brothers and they obviously where at the weeding too.

The funniest thing was that V –the guy marring them—played the song from his favourite music artist Selena Gomez at the start and then held a huge speech about love during which he kept referring to lyrics from said song.

After the wedding we had dinner with everyone. I felt like a princess because the food that night was the best I ever had but I didn't stay up for long after that. I was really tired after the long day and daddy and pappy brought me into my new bed together and tugged me in like we were a real family. Too bad that Daddy told me then that he and Matt would have to go back to their place later though and that they would need a few days to pack everything up and move in. It still was the best night of my life.

The best thing about my room was that it was really close to the room of my big sis. I always wanted a big sister and I knew right away that Joe was just awesome. She had a great smile and the dress she wore was perfect. She looked cute and innocent but somehow I just knew that she wasn't. The second I saw her, I wanted to be just like her. In that moment I didn't care that my room was huge or that Pappy promised to redecorate it anyway I wanted and that he would take me for a shopping trip soon to get a few new outfits and toys. All I could think of was that Joe was just two rooms down the hall and that night I fought to stay awake until Joe would go into her room. I sneaked into her room and into her bed once she was asleep. I was getting even more impressed with her that night. I knew that she had lots of energy, but that night I found out that she even has lots of energy while sleeping. Man that girl moves around in her sleep. Sadly, she wasn't too happy to find me in her bad after waking up. I guess the fact that I always wanted to have her lipsticks, her plushy, her shoes—even if they didn't fit me—her shirts –that I used as dresses—and her diary to learn everything about her didn't really help her to warm up to me at the start.

The lipstick pappy bought me to stop me from taking hers wasn't nearly as cool as Joe's even though Pappy insisted that it was the same. I still think he tried to trick me. And at least Joe and I are best friends now and Joe helps me with everything. She even tries to help me with math but she hardly ever can do it herself and stops my oldest brother to make out with my other brother to help me with my math. She's totally awesome."

"That's perfect sweetie you know I should probably get everyone from the family to put something on here. How about you go find someone for me?" Joey said smiling at his daughter.

Akiza smirked at her Daddy, rolled her eyes and got out to get her fave member of the Kaiba household within seconds before sending a massage to Matt that would bring both of her brothers there in no time at all.

"Honestly Dad, how could you even consider doing this without us?" Joe chided with a smile. "At least Aki made sure that I get my turn. And she even gave me a great idea what I can talk about."

"Sorry." Joey smiles at his older daughter. "I didn't mean to leave you guys out of it. I just didn't think about it. It was Akiza's idea."

"I know." Joe smiled proudly at her younger sister. "Aki is the best."

Joey gave a sigh. He had tried to call Akiza Aki once but she complained that only Joe was allowed to call her that.

"Now for my turn I'm going to talk about Aki and me." Joey smiled at her little sister. "I still remember the first time I met her. Lilly and V had just gotten me out of class because Matt's dad was in a bank robbery. Of course I was worried about him and how Matt was feeling, but mostly I was happy to get around math class. Once there I saw this tiny little girl stand next do Pappy and Joey. I saw Pappy smile at Joey and hoped that Seth and Matt who were already there had gotten them together but still wondered about the little girl that was with them. I was shocked when Pappy told me that Akiza would move in and be my little sister. Honestly who wants a little sis? I was always the cute little baby girl that was minded by everyone and I seriously didn't need the competition.

The fact that Akiza followed me around all day didn't really help either and when I woke up during that first night with her in the house and she was in my bed I totally freaked out.

The first weeks where really hard because she kept taking my stuff and I just wasn't used to it. I guess it's not so bad but if you're not used to sharing a lipstick or anything else, and honestly, with whom should I have shared my makeup, dolls or plushy? I was the only girl up to then and Seth seriously wasn't into plushy or dolls.

I also was a little jealous that everyone was trying to be so understanding of the little thief and I was probably madder at Pappy for always taking her side then I was at her for taking my stuff. That all changed though. It was on the day Joey and Matt moved in. Until that day Pappy and Seth had managed to keep our little fights a secret from both and pretended that we got along great. They worried that Joey or Matt would worry and believe our little family couldn't work." Joe rolls her eyes into the camera. "Matt and Dad where late that day and Akiza had gotten bored of waiting after call from them explaining everything and saying that they would be there soon and just after they arrived and were welcomed by their lovers I found Aki reading my diary. Needless to say that I was more than furious, I ran after her through the entire mansion until she reached Dad and Pappy Seth quickly stopped me from strangling her while Pappy held her protected while she cried that I was hunting her again. Like the little devil didn't know why I ran after her, no matter how little she was, she must have known that a diary is private." Joe didn't look mad and just grinned to her little sister affectionately and proud before she looked back into the camera to continue. "Dad and Matt both looked confused while I screamed 'That little devil read my diary. Not enough that she keeps following me around and stealing my stuff, no, now that stupid annoying little monster is reading my diary. I want her out of the house.' Pappy and Seth looked terrified while my new dad and brother simply grinned a little.

I never forget how Dad said 'I don't get how two guys can be as smart as you both are and still be THIS helpless when it comes to emotional stuff.'

My big bro and Pappy looked at him confused while Matt came to me and pulled me away to talk to me.

'Joe sweetie you really don't see it do you? She wants to be just like you; she's taking your stuff and reading your diary so she can be more like you. She's never had someone to look up to in her life and now she does and I think in her own way she just wants to make you proud. I mean you have been known to 'borrow' certain things from people when you need them.' Mattie smiled at me and I had to grin back at him. "You know how you told me Seth always looked out for you when you guys were younger, now it's your turn…plus you two are living with four gay guys I think you may need to bond and have some girl time'.' Mattie pulled me into a hug, 'I love you…sis.'

He had a point. I did borrow things a lot. Like Seth's MP3 Player, his laptop his video games and of course everything else that was cool. I was about to point out to Matt that unlike Akiza, I asked but then I remembered that the first few times she had asked and I said no. Neither Pappy nor big bro had ever said no to me. One smile and I got everything just like Akiza now. And I knew that if they had said no, I would have taken it anyway as soon as they look away just like Akiza had. I looked at my little sister on my Pappy's arm again. He talked to her, probably trying to get her to stop taking my things and explaining that reading my diary was wrong. She didn't seem to listen though. She looked over to me curiously. Like she wanted to know what Matt and I talked about.

In that moment I realized that Matt probably was right. I gave a sigh and said, 'I guess living only with gay guys didn't really teach me how to deal with girls so you might have a point.' I walked back over to the others and smiled at Pappy. 'I got a great idea that will probably help us to stop fighting. But I need to do a shopping trip with Akiza tomorrow and I need your credit card because the limit you put on mine is never going to cover it.'

'Why?' Pappy asked skeptical. 'What do you want to buy that is so expensive?'

'Firstly, I sort of got why she's stealing from me.' I explained him. 'I would do with the stuff you bought for her so I need to get her something wearable that won't turn her into a laughing-stock.' I could see that Pappy was about to point out that the limit on my credit card should easily cover that but I didn't give him a chance. 'Secondly, her room still hasn't been redone and looks like a guest room. She's my sister for cries sake and can't sleep in a guest room. It has to be turned into a little girl's room and the old stuff furniture I removed from my room since I'm older now won't do the trick since their unfashionable. If I was here I would never invite friends over if I had those. And thirdly, I'm sure you remember how I complained that the third closet I have in my room is getting too stuffed to close too by now right. And after the shopping trip Akiza would also have that problem and the rooms are simply too small to hold a bed, a desk, a couch, a table, a TV and the video games on top of all the other toys we have and our closets so I decided to remove the drawers that block the doors to the room between ours and create a walk through closet with dressing area and make up table. It does have the money-saving up side that Aki and I won't need our own make up. We can share it easier that way. I don't want guys in there though, but you need don't worry about helping Aki get dressed. I'll take care of my little sis. That way she'll actually presentable.' by then Pappy was clearly left speechless. While I turned to look at Seth 'I'll need to borrow your laptop to use that room decorating program you've created recently, thanks you're the best. Let's go Aki, we need to measure the rooms to know how big the new furniture can be.'

Neither Seth nor Seto were able to say a word while I ran off with my little sis and since that day I'm the only one who gets to call her Aki."

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