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Epilogue: Joey Wants Memories Part 2

I opened the door to the room that my sister told me to meet her in and was surprized to see almost my whole family there. "What's going on? Are we having a family or something?"

"Mattie! I'm so happy you're here", Dad said with a smile. It was really reassuring for a moment there I was worried something had happened to Seth…where was my husband anyway? "So I wanted to know if you wanted to help with my video diary." After dad took the time to explain everything to me I fell in love with the idea and I knew the perfect story to tell.

At that moment I felt familiar arms wrap around me and I smiled "I was wondering when you would show up, I really missed you". I said as I pulled my husband in for a kiss.

"I missed you too." Seth said with a smile at his husband before looking at his youngest sister. "Did you have to make this sound so urgent. For a moment I thought something happened to one of you." After that he looked at Seth and said, "Thanks for sending me a message and explain why Akiza wanted me to show up here." With one more contended smile he looked back to his husband and asked. "Do you already have an idea what story you tell because I'll happily join in? Unless of course the most important moment of your life was one where I wasn't present and don't know about."

I hugged into my lover tightly "Seth my life didn't start until I met you, the most important moments of my life mean nothing unless you're there to share them with me", I kept my face buried into his chest after realizing how embarrassing that was especially with my whole family present.

"Why don't we let you two do this alone", Daddy said after I he realized my familiar coping mechanism for embarrassing myself. Within moments Daddy and Papa had my two sisters…forcibly removed from the room and it was just me and Seth. It's odd after the 10 years we've been together a small part of me is still afraid that I'll scare him away if he ever truly realized how much I needed him.

Seth just smiled at his husband and pulled him in front of the camera to sit down with him on his lap and said, "My life started the day you were born...because you are my life." He gave him a soft kiss before asking, "How about we talk about the best day in my life, our wedding."

I smiled "That's perfect. I remember once the day was finally here I was super nervous I mean Daddy had to help me with almost everything but I have to say having Joe as my best-woman defiantly helped me out big time. Whenever I was getting to emotionally crazy it took both her and Daddy to calm me down. Everything really hit me fast when I put on the white tux and we drove to the church the car ride was when my nervousness hit its peak.

"But Daddy what happens if I walk to fast or I trip everyone will laugh at me and I really don't want to embarrass Seth". I tried to take deep breaths but I was really scared there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to marry Seth I was just scared I would ruin it in some way.

"Mattie, you can do this I have complete faith in you and plus I'll be right there with you through the whole thing". Having such a great father made my life so much easier.

"Take a deep breath and if you get nervous just picture Seth naked." Joe grinned at me evilly but her smile slowly got more gentle. "And don't worry, everything is planned perfectly and everything will go smoothly. I'll be there right with you and I'll make sure that you won't embarrass yourself anymore then I do. If necessary, I'll trip too. I love you big bro, and I'll look out for you tonight and make sure that everything will be perfect for your big day."

I gave my best friend/best-woman a hug and said "I loved you too" and they both held my hands tightly as we drove to the ceremony.

"I was nervous to." Seth remembered, "I'm not sure if Akiza or Pap's noticed while I got dressed in my black suit with the red silk tie. They probably only noticed when I looked into the mirror and mumbled, 'Maybe I should have picked a white suit after all.'

Akiza just laughed and said, 'No way, white just doesn't suit you and anyway, this way it certainly won't be you who'll look like a bride.'

I glared at her until Pap's reminded me that I would have to hurry and that I shouldn't worry about the suit since you always seemed to like my usual still which is mostly black and red anyway. I still was worried though and more quiet then usual on our way to the ceremony. The fact that Lilly talked you into being our caterer worried me too. I was nearly a hundred percent sure that all we would get to eat that day would be meatballs, chocolate and those funny shoe shaped jelly she loves so much. The only thing I was wondering was if there would be red and green ones or if she picked her favorites out to keep them for herself. I wasn't nervousness for long though. Once the ceremony started and I saw you, I felt like I was dreaming and was simply the happiest man alive."

"When I saw you standing there waiting for me everything else just melted away, it was like we were the only to people in the world…I was so happy I didn't even get mad at V for changing my song to his favorite Selena Gomez song 'Naturally'. It's really funny actually I don't really remember what V said during our ceremony—I really had to thank Tristan big time for getting everything on film—I'm really surprized that you didn't lose your cool at V when he quoted Selena Gomez songs while doing the service?"

"What else should I have done?" Seth asked, "I mean I technically had three choices. First, I get mad at my godfather and ruin the moment and risk you wanting to reschedule our wedding due to that. Second option was to get mad at V and insist that he prepare a proper ceremony and reschedule it myself for that, or the option to simply ignore him and look into your eyes. So basically, there was no choice at all. I mean honestly, I allowed Lilly to do the catering –and I still can't believe that your good mother managed to make an awesome 5 coarse meal and put meatballs in everything including the desert—you really think I would blow it for something trivial as Selena Gomez?...Please don't tell V I said that."

I smiled at Seth and continued with the story, "One thing I will never forget though is how a felt when I watched 'I do' leave your lips. It felt even better than the first time you gave me a tour of your bedroom the first night we met…." Once I realized what I had said on camera I quickly felt my face turn red. "OMG Seth! Quickly use that incredibly sexy mind you have and delete that now!"

Seth grinned at the overreaction of his shy and sweet husband. "I have a better idea. I simply print a PG sticker and put it on the finished Video."

"Please Mr. McHottieKinz, I'll really make it worth your while", I said slowly moving my hand up his leg.

"Kitten as much as I love what you're doing…you do realize the camera is still recording right and we should at least keep it PG." I quickly stopped my actions and Seth pulled me into a hug.

"Don't worry my sweet little Kitten; you're so adorable right now that everyone who sees this must fall in love with you. Just like I fall in love with you more with each passing day even though I thought that it was impossible to love anyone more than I did when I first saw you. I'll always love you." Seth said and gave his little kitten a kiss that nearly made Seth forget about the camera when Seto walked in.

"Are you two done?" He asked, "I want to have a look at it with Joey."

Mattie cries cutely on Seth's shoulder of embarrassment at the thought that both of their fathers will see the video in a second. "Go ahead." Seth just said and stood up carrying Mattie in his arms, "I have better planes now anyway." And with that he was out of the door for some private time with his Kitten.

Seto just took the Video and went back to Joey who was still in their room.

I had just finished talking to V on the phone when Seto walked in, since our wedding me, V and Lily have grown into a close group of friends. I had just finished making plans for us to go see a movie when Seto walked in holding the camera with an expression that could only be described as a mixture of pissed and upset plastered on his face.

"Why isn't there anything on it about our properly planed wedding ceremony?" Seto growled upset. "Akiza talked about that rushed wedding and that's all. Why do Seth and Matt get to boast how nice their wedding was and I don't."

"Because I started with us moving in with you." Joey replied rolling his eyes. "And we just had that finished when Akiza showed up then Joe was there and Mattie got to talk about it with Seth in private so do you really find it so hard to believe that I want to do it with you when there are no kids around?"

The anger was quickly replaced by a smug look on the brunette's face when he mumbled, "I just wonder if we can keep it PG." After a slightly questioning look from Joey he just shook his head for a moment and then set up the camera stating, "You'll see when you watch this thing." Once he was ready he restarted the recording and said. "Now I finally get to talk about the proper ceremony Joey and I had a year after the rushed wedding. I had everything planned perfectly. Lilly had begged Joey to be our caterer but I simply pretended to have something else prepared already and gotten that done quickly—Bad enough that the crazy woman was present. I also had a private deductive break into V's place the night before and steal all his Selena Gomez CD's to ensure some proper music at the wedding. I gave them back later of course. Unfortunately that crazy friend of my husband's got back at me by giving him the one single she owned which happened to be V's favorite one 'Naturally'." Seto gave a sigh. "But apart from that the wedding was perfect. And the best part was that I had absolutely no reason to be nervous. Joey couldn't say no anymore. And even if he had dared to, he'd still be my husband." Seto grinned smugly. "But to be honest, I was still a little nervous when I got dressed that day. I wanted everything to be perfect for him. I went over the whole wedding in my head over and over to convince myself that I had taken care of everything and nothing could go wrong. Seth even noticed that I was nervous. After my, well I don't know how many times I had called Roland by then to let him check up on something for the wedding. But after that last one Seth suddenly asked, 'Why so nervous? It's not like he can say no.'

'I know.' I replied, 'But if it were you and after a rushed marriage to Matt he'd ask you to have a renewal a year later just to have a nicer memory of his wedding, wouldn't you want everything to be perfect?'

Seth was quiet for a moment before he said 'I guess I get your point.'

I turned to look at my little princess and asked, 'What do you think Joe? How does your old man look?'

'Old.' She grinned at me. 'But if you where my age, not gay, and not my Pappy...I might consider flirting with you.'

'Might?' I asked, 'You'd be all over me to get me to do your math homework.'

She chuckled a little. 'Probably, but you look great so don't worry. Dad's going to drool over you.'

I doubted it but felt a little better, not good enough to protect Roland from my constant call's but better."

"I was way more nervous then you, not to mention I was the one who asked, so if anything went wrong I would have felt terrible" Joey said smirking.

But thank god I had my best man and my best women to keep me sane. "Tell me again why I wanted to put myself through this?" I said pacing the room.

"Because you want to have a happy wedding memory with Papa and all of us", Mattie said giving me a hug, trying to calm me down.

"And you wanted a wedding video", Akiza said giggling. But I was true I did want one.

"Don't worry Joey." Lilly said with a pout. "It won't be perfect since I'm not allowed to make your dinner. And I already got everything to make spaghetti ice and put little chocolate balls onto it to make it look like Spaghetti with meatballs." She grumbled a little to herself but all I understood was a mumbled meatballs, before she gave a sigh and said, "And honestly, you're married anyway so nothing bad can happen honey. He loves you, you love him, you have four adorable little kids, well maybe not all of them are little but you know what I mean. No matter what happens today, your life will continue where you left of yesterday and the day before and before that and all the others since you married mister grumpy. Just that he won't be quiet as grumpy anymore because I got him tons of chocolate as a wedding gift." She was thoughtful for a split second and then grumbled, "Why on earth am I trying to calm you. Be nervous like hell, hate this day and retry next year. Maybe I'll get to cook then." she looked happy all of a sudden but then added, "And now enough chatting around we've got to go already." She said happy that she had keep Joey's mind of thinks with her crazy monologue.

"It's true what everyone says though all of the fear leaves you when you see the one you love standing there with a smile on his face waiting for you…until everyone turns and looks at you." I said leaning my head on Seto's shoulder. "But it was worth it, because I get to spend the rest of my life with you."

"She was right with one thing." Seto said with a smile, "We'll always have forever, No matter what. And I also wasn't nervous since I saw you. And by the way, you looked amazing."

Seto turned off the camera and smiles at his husband. "I'm so happy that everything worked out. I must admit that I was a little worried if our families could just be thrown together especially with the newest addition Akiza. The fights she and Joe had really didn't help but it seems like I did the right thing when I said that she could stay." He gives Joey a little kiss. "And now tell me, how you got the idea to make a video diary. I mean it's a lovely idea but I'm still wondering how you got it all of a sudden." He looks worried. The start of the video where Joey had said, '...Hey there my future grand-kids or whoever is watching this since I'm not really sure who will see this, but I'm sure who ever does I either love you or would have if I'm not around anymore...' had terrified him. What if Joey had found out that he had something serious and might die soon?

That caught me by surprise so much for easing him into it, but I guess that what happens when you put something off for a week. "Well Seto, I have some news to tell you and I'm not quite sure how you're going to take it…but here it goes". I was about to say it when Seto covered my mouth with his hand and looked like I'd just told him I was leaving him.

"Don't you dare to say that you're going to leave me?" Seto was clearly upset, "No matter what it takes I'm not going to let you die. I can't lose you yet."

"Dying? Seto, you really need to stop jumping to conclusions, I'm not sick or anything… I'm not going anywhere; I haven't been with you enough yet for the thought of leaving you to even enter my mind. This is good news". I said giving him my reassuring smile.

"What is it then?" Seto was still worried. How it could possibly be good news if Joey didn't tell him right away.

I took a breath, "We're going to be Grandparents!" I said grinning like a fool.

Seto stared unable to believe his ears until a tiny smile started to form on his lips. The smile wasn't really there yet when it already died and Seto's face paled, "You mean Joe or Akiza are pregnant? Who dared to touch one of my little baby's" And the glare that appeared on Seto's face made it obvious that there would be some difficulties when either one of the girls got their first real boyfriend.

"No, love other children." I said smiling at my husband but my breath caught in my throat as I saw who was in the door.

"Hey daddy and papa this is Jack your grandson" Mattie said smiling with Seth standing by his side. As I looked at the new member of our family I couldn't believe what my life had become, and I couldn't wait to see what else it would bring.

Seto glared at Joey for a moment. "And since when did you know this and failed to tell me?" He saw the slightly worried look on Matt's face due to his reaction and that little Jack was trying very hard not to show his fear but it clearly was there. Seto wasn't sure if he liked the fact that he was already a grandfather. He didn't feel old enough for that. He walked over to the small blond child and bend down to look into his eyes. He knew that the last time he had said this, it had come back to bit him but since it wasn't his problem if this child got spoiled he just started to grin a smug smile and said, "There is one thing you need to know if you want to be a Kaiba. What a Kaiba wants a Kaiba gets!"

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