Loving You Is A Curse

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The Art of Suffering

The senshi, Neo-Queen Serenity, and Chibiusa stood around and watched King Endymion walk through the door.

"HAPPY 429TH BIRTHDAY ENDYMION!" they all shouted in unison. While the still-youthful-looking king thanked them, Chibiusa noticed there were no gifts around.

"Daddy, did you not ask for anything for your birthday?" she asked.

Endymion picked his daughter up and wrapped an arm around his wife.

"No, sweetheart. I already have the best gifts that a man could ask for. I have a beautiful wife and daughter. What more do I need? Destiny has been very good to me."

"That sounds nice daddy," Chibiusa said. She seemed to have lost interest in hearing him talk. "Can we all go outside and play some Frisbee?"

Endymion smiled. "Frisbee? Wait a minute. Is this my birthday or yours?"

"It's mine," Chibiusa giggled.

"Very well. It looks like we are going to play some Frisbee then. Serenity, are you up for some Frisbee?"

"I think I will sit this one out and watch you all play from the balcony instead."

"Alright. That means we need a senshi on our team. Chibiusa, who do you pick?" Endymion asked.

Chibiusa pointed at the senshi she wanted. "I want Rei!"

Rei was a little surprised. She secretly wanted to be on the team with her senshi. "Me? Why not Makoto? She's the athletic one."

"Because I love you," Chibiusa innocently answered. Her response elicited an "awww" from the senshi. The team even went as far as to push Rei towards where Endymion and Chibiusa were at.

"Go on Rei," Makoto chuckled. "Be on the White Moon Family's team."

"Yeah Rei, we don't bite," Endymion added cheerfully.

"Alright, alright. You all get ready and give me a minute, okay?"

Endymion, Chibiusa, Ami, and Makoto went outside while Neo-Queen Serenity went to the balcony to get a better view. Minako stayed behind with Rei. Once the coast was clear, Rei slightly banged her head on the wall.

"Has it been a thousand years yet?" Rei asked Minako.

"Nope, far from it," Minako replied.

"Why me?" Rei asked herself.

"Because, there are two types of Sailor Senshi, Rei," Minako said. "There is the Sailor Senshi who can be happy."

Rei finished Minako's sentence. "And then, there is you and me, but hey, you got the better end of the deal. You just can't find love. I've found love, but I can't have her. To add insult to injury, Chibiusa loves me the most outside of her parents. Don't get me wrong. I love her too, and I'm not calling her and insult personally, but damn. I wish that I could have just stayed dead after Galaxia's attack. Serenity held me in her arms as I died. Now that was the bestway for me to go out."

"But, that would have been too easy, Rei. We were born to suffer."

"Yeah," Rei said. "That is our destiny."

Minako tried to cheer her friend up. "Hey, it isn't that bad. How about you and I have a little party of our own tonight? We can get a couple of pizzas and watch the fight on t.v."

Rei looked at Minako strangely. "Watch the fight on t.v.? Since when did you get into that?"

"I just figured it would be something new to do. It doesn't have to be fighting if you don't want it to be."

Rei thought about this for a minute. "Heck, why not? Let's watch some fighting together. Why not suffer and have fun at the same time? I'll bring some adult beverages."

"Alcohol, Rei? You shouldn't drink that. It will kill you."

"Good. Sadly, that won't happen though. It's my curse to live on. Even if I reach the 1,000th year, I'm sure I'll just be reborn. Nothing will change though. I will still love her and she will still love him."

Minako gave Rei a hug. "At least you will always have me."

"And for that, I am very grateful. You're an excellent friend." Rei patted Minako on the back and made her way outside. "We should get going before Chibiusa hunts me down," she laughed.

Minako took a deep breath before following Rei. "You're not the only one with an unrequited love around here," she said to herself.

Neo-Queen Serenity watched on as her husband, her daughter, and her senshi played Frisbee. She took a closer look at Rei, and the once-joyful look on her face turned into a sad one.

Setsuna then appeared behind her from the Time Gate. Serenity didn't even bother to look back.

"You heard Rei address you that night, didn't you, Setsuna?"

"I did, my queen. It was never my intention to make her go through extra suffering. I only did what was necessary in order for you to save the world. However, you can't worry about her."

My best friend is suffering, Setsuna." Serenity calmly stated. "She is miserable and she wants to die. You want me to just "not care"?"

"It's not your burden, my queen. You can't help who you fall in love with. She and Minako were born to suffer. That is their destiny and they know it. Just be thankful for everything that you have."

"I really need to be alone now, Setsuna."

"As you wish, my queen."

With that, Setsuna disappeared. Serenity thought about what she said. She couldn't just "not care". The queen was not that type of person. Even though Rei didn't remember what she said on that night, Serenity did. Rei's confession was branded into her mind ever since then. Every time she saw Rei afterwards, she knew the truth and that Rei was suffering on the inside. The worst part was that she couldn't do anything about it because her heart belonged to Mamoru. For what it was worth, Rei placed a "curse" on Serenity that night. She could never fully enjoy her life knowing that her best friend was in constant, emotional torment. Because of that, the queen suffered right along with Rei.

Ironically enough, the maid came in and greeted the queen. She spoke. "Your majesty, I'm glad your husband's birthday is turning out very well. You have a wonderful family. I hope one day I can be as happy as you are."

Serenity took one more look at Rei and replied to the maid solemnly.

"Who said I was happy?"

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