A/N: I made this last year for Izaya's birthday and I don't know why I am uploading it just now xDD Anyways, enjoy~

Today is Orihara Izaya's twenty-first birthday. And by twenty-first, I was lying. But since he said that he's forever twenty-one, let's pretend to believe him.

Seeing him would make you think that he's indeed twenty-one… or even younger. I mean, look at that childish party hat… and those party balloons around. His office is really ready for a childish party, but he has no visitors or gifts. Poor guy.

His door opened and he secretly hoped that it's a visitor who will greet him, or even just a dude who will deliver a gift for him.

But then he realized that no one will be able to come here anyway aside from his secretary, Yagiri Namie.

The long-haired woman went in wearing a frown and holding a small box.

"My, my, did Namie-san actually bring me a gift?" Izaya said, smirking at the woman in front of him.

"The hell I did." Namie placed the box on Izaya's desk. "I saw it outside, and thought that I should bring it in. You should pay me for that."

Izaya stared at the box before delivering a reply. "Pay you? And why should I? I don't remember asking you to take in stuff for me~"

Namie snorted and turned away… which leaves Izaya to examine the box. A black ribbon is neatly tied around it, and there is no card or whatever to tell about the sender's identity.

He carefully untied the bow and inside… he saw chocolates. Chocolates.

God. He doesn't like sweets! It frigging reminds him of that stupid protozoan who's so stupid, rude, stupid, handsome, cute, and cool and- He should stop now.

There was a note inside. He proceeded to read it, and almost choked at what he saw.


I really liked you for a long time now.

With love,

Kida Masaomi


Ooops. Take two.

There was a note inside. He proceeded to read it, and almost choked on what he saw.


It's me. I heard it's your birthday. I hope you're happy. Don't frigging get me wrong. I want you to be happy because growing older means growing closer to death. Yeah, you should hurry up and die soon. Heh. I bet no one remembered your birthday. Since you're such a loner and all that. I'll be coming over later. And again, don't frigging get me wrong. I'm coming over because I will beat the crap out of you. And I totally DON'T want to keep you company. Remember that. Anyways, eat those chocolates. They aren't poisoned.

With no love at all,

Heiwajima Shizuo