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1st night: I got trapped in the TV…..

Date: 4th April 2013, Thursday

Weather: Sunny

Time: 09.30 A.M

Location: Sakura-Mito University,Western Tokyo

Today is the opening ceremony for those who have passed the entrance exam in the Sakura-Mito University. Everyone seems happy to be able to enter that famous university except for a certain boy. He has a dark navy hair and is wearing headphones. " Phew, I made it in time. Thanks to that stupid, problematic train, I gotta take another train from Osaka and it took me another 20 minutes to queue for the goddamned ticket." The boy sighed and walks through the gate of the university. When he reaches the front door, a security officer come towards him "Good morning young man, can I see your-" Before the officer finished his sentence, the dark haired boy took out a card and a certificate. "thank you, Mr. err….." "Shinn Masakado" the boy said and take his ID card along with his Certificate and entered the building.

Shinn walks through halls and finally reached his destination. "This should be the place" he muttered to himself and made his way through a big door.

Shinn's POV

There, I found myself surrounded by crowds. I'm a bit 'grateful' because they're sitting in order. Well, to be honest, I got Chlostrophobic very easily. When I found my seat, I turned my Ipod and played my favourite song. Everyone has been starin' at me for the whole time since I sat down, maybe that's because of my handmade custom headphone. Yeah, it looks pretty funny because the wire curved behind my head instead of my upper head.

"Hey, look at that boy." I heard a girl whispered to her friend

"Which boy?" the other girl asked

"The one with that weird headphones! 3rd row, 2nd seat."

I counted my seat's number and I realized that they're talking about me.

"Yeah, isn't he cute?"

I turned to the girls' direction when they called me cute and approached them.

" Watch your mouth 'cause I can hear the whole fucking shits you're talking about. And one more thing, do NOT even consider falling for me because I wanted to stay virgin until the last year of my studies,you got that?" I got too emotional if someone talk about me 'that' way, I guess I couldn't help it since I'm a loner and Anti-social. After I told them (A/N: You call that 'telling',Shinn?) that I'm not interested in romance at the mean time, I got back to my seat.

"Eww, what's wrong with that guy?"

"Yeah, he scolded us for nothing. I regret calling him cute."

I sighed and waited for the rector to start the speech. I mean, I want this to end so badly because I wanted to go to and see my dorm room. When I looked at my watch, a boy with a long bowl shaped grey hair with a matching storm grey eyes sits beside me. It's weird because I've never seen someone who had a grey colored hair except in the anime, the theory will be maybe he painted it, or his pigments doesn't works well so that may explain why he had a weird hair color. Hey, maybe he's an albino!

"Um…Excuse me, at what time will the ceremony starts?" the grey haired boy asked me.

"Oh. It starts at 10.00 I suppose." I answered. Then, the boy giving me his hand which means that he wants to introduce himself

"My name's Yu Narukami. I hope that we could be friends."

I took his hand and shookhands with him "The name is Shinn Masakado and I accepted the request of being friends with you"

"Ha..ha. There's no need to be formal" Yu chuckled and got his eyes back to the stage because the rector has entered the stage to start his speech.

"Erhm… today, we are very proud that a lot of intelligent student have passed the test and entered our university, the Sakura-Mito University. I am Kurodo Michitsuki, the rector of this university hereby ask for our student who have made the highest score at the test, Mr. Narukami and Mr. Masakado to read the speech." What the fuck? Did he just mentioned my name? Holy crap now I gotta stand on the stage with all people staring at me!

"Come on, Shinn the rector's calling you, too." I heard Yu called me from the stage. "But why the fuck should I do it?" I said shocked with the situation I'm in. "Just do it! Come on, it's just reading a text."Yu raised his eyebrow and I reluctantly go to the stage. I'll get nervous and stuff if this many people staring at me from under the stage

"I, S-Shinn Masakado wanted to thank you all for your kindness and….."

After 15 minutes being tortured

Oh, thank you Jesus. It's finally over! I go to the exit with Yu and a girl with black spectacles and a long brown hair greeted us "Hi, I am Chihiro Fushimi, the second year and the university's representative. Are you interested in the Case solving? Please join our club." She gave us a brochure which I glance through it and found a word that took my interest. "Face thyself and gain the power. The path is full of shadows of doubts. Go and search for the real truth!" The words seems so poethic yet, true in many ways…. When I saw Yu, his face looks pale and sweaty. " Hey, you okay,Yu?" "y-yeah. We should go to the secretary office and take the map of the dorm" Yu smiled a little and goes together with me.

"Miss, can I get the map for my room,please?" I asked and she asked for my name which I answered. She handed me the map and my key "Since you don't have many stuff on you, maybe your stuff is already in your room. Here, your room number is 202" She smiled gently and I smiled back. I got to the stairs and got to the second floor of the dorm building. I followed my map and reached my room. When I got into my room, I saw my luggages, 2 beds, a studying desk, a shorter desk, and a 32 inch TV. 'Wow, this is quite luxurious' I thought to myself and put my bag to the floor then, I go straight to my bed. There's even A.C and a small Refrigator in this room! Is this a dorm or an apartment? I heard the sound of clicking at the doorknob and there goes my roommate. When I saw the person, I am VERY surprised. It's YU NARUKAMI! "Hey, 'sup?" he grinned and put his bag on the floor. "Yu? This is a pure Coincidence. My first friend became my roommate!" I stood up and patted his back. Hey, was I this friendly? I'm not even sure myself. So Yu Narukami became my roommate and we talked a lot for the rest of the day. I've never talk this much to a human being before, I got the feeling that we're gonna get along just fine….

Time: 08.30 P.M

Weather: Raining

I can't sleep so I told Yu that I'm gonna go out to get some drinks from the vending machine. I wear my sneakers and my casual black hoodie.

Now, I am at the cafeteria. There's only me there and it's pretty creepy that I gotta talk to myself to free myself from the tense atmosphere. I looked out of the window and the patters of the rain hits the glass. I felt that I am being watched but when I turned, Nothing goes my way.. "must be my fucking Imagination" I said to myself.

CLANG! I got the drinks and decided to go back. That's when I saw the TV Shows an Image of a person . What The Fuck? I got closer to the TV and saw something weird. "The cord is cut" I muttered and started feeling uneasy. When I touched the TV's screen, something very ridiculous happened to me. MY HAND GOES THROUGH THE TV! I tried to pull but no avail. I felt that I got sucked into the TV and with the size of the TV, my whole body will fit in and I'll be completely 'eaten' by the TV. "HOLY SHIIIT!" There goes, I got sucked into the shitty mysterious TV.

I fell to a not very rough ground, and it looks all chess patterned. That's when I realized that I'm in the TV "holy shit! Now what do I do?" I looked around and I couldn't find a way out but mirrors all around me. If I count it right, there's 7 mirrors in total. But something is strange…. The reflection is just not right. The first mirror had a town covered by thick fog reflected. And I saw this girl standing inside the mirror. I couldn't hear what she say but I can quite understand it. She put her hand on the mirror and my guess is she might want me to do the same so I did it. When I pushed my hand against the mirror, my hand got sucked, yet again.

When I opened my eyes, I am at the fog covered town just like in the mirror! JUST TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING OOOOOON!

To Be Continued…

Next Issue: I Will Overcome My Fear…

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