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18th Night: "Victim Number 4 (?)"

Date: 15th April 2013

Weather: Dark clouds everywhere

Time: 10.00 A.M

Location: Rooftop


I know I should be at class now but it's that Kurodo's lesson about stupid classic literature and I don't want to get caught sleeping in the class whenever he starts lecturing. Even though the sky is dark, it's windy and cool. Good thing that I wore my water-proof hoodie today, just in case the sky pisses on the earth. I flipped my phone and looked at the clock. "Just another 15 minutes" I whispered to myself and walked to the bench to the left. As I dropped my body to sit on the bench, this bugging thought of everything Ryomi said yesterday filled my brain which yearns for peace and quiet. I grunted at the fact that I couldn't understand everything Ryomi said about me being an appriser of Her. Who is the Her she's talking about, anyway?

Suddenly, I heard someone opened the entrance door of the roof and is walking towards me. It is Junpei.

"Yo, Sup' Shinn?"

"What are you doing here?" I sighed, feeling annoyed by his presence. I quickly turned off the song I'm hearing.

"What am I doing here? I'm cutting class of course. What are you hearing, by the way?" Junpei asked, pointing at my IPod in my hand.

"One Reason, by DWB feat. Fade" I lift my IPod so Junpei can see the title on the screen.

"Damn, that's a nice selection."

"Yeah, Jazz and Rock are really my thing. Hey, can I ask you something, Junpei?"

"Yeah, what?" Junpei raised his eyebrows

"Minato told me," I shouldn't mention anything about Ryomi now, "You guys saved the world from the Fall around 5 years ago, am I right?"

"He told you that? Yeah, we totally rock when we beat this Nyx Avatar, but still, we can't beat that Nyx so Minato sealed her with his soul. Speaking of which, how can Minato be alive again? If he's here, the gate will have no seal!" Junpei exclaimed and stood up, stomping his right foot to the ground.

"Oh, Minato's suddenly appearance still remains a question for me. But, why start fighting in the first place?" I asked the capped boy who started to smile after my question was thrown.

"In the first place, I thought that it'll be cool if I can fight, protecting humankind. You know, like a hero. But ever since I met this girl named Chidori, she made me realize how scary death is. I started to ripple when I saw she died in my arms." Junpei smiled while his eyes staring afar. Still, I know how does that feel when someone you love dies. My mom for example.

"When first I received a Persona, I thought that this might be a good sign. I might not be a loser anymore." Junpei continued.

"I guess lucky you." I said, Junpei looked at me with a 'huh?' plastered on his face. "This power, I don't know what's the purpose. I also don't know my reason for fighting. I don't know anything about the Shadows nor Personas." I continued while tapping the IPod and walked to the doorway. Junpei stopped there for a second but quickly walks to the door, following my tracks.


Time: 11.00 A.M

Location: Class 1-A

I slide open the door and everyone's attention quickly pointed at me. "Where have you been?" Asuka asks me as I sit down next to her. "The roof." I bluntly answered while I did some stretching. Asuka then tugged my sleeve, taking my attention and handed me a note. "Here, I'll lend you this. Mr. Kadoya, the Philosophy teacher told us to do some research on Descrates." Asuka said, while blushing a bit. I gladly accept her note and thank her.

"It seems that things are going well with you two." Yu sneered at me.

"Hey, I didn't bring out your personal issues." I replied with a death glare. Yu responded by chuckling and seems to have fun teasing me. If in matters of love and hate, I'll say I love Asuka but in terms of 'like' and 'love', I'll pick the like which is just in the measure of friendship. "Shit, I hate Carrions." I heard Yamato who's sitting in front of me muttering something about Carrions from Silent Hill. When I take a look at him, I caught a scene where his character is beaten up pretty badly by some monsters.

"Ha, it look like that your luck has run out, Yamato." I scoffed while rubbing my nose. I got you now, Yamato…

"Oh, shut up! Eat that, ha! Hyah!" Yamato exclaimed when his character swung his pipe to the horde of monsters. "Need some help?" I offered my assistance to me but he shook his head instead. That's kinda disappointing 'cuz I've been dying to try this weapon in Silent Hill. Ignoring Yamato, I logged on into Silent Hill and equip the new weapon I've just unlocked recently. THE TESLA RIFLEE! I quickly shot the monsters attacking Yamato's character. "Damn, what's with that gun?" Yamato seems shocked.

"It's the Tesla Rifle. High fire rate, high damage and more importantly, Infinite ammo!" I exclaimed.

"Hey, send it to me!" Yamato pleaded.

"Okay, with one condition. You have to admit that you cheated when we played multi-player last time!"

"Yes, I cheated! Gimme that already!"

"Sorry, I lied. It can't be sent to other player."


I swear I could hear Asuka laughing at Yamato. "You play Silent Hill?" I asked the blonde lass. She logged onto her PSP main screen and showed me her Silent Hill collections. "Wow, that's awesome." I complimented.

"Nah, never played them too much myself. I don't really like Horror stuff." Asuka smiled bitterly, admitting her dislikeness. "You seem shy today. Did something happen?" I asked. Actually, that's a question to confirm the 'love' thing Yu's been talking about.

"What? Nothing happened! See, I'm still a big bad Asuka!" After that, she laughed like she usually does but only some hints of pink are shown at her cheeks.

"So, wanna grab something to eat after this?" I asked Asuka and she quickly had her starry effect all over her face. The conversations are turned into some small talks. Even though the teacher came already, we never give a damn. She's just some sick old hag (Emiri Kanou, the math teacher). I agreed to eat with her at JUNES today. I decided to bring Yosuke along with us so we can get some pretty discounts.

"Hey, Shinn. You think the rain's gonna let up before night?" Minato came to me, asked the question. I didn't realize that it's raining already. If it holds up until night, we have to watch the Midnight Channel. I hope that we can get a clue of the kidnappings. What still bothers me is why the victims are all students from the university?


Weather: Rainy

Time: 02.05 P.M

Location: Aiya's Diner

"Why do we end up here? Didn't I say I want JUNES?" Asuka seems mad about this. "You see, it's raining pretty hard and coincidentally, it's almost my shift now." I replied while eating my ramen. Actually, that's just 2 thing why I want to eat here the 3rd thing is Yosuke can't come with us so that's why. Eating only with Asuka doesn't seem to be a big deal but the staff here are watching us every second! Especially Hamuko, I swear I could see her blushing and whispered to one of the waitress something like "will they kiss?" kind of thing. That really bothers me THAT much but I tried to just shrug it off.

"Beef steak Aiya special coming!" Hamuko cheerfully put Asuka's meal on the table. Without wasting a second, Asuka quickly changed to her carnivore mode and I just sighed and continued slurping the soup, but, Hamuko came close and whispered, "I know it! You guys are dating!" I did a spit take on her statement.

"H-hey, I told you we're not—"

"Hamuko-chan! One seat for—hey, it's Shinn and Aozora, too!" Minato suddenly barged into the restaurant and quickly took a seat at our table.

"*sigh* what are you doing here?" I asked the blue haired boy.

"Hmm..? Eating of course." Minato replied while fixing the bang that covered his right eye to the back of his ear. That's not it, Minato just say that you want to see Hamuko.

"Say, what's today's special?" Minato asked the auburn haired girl who stood next to our table.

"It's the 'Miso Ryu Ramen' care to try it? It's a new menu." Hamuko smiled and it made Minato's eyes all starry. What a pervert…

"Hn!" Minato nodded repeatingly. "O-okay…" Hamuko stuttered and judging from her facial expression, she seems disgusted. "By the way, Shinn-san it's your shift now." Hamuko stated before going to another table, taking the orders from the customers. I stood up, taking the bowl I ate from and take it to the kitchen. "Hey Asuka, yours is on me." I said before entering the kitchen. "Thanks!" Asuka seems pleased.


Time: 06.30 P.M

"Good work." Hamuko waved goodbye at me and I eventually waved back at her and crossed the street. Oh yeah, gotta go to the Minimarket to buy mineral water. I quickly changed my destination and walked pass the campus to the 'Dai 1' minimarket.

When I entered the small bulding, a sound of beep alerted. The sound really bothers me. I quickly walk straight to the fridge and take a few bottles.

"I'm going back okay?" I heard a familiar sound from the cashier. When I looked over the shelf, I saw a blonde girl. Yes, it's Asuka. Why is she always around me? Is this fate? No,no,no! stop that! I'm not falling for her! I walked to the cashier and took out some money.

"480 Yen, please." Asuka still hasn't notice me. Maybe it's because she keeps her head down and plus, she's wearing a cap. I put the money on the counter and she put it into the cash machine and gave the plastic containing the mineral water I bought. She paused for a moment when she sees my face, the 'clerk-smile' still plastered on her face.

"S-SHIIIN?!" She exclaims. *sigh* It's always like this so I'm used to it now. "What of it? Are you saying that I can't shop here if you're the cashier?" I said in an uninterested tone. I took the plastic from her and said, "See ya later." And with that, I walk out of the automatic door. "Geez! I'm dead now! He finds out I'm part-timing as a cashier…!" I heard her mumbles and I chuckled. There's no way I'm telling people that since you didn't tell anyone of me working in Aiya either.

At the campus' gate, I saw a certain someone there. He wears a black leather coat and wore a beanie. At first, I didn't recognize him until I saw some hint of his long and straight silver hair. It's Mr. Kadoya, the Philosophy teacher. I walked up to him and asked, "Mr. Kadoya? What are you doing here? The teachers always go home at 5 right?" Kadoya seems surprised to see me here. Is he plotting something?

"O-oh, Masakado. I was just about to go like seconds ago. Good bye." He walked away from me and went out of the gate.

"Weird…" I muttered while shaking my head.

Location: Room 202

Weather: Rainy

I opened the door and found Yu watching an Anime on the TV. "Hey, I'm back." I greeted him and put the water into the small icebox. Yu still hasn't gave me any answer which made me approach him. "What Anime are you watching, anyway?" I asked and then sat on the floor next to him. "Ahahaha, 'Hiiro no Kakera' is playing now." Yu smiled, eyes still on the screen. "Hiiro no Kakera? Is it that Anime with those 'Bishie' boys?" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, the artwork is good."

"*sigh* damn, why am I watching this anyway?" I sighed. "Don't forget to check the Midnight Channel 'kay?"

"Yeah, sure. I wonder who will be on it this time?" Yu put a finger under his chin. Yeah, I wonder about that, too. I hope it's not someone close to me but Mr. Kurodo's acts still bothers me. I don't know why.

Time: 00.00 A.M

The Midnight Channel is on! At first I just see some static but when it reveals the shape of the person, the background color changed into the color dark red instead of yellow as usual.

"What? Is something wrong with the TV?" Yu stood up from his bed and went to observe the TV. "Nope, everything's normal. Maybe something happened to the Midnight Channel." Yu remarked.

The figure is a girl since I can saw something bulging from her chest area but that's all. The picture's static all over. Wait, I think I can see some spiky area at the back of the girl's hair. I got a bad feeling about this but I just can hope it's not her. Then, the screen's color went back to yellow color and… another person appeared!

"Damn, what's going on here?!" I exclaimed frustratingly. There are 2 people showing up in the Midnight Channel at one time. Don't say this is a double victim!


Damn, we're late! Me and Yu quickly went out of the door and ran through the hallway. If I am correct, the voice came from around here. I saw the black man and is carrying a big black bag on his left shoulder. "Hey, wait!" I exclaimed and tried to catch him when he took out a revolver.


"Aargh!" I got shot in the left shoulder. "Shinn!" Yu came to me and pressed the wound on my shoulder. The man walks away but I accidentally saw a flash of silver color from the hat area. My head is getting heavier and the vision's getting blurry. Damn it!

To Be Continued…

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