Harv knew Finn would be a pain in the ass since the day that he met him. Finn's shrill voice and annoying rants made Harv want to punch him in the groin. But, Harv seemed to like his company. The day Harv saved Finn from Hevvin, Finn started to be a bit more kind and caring toward Harv. And Harv, being the big softie he is, warmed up a lot to Finn, maybe a little too much.

He often wondered what his feelings for Finn meant. When Finn smiled, not the fake one, or the devilish one, the smile that he shared with only Harv, Harv felt something in his gut. When Finn laughed at Harv's jokes, with his occasional snort, Harv's cheeks would redden, and he would find himself laughing alongside Finn. When Finn fell asleep and Harv saw how peaceful and gentle the obnoxious boy could be, Harv would think about what would happen if he kissed Finn. Harv usually shook these thoughts and feelings away, because they bothered him. Was he supposed to feel this way about another boy? What if he told anyone? What would his parents do?! Questions like these worried him day and night. He knew he couldn't be with Finn. How could he?

Most of the time they would just lay in the grass, or run around the hills, talking about nothing in particular. While sitting in an oak tree one afternoon, Harv asked Finn a very important question.

"Do you like anyone?" It came out at random, a spur of the moment kind of thing. Harv guessed it was okay. Finn was in a cheery, yet lazy mood for once and Harv was confident.

"What do you mean by like?" Finn asked, his face twisted in a very peculiar way. Harv sighed, Finn could be really oblivious sometimes.

"As in like like. Have you ever wanted to kiss anyone, or hold their hand? Or maybe even talk to them about nothing in particular, and just lie next to them and laugh? And be with them all the time?" Harv was looking down now, his now extremely red. He finished, "And when you look at them you feel like you should be the one who always makes them happy too?" Harv peeked up at Finn, trying not to think of how his face was burning by now, and saw Finn's real smile.

"Harv, I see that you definitely like like someone!" Finn was giddy with excitement and his eyes screamed enthusiasm. "Who is it? Is it Emet, or the Princess? Maybe that Gal you saw at the market the other day?"

Harv stared at Finn, for a good 30 seconds, his face still bright red and tears falling down his face. Finn awkwardly stared back, wondering what the heck was going on. Then, suddenly Harv screamed, jumped out of the tree, and stomped away, leaving Finn alone. Finn started crying, and screamed for Harv to stop, and to come back. Finn was frozen. He couldn't jump out and run after Harv. He couldn't just apologize and make everything okay again. He knew that Harv was really sad and angry, because he never just leaves without an explanation. Maybe this time he actually lost Harv for good. He leaned against the tree and stared at the leaves scratching and rubbing against each other in the wind.