To those who had read my "John Carter's Return To Barsoom" fanfic will be happy to know that I have decided to make the fanfic sequel to John Carter. It's a shame that we're not getting a sequel due to the marketing of the first (hollywood would most likely to make a John Carter reboot, but only time will tell), so that's the reasonw why I'm trying to make the fanfic sequels to John Carter with the Warlord of Mars as the final chapter. The first movie used elements from the first, second, and third books, but the storyline from the second book will be presented here while including snippits of dialogue from "Gods of Mars". The first chapter takes place where the film left off and the rest of the chapters will include the second book's exact storyline. I'll try to update this story if I'm done with the first chapter, so until then, enjoy reading and don't forget to leave out some reviews, please. Ending from the movie belongs to Disney, not me!

John Carter 2: The Gods of Mars

Chapter 1: Going Back Home

Walt Disney Pictures Presents...

An Andrew Stanton Film...

Northern Virginia

We see John Carter back at the Arizona cave after being transported back to Earth by Matai Shang, the Thern and tries to go back, but is no use since he had thrown the medallion away. Then, he goes outside of the cave to see the full moon while the monologue from Carter begins.

"Fifty millions miles apart and no way to bridge the gap", said John Carter in monologue while the events of him traveling all over the world for the medallion, "no way to return my body and my soul to their true home. Like a fool I'd thrown away my medallion. Then I recalled Matai Shang, his knowledge of earth, of my history. It mean Therns were a presence on this world, the cave in Arizona was proof. There might be other such proofs, other Thern way stations hidden all around the world. I knew now what the cave of gold must be used for. So for ten bitter years I searched, on the trail of rumor and legend, I fared it out every possible evidence of Therns, but I found no medallion. And then it came to me."

When John Carter receives the medallion, it shows Matai Shang changing forms before he would see him, but then recognizes his indentity in secret.

"And once it came, there were many plans I had to make in secret", said John Carter, "I could trust no one else. I had long suspected that the Therns were following my movements."

Then, we cut to John Carter pretending to be sick and calling his butler to get the nurse for him. Later, we see his lifeless body on the floor before the butler and the hospital crew saw this shocking surprise. Some time later, they put his body in the mausoleum as the monologue continues to show the events.

"Now you'll understand the cause of my sudden death", said John Carter, "The reason for my bizarre funeral instructions. Why the door can only be opened from the inside. For if my body dies on earth, then my copy dies on Mars. You are the key, this is the task I entrust to you along with all my fortune. Protect my body, the Therns will attempt to destroy it. In the time it has taken you to read these pages, they may have already done so."

Then, Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Carter's nephew, understands this and goes to the mausoleum to enter the code that will show his body. He tried "E-D", but it wouldn't work until suddenly, he realizes something.

"'Dear, Ned'", said Edgar, "He never called me Edgar. He called me Ned!"

He then presses the letters N, E, and D, and it finally unlocks the code of the mausoleum. When it opened, his body was nowhere to be found.

"He vanished?", thought Edgar, "How is that possible?"

Little did Edgar knows that Matai Shang appears and is about to kill when suddenly, a gunshot was heard and shot the god right through the chest, killing him instantly. Edgar gasps in horror and looks up to see John Carter, now alive.

"Hello, Ned", said John Carter and throws a medicine and explains how he faked his own death, "Toxin, derived from a puffer fish, simulates death."

"You never found the medallion?", asked Edgar, now confused.

"No, Ned", said John Carter, "That's why I'm so grateful to you for bringing me one."

"So...", said Edgar, "I-I was just bait?"

"No", answered John Carter, "You're far more than that. I really do need a protector. That is, if you're willing."

Edgar smiles and agrees before he hugs him. Then, Carter turns to the mausoleum and says his goodbye to Edgar.

"Oh, and Ned", said John Carter before he would enter the mausoleum, "Take up a cause, fall in love, write a book. It's time I went back home."

Carter then closes the door to the mausoleum and Edgar watches while John Carter lays his body on the stone slab. He holds the Thern medallion and says a phrase that would return him to Barsoom.

"Ak Ohum Oktay Weez..."

We see Dejah Thoris on a flashback saying, "Barsoom."

Then, we see Carter saying the final word, "Barsoom", said John Carter and the medallion teleports him back to the red planet known as Barsoom before we see his other copy lying on a desert far away from Helium, the place where he married Dejah Thoris after he killed Sab Than of Zodanga from destroying her city and the red planet as well. He wakes up to find himself feeling his legs as if he could be able to fly again. He jumps into the air and lands on the ground before he leaves a smile on his face.

"I'm back", said John Carter before we fade to black. Then, we see the words of the title appear in yellow letters.