The Return of Ahsoka, Return of the Jedi part 6:

Authors notes:

I'll keep the first person POV just for Ahsoka thought on this story.

Also I like the Ewoks, and the fact that they can hit the storm troopers and the empire forces can't hit the broad of a barn right next to them while someone else keeps the gun in place and still miss, I have to go with the teddy bears.

I'm going to try and get this one out of the way.

I don't own Star wars, I don't own the characters, the weapons, heck I don't even own most of the plot, I just edit it don't sue.

Ghostly talking



On radio link.



Ahsoka manage to get one of them to hit a tree and explode.

Leia manage to get alongside the storm trooper she was chasing. The storm trooper uses his laser pistol at Leia it misses.

The troopers manage to get Leia off the speeder but then crash into a tree. Ahsoka and Luke were bumping into the final storm trooper. They then divided from it to get a better shot. They both were managing to avoid tree after tree again and again. The trooper manage to get Ahsoka and Luke off their speeder they both active their light sabers. They both deflect blasts and Ahsoka manage to cut off the front of the storm trooper speeder spinning him out of control into a tree.

They both took a breath and de-active their light sabers.

Moon of Endor No one POV:

Ahsoka saw Leia lying down, she shock her surrogate mother up, when she hear something move. Ahsoka left wanting to see if it friendly, but leaving Leia behind. Leia awoke to a Ewok in some kind of orange-brown clothing. Leia awoke and told the animal to cut it out. The creature growls trying it's best to be intimating. Ahsoka got back, the Ewok point it stick at them speaking a language neither of them understand. The little guy follows them around with the stick.

"We're not going to hurt you." Leia said, as she sat down a few yards away, as Ahsoka follow her. "

"Well, looks like I'm stuck here." Ahsoka said.

"Trouble is, we don't know where here is." Leia said.

"Maybe he can help us." Ahsoka said, pointing at the Ewok.

"Come on sit down." Leia said to him, "We promise we won't hurt you. Now come here."

It growl still trying to scare them.

"All right. You want something to eat?" Leia said, Leia so him so food, and he spoke his language at her.

"That's right." Ahsoka said.

"Come on. Hmm?" Leia said.

The alien smell and ate the food. He sat down on the log with Leia in the middle.

Leia remove her helmet causing the Ewok to jump. Leia point it towards him, "Look it's a hat. It's not going to hurt you. Look."

He climbs back onto the log, "You're a jittery little thing, aren't you."

He got into his best battle stance possible. "What is it?" Leia asked.

They look around hearing a whistling noise. The Ewok point his staff in one direction before a laser shot is fire.

Leia and Ahsoka got their blasters at the ready. As the Ewok crawl away under the tree, a scout found them. He orders another scout to get a ride and get the two of them to the base.

The bear confuse the scout as Leia knock him out with a stick. Ahsoka shot the other scout.

"Come on. Let's get out of here." Ahsoka said.

Leia went one way, and the Ewok walk them to another direction. The two feminine revolution hope it was somewhere safe.

To be continued…

I know it is short but I have a vacation in a day or two and wanted to update it, and where it is at is the perfect spot for a clip hanger.