Return of Ahsoka.


david davies 5851 chapter 26 . Jan 25

Hmmm, interesting ending.

Glad you like it I plan it from the start.

gunman chapter 26 . Jan 25

Well good work on all this.
Glad you liked my editing.
Also, does this mean you're going to start a new story where Luke and Ahsoka, as adults, help out during the Clone Wars?
Or are you going to have them build the Rebellion right at the start of the Empire's formation?
That would certainly help a lot.
Write on.

I'll need more information about the rebuilding for the republic but maybe, hmm I could make an alternate universe about that.

Jessica chapter 26 . Mar 1

Love it I had forgot about this story it was really good one of the best ones I have readed great job ten thumbs up!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)!

Ten thanks you, glad you like it I came a long way from when I started on this site.

Author notes:

Hello dear followers (or whoever is left) and newcomers alike, I saw the latest Star wars movie and TV show (rebels) and I love both of them, now I am sure with the coming of the movie and the fact that season two have both Ahsoka and Rex you have to wonder what will thebestoftherest do with this story. I'll start with the news involving Rebels and Ahsoka I will stand fast for how this story went I am aware that add difference from the canon that I didn't intend on but it the choice I believe is best for the story. Now for what you all been thinking will thebestoftherest end the story or continued it with the new film triology and I decided that unless I get some information about Luke part for episode VIII, I will make up my own story for it but it will have to wait until episode VII is release so I can go over it again and see what I could possible gather from both the film and behind the scene and hope my version doesn't contradict the canon version too much.