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As the turn of the century draws near, tales from long ago begin to circulate the realm once more. Stories of days with dark skies and the wolf that howled forever in the distance, of crows and ravens picking at the dead that did not walk. A time before the Wall shadowed the land and stood guard, to weep for those who were taken by the Long Night. So came a time when a Prince would be promised, would be born under a falling star that lit up the sky. While this babe was cradled, to await a life that should have been happy, the words 'his song is that of ice and fire' would haunt him.

Nearly sixteen years ago to date, the Stag raised itself against the Dragon in open rebellion along with the banners of the Starks, Tullys, and Arryns that faced the tyranny of the Iron Throne. This bloody revolt began over the love of one woman, the Lady Lyanna of House Stark, which left many dead in court and thousands upon thousands slain on the field of battle. The war was ultimately decided during the Battle of the Trident where the Strong Stag tried to end it all when he challenged Rhaegar Targaryen to personal combat. The civil war continued even with the golden banner torn down, but soon enough the others lowered and submitted to the might of the Dragon. Yet, the cause of the war laid dead in the Tower of Joy in the arms of her brother.

When it was finally over, Rhaegar, First of his Name of House Targaryen was crowned King of Westeros as his father laid murdered with a Lannister blade in his back. The Mad King was dead, and justice was demanded of those who had wronged the Targaryens. The traitors were brought forth to bend the knee to Rhaegar, the Bard King, and plead their case to him. Lord Paramount Robert of House Baratheon was announced a traitor to the throne, his sentence already passed by Rhaegar's sword while his family was pardoned by the king's good nature. Stannis Baratheon was named Paramount of the Stormlands, much to the youngest stag's envy. Lord Eddard Stark was forgiven all trespasses by the Bard King who could not find it in his heart to condemn a man who would raise the sword in defense of his own family.

Robert Baratheon was announced a traitor, his sentence passed by Rhaegar's sword while his family was pardoned by the king's good nature. Stannis Baratheon was named Paramount of the Stormlands, much to the youngest stag's envy. Lord Eddard Stark was forgiven as the Bard King could not find it in his heart to condemn a man who raised the sword in defense of his own family. He could only blame his own father who had murdered Lord Stark's father and brother in the Great Hall of the Red Keep. However, for the death of his three Kingsguard and friends at the Tower of Joy, King Rhaegar called for three of Lord Stark's fingers, though he spared those on his sword hand. He dared not dishonor the brother of his beloved. As for the men who would join so honorably to right such wrongs, King Rhaegar pardoned both Lord Hoster Tully and Lord Jon Arryn along with the lords who had sided with them.

For his bravery in saving the Targaryen dynasty, Tywin Lannister was named Hand of the King once more. Though his elder son had slain Aerys, it was recognized that Ser Jaime Lannister of the Kingsguard had only done so when the Mad King had ordered the city burned to the ground with wildfire. Though the pardon was reluctant, it was more surprising when the Bard King deemed Ser Jaime fit to remain as a member of the Seven White Swords, having lost much of his Kingsguard to the civil war already. The king gave his pardons and proclaimed them to be indisputable, and life went on. For most.

Lord Stark had been made bitter by death. The loss of his father, brother, a man who was to become his brother, and his beloved sister whom he had buried in the crypts underneath his homestead of Winterfell. The Lannisters on the other hand were overjoyed with having secured their dominance in court once more. At the side of the Iron Throne, the influence of Tywin Lannister was limitless and only made stronger as he brokered and alliance with House Baratheon. Lady Cersei Lannister was married to Stannis Baratheon, securing two lands in the Lion's pockets. Not even Tywin Lannister had expected that Robert's Rebellion would have brought his family such good fortunes.

King Rhaegar was not often seen at court, his bidding done through the Lord Hand. For the Bard King could only sing soft, sad songs now for the loss of his beloved queen of beauty. He often laid in bed with an infected chest wound, long since bestowed on him by Robert's hammer that had caved in his chest plate. He was left sickly and fatigued, coughing up large amounts of mucus and blood for days at a time. And each time he fell ill, it worsened much to the worry of Queen Elia Martell who spent every moment possible with her husband. Soon enough though after four years on the throne, King Rhaegar I died in his bed from a terrible fever with the last words wheezing painfully from his lips: "Lyanna". And in his place, a child heir ascended to the Iron Throne at the age of five.

Aegon Targaryen was to be the Sixth of his Name when he came of age and would be crowned before the gods and men of Westeros. For time until then, Queen Elia was named regent to rule in his stead and count the years until her son would become a man and wear the crown for himself. That time was fast approaching, when the king must be given the blessing of the High Septon, truly become the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and marry.

By decree of the late Bard King, his son and daughter were not to marry but instead be betrothed to a noble worthy of the Dragon. Between the plots of lords seeking to offer their daughters to the king were even darker conspiracies that laid idle for years, waiting for a time to strike. And that time was nearing as Aegon would sit on the Iron Throne. A time that songs would remember, when the Targaryen motto, Fire and Blood, would have to ring true once more.

You win, or you die. Whether garbed in a veil of madness, a mask of ignorance, a shroud of defeat, or a cloak of glory, history would remember this king. Aegon had no knowledge of the Dragon he would soon become. And of the darkness and danger that awaited him.


Year is 299AL, a year after the canon beginning. In this AU, the Targaryens of course still rule.

Robert Baratheon was killed by Rhaegar Targaryen.

Tywin Lannister is Hand of the King instead of Jon Arryn, who is alive.

Cersei Lannister is married to Stannis Baratheon who is Lord Paramount of the Stormlands.

Jaime and Cersei still have their relationship even at a distance, and their children are the same.

Viserys and Daenerys are alive and in King's Landing.

Rhaenys Targaryen, age 19, sister of Aegon is alive.

Aegon Targaryen, age 15, son of Rhaegar Targaryen is alive.

These and other characters, their descriptions, histories, ages, purpose, etc may be altered at my whim to fit this AU. Any and all changes I do believe could have been possible in the canon story of ASOIAF.

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