Teen Life.

Of course I didn't think being fourteen and a freshman in high school would be easy but I never thought it would be like this. I know everybody's high school experience is different but I thought I would explain the way I see it. First you have your close group of friends, which for me I can never figure out who they are there's the two obvious best friends I know I will always have. But sometimes I just don't know if I even have them. With girls in high school and probably any grade you will find that they talk. They could be talking about you or just be talking. To the girl they say they hate. It is typical in high school for anyone to go complain about some and then you see them walking down the hallway with that same person laughing like there the best of friends. It really just proves that some people never change. Anyway it's difficult knowing who's truly being honest with you or is just like everybody else. Everybody else is referring to the people that gossip. I know gossip sounds like such a sixth grader thing to say but its true. It happens everyday someone's rather telling someone a secret and by lunch the whole school knows, or even just thinking someone's your best friend but just realizing she's also just talking about you behind your back. I'm certainly not saying I am a saint and that I have never talked about someone before but I just wish it could stop. It starts too much drama. I have had enough drama in my life an could do something to stop it I would.