Title: Misunderstanding
Rating: M
Word Count: 595
NB: This short little drabble takes place between chapter 6 and chapter 8 of Inked; i.e., he hasn't dropped the L-word yet.


"You've got to be kidding me." Rapunzel exclaimed in disbelief.

"What?!" Eugene said defensively, knowing full well what she was complaining about.

"I'm sorry. I can't help it, we're in close quarters here," he said. Not feeling nearly as sorry as he claimed he was.

They had just started watching a movie and were spooning on the couch, the one Eugene spent a good number of weeks sleeping on when he first brought her to his apartment. They were both facing the television with Rapunzel's head tucked under his scruffy chin and her back resting against his chest. The rest of their bodies sort of fell into place. It was that sort of alignment that had given the part of Eugene that seemed to have a mind of its own the wrong idea.

They had been messing around like this for weeks and in a way it was a relief that he no longer had to take cover behind the back of the couch or stand at the kitchen counter until things returned to normal.

"We just took care of this this morning." She reminded him.

"Now you're just adding fuel to the fire." He told her as he closed his eyes and tried to recall in as much vivid detail as possible the events of this morning, a broad smile spread across his lips.

"Look. Just ignore it. It'll go away." He suggested helpfully.

"It's kind of hard to ignore," she said, referring to the insistent pressure on her lower back that didn't seem to be dissipating.

Eugene snickered sophomorically into her shoulder blade.

"Fine," she said resignedly as she reached back to take hold of the situation.

She unbuttoned his jeans and pushed the waist band past his narrow hips, but other than separating the straining center snap, she'd left his boxers in place. He could deal with the resulting mess later, she'd told him. But Eugene had never been a selfish lover and had no intent on this being a one-sided transaction.

"Happy now?" She asked after they were both sweaty and out of breath.

He smiled up at her and extended both hands to cup her face, "Only when I'm with you."

Rapunzel gasped, her eyes widened in shock and disbelief. "Did you just use one of your Flynn Rider lines on me?" She chided and then tried to smother him with the nearest object within arm's reach - a cushion, one of those colorful accent pieces that tied the room together and made it obvious that his formerly drab bachelor pad, much like his life, had received a very needed woman's touch.

Eugene laughed at her wide-eyed indignant outrage as he effortlessly removed the pillow she was holding down over his handsome face. He'd been entirely too honest with her in confessing the litany of his past sins.

"It's not a line, Rapunzel. It's the honest truth."

He was being sincere, but she didn't seem to believe him. It didn't help matters that he'd mangled the delivery because he'd still been chuckling over her attempts to smother him with a heliotrope-colored pillow. He wasn't hurt by her lack of faith in his feelings for her; he could live with her skepticism. He of all people understood that unhappy childhoods often resulted in trust issues. Eugene Fitzherbert was a patient man and he liked a challenge. He'd prove it to her. He'd bide his time and show her how he felt about her until she too came to the same realization that she meant everything to him and that he'd never been happier.

AN: This silly little drabble is not the one-shot prompt-fill I've been working on for Inked. But since it's taking me longer to write that one (and to update Disclosure) than anticipated, I thought I'd leave you with something to make up for my lack of updates.