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Title: Hugs

Summary: The many times Austin and Ally hugged.

Underneath the Apple Tree

Ally had searched all of the school and the mall for Austin. After his doctor told him he needed to stop singing for a while and he had to cancel a concert, he has been down in the dumps even though he acts like he isn't.

She finally found him, sitting under the apple tree at the park which was weird. He hardly ever went to the park.

"Hey, Austen!" She called, walking towards him. He faked a smile back at her, but it didn't hold for long. "I've been looking everywhere for you." She scolded.

"I've been here." He simple muttered, leaning back against the tree's old wood.

Ally frowned and knelled across from him that way she could look at his face. "Austin…"

"I'm fine, Ally." He said, cutting her off. "It's just one show." He chuckled. "It's not a big deal."

"Cut the crap. I know." Ally was usually very supportive, but she hated the fact that Austin was trying to hide his pain from her. "Just let me comfort you."

Before he could say anything, Ally had already wrapped her arms around his chest. His heart was pounding fast, but it truly helped him. He returned the hug and the two sat there until the sun was setting behind them.