Title: The Glitch Effect: Hotel Transylvania

Chapter 5: Welcome to Hotel Transylvania!


A/N: That's a long disclaimer right? Parts of this story will take place in My Little Pony but will mostly take place in Wreck-It Ralph and Hotel Transylvania. For the rest of The Glitch Effect series Vanellope will be aged up to around 17.

Two hours later …

In someplace or other (again) …

Vanellope's POV

I groggily got up from my fall and looked around. I felt vibrations and I heard a car coming. I quickly rolled into some bushes and I saw it come by. It looked like a hearse that was driven by a pumpkin head. I decided to follow and I quickly grabbed onto the back of the hearse so that I can see where it was going. Inside I could hear wolf howls. I heard the ground open up and the hearse drove into the ramp-like opening. We ended up in a stone tunnel that eventually led out into a vista of open waters and rolling hills. When I looked up I saw a castle that was filled with monsters. I fearfully ducked and hoped they wouldn't see me. The hearse stopped in front of the entrance and it began to shake. I peeked around the side and I saw a whole pack of wolf-kids hurriedly get out, followed by their parents. 'Okay that's weird' I saw the dad get out a wallet and paid the pumpkin-head driver while saying: "Yeah it's a mess back there." He walked to the front doors and went in. I got off the back and I followed suit. I got in and I saw everyone looking up at a T.V. screen. It was showing what looked like a music video. I quietly got into a shadowy corner and watched the T.V. (A/N: You can go to this link: watch?v=TYzQm3O-9aU to watch the video)

Dracula's POV

Johnny slid on stage and started singing:

I thought I found a love but she was just a fling

And then I met a girl and found a different thing

It's like you're hit in the ring like you're pulled by a string

Can't breathe like you're choking on a chicken wing

It was a thing called a Zing and I wanted to sing

And listen to the ballads of a man named Sting

Lady looks in your eyes and its suddenly Spring

Like when Nala looked at Simba in the Lion King

At this Frankie started to rub Wayne's belly and in turn he scratched the record then Murray started to sing in a really high-pitched voice:

Zingin' in the air and I don't have a care

I'm winging from the zing that we share

Then Mavis started to sing:

Zingin' in the rain now I'm feelin' no pain

It's a real time for celebratin'

'Cause you're my ZING

I rose up out of the crowd on table number 23 and I went up to the stage.

"Drac, you ready to throw down?" Johnny asked me.

"No, no, I just came closer to hear you better."

"Come on, just give it a try!"

"All right, maybe just a little." At that I grabbed the microphone and I started to rap:

So listen all you Zingers from here to Beijing

You'd better get ready to crash the box Spring and get ready to cling

'Cause if love was money you'd be yelling cha-ching

Next to a Zing Cupid's love arrow's a bee sting!

It was a Zing and zag and a zingidy-dee

And there was only one lady in the Zing for me

You better know one thing the only bling you gonna sling

In a Zing is a wedding ring!

I froze everyone and I stood for the applause. I unfroze them and Murray and Mavis sung:

Zingin' in the air

I froze them and I sung:

Now I don't have a care

I'm winging from the Zing that we share

Zingin' in the rain now I'm feeling no pain

I unfroze them and they sung:

It's a real time for celebratin'

'Cause you're my ZING

We all walked onto the floating tables that were lined up and we all sung:

Feel the Zing y'all ba-da-bing y'all

Gonna knock ya right outta that ring y'all!

Better ring y'all better pay attention to the Undead King y'all!

Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho! Hey!

Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!

Vanellope's POV

I really like that song. I stayed in the shadows and I sneaked around the lobby. I wasn't looking where I was going and I accidently bumped into the wolf-man. I screamed and ran for it. I ended up outside. I saw a cloud of sand come towards me and I ran around the side of the building. I bumped into an ordinary-looking girl.

"Hello. Who are you?" She asked

"My name is Vanellope von Schweetz."

"Are you royalty?"
"I guess you could say that. Who are you?"

"My name is Mavis Dracula."

"D-d-dracula?" I stuttered fearfully. I heard all the stories about him and I was scared to say the least.

"Don't worry. The stories are just blown-up rumours." She showed her fangs and I started to cry.

"Why are you crying? Why don't you come back with me to my room?" I nodded and she transformed into a bat, picked me up and flew me to her room. Which was about five stories up the side of the building. She dropped me on the floor and she turned back to herself. There was knock on the door.

"Mavey-Wavey. You in there?"

"It's my dad, quick hide!" She shoved me under her bed and I heard her open the door. I peeked out from under her bed. I saw a really tall guy that towered over her.

"Is there someone in there with you?"

"No no I'm just talking to myself as usual."

"You know that's the first sign of madness right?"

"Yes dad I know." She closed the door and came up to me. I got up and rubbed my bruised side.

"Was that Dracula?"

"Yes." She sighed

"So Dracula's really your dad?" I shuddered.

"Why don't we go down to the lobby and you can meet the rest of the gang?" We exited her room and went down the hallway. We passed by some maids that looked like witches and we just keeped walking. 'Apparently they're the staff.' We passed by rooms and the shrunken heads that were on the doorknobs kept saying "Do not disturb!" We kept walking down hallway after hallway after hallway.

"This is a big hotel." I commented.

"Yeah. My dad used to have this place as a refuge for monsters, you know as a safe haven, but now everything's changed thanks to Johnny." She seemed wistful when she said that part. We got down to the lobby and I saw all the monsters talking.

"Johnny!" Mavis ran up to an orange curly-haired boy. She hugged him and he hugged her back.
"Where have you been?"

"Oh you know. Here, there, everywhere." He gestured all around him.

"Hey Johnny! Welcome back!" That wolf-man I saw before waved to Johnny.

"Incoming express mail!" A mummy had a couple of boxes on his shoulders and he slammed them down. A couple of "OW!" came from the boxes.

"Well it looks like everyone's here. WELCOME TO HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA!"

Ponyville …

Ralph's POV

"Where are we?"

"I have no idea." I looked around and I could see a group of ponies was crowded around something.

"What's over there?" We walked over and when we got there I saw a kart. Vanellope's kart. I heard Felix howl. I turned around and I saw Sergeant Calhoun. She was still.

"No." I turned back to the kart and I started to cry. The group of ponies turned around and gasped when they saw us.

"Who are you?" A lavender pony asked.

"My name's Wreck-It Ralph and his name's Fix-It Felix Jr." I pointed over to Felix.

"Are you friends of Vanellope's?"

"Yes. Do you know her?"

"She was here just a few hours ago."

"We missed her!" She pointed to a hole in the ground.

"What's down there?"

"Your doom!"

"Ralph look out!" Felix shouted. I turned around and saw King Turbug. I gasped and he pushed me into the hole. I hit solid ground and I blacked out.

This is the only song in the series but that's because I really like this song. The song featured in this chapter is called The Zing from the movie Hotel Transylvania. Ralph is somewhere else. He ended up in a different place than Vanellope. We'll get back to him in the next story of the Glitch Effect. Reviews are welcome.