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Chapter 1: Awakened, and Unknowing




He slowly opened his eyes. They were heavy... like weights were pulling down at his eyelids. Groaning, he lazily rubbed at his eyes with a small balled fist.

"Huh? What?" The boy mumbled. "Hnngh.."

He sat up, though it pained him a bit. He took a good look at his surroundings. He was in a forest, as far as he could tell. There were pine trees surrounding him, all covered with snow. Snow... The word was familiar to the boy, but he couldn't come up with the meaning.

He looked down at himself. He was wearing a white blouse, with a brown cloak draped around his shoulders. He also noticed the his torn, brown trousers that only reached to his ankles. He also noticed the snow that was on his shoulders and head. But what it confused him, was that he didn't feel... cold. That's what snow did, right? Made you feel cold, chilled you to the bone? It didn't to him. It felt... comforting. Like a blanket of familiarity.

"Snow." The boy said to himself. "Snow." No matter how many times he said it, it just felt right. Like the word was his.

The boy stood up, brushing the snow from his body. He looked around some more, though did not find anything. It wasn't until he took a step forward, that he felt something smooth underneath him. He looked closer, realizing that he was on a frozen lake. The boy squatted down, getting a good look at his reflection. Snow white hair, pale skin, enriched blue eyes, and an uncertain face looked up at him. He stood up again, and proceeded to take a step forward. That's when he felt his bare foot bump into something solid.

He looked down, and saw a shepherd's staff, like the tool a shepherd would use to herd his flock. Curious, the boy bent over to pick it up. His action was halted when a sudden wind blew in, lifting the staff and dropping it into the boy's hand.

"Huh?" The boy said, "Did I do that?" He got a sudden breeze to the face as an answer. "Who is there? Where are you?" He saw no one. Instead, he felt a breeze against him, whispering in his ear.

"The North Wind?" The boy asked, "You dropped this staff into my hand?" The North Wind blew into his ear, signaling an affirmative. The boy wondered why the Wind was here. As if reading his mind, North lifted him into the air, causing the boy to squeal, and dropped him into a snowbank.

"Hey!" The boy protested, "What was that for?" The wind cackled into his ear, ruffling his hair. The boy couldn't help but smile. North whispered something into his ear again.

"What? You came... for me?" The wind blew again, "What? The Moon?" The boy looked up, and saw it. The large, luminous moon staring down at him, casting warm beams of light down on him. The Moon looked down at the boy.

So young, the Moon thought, too young to be taken away. As the Moon, he must take some responsibility for his "child." As such, he sent down a message, though it could not be heard by ear.

"Hm?" the boy listened, and replied, "You're the Moon? And I'm... Jack Frost?" The Moon's light got brighter, signaling a yes. "I am the Spirit of Winter?" Another yes. "The staff? What?" The boy, Jack, looked down at the staff in his hand. He did notice something. It was cool, and welcoming. He felt a power within it, a power that was his and his alone. That was when the stall glowed blue. Startled, the boy dropped it. Where the staff landed on the ground, beautiful designs of ice formed, covering the ground. Cautious, Jack lifted the staff, and tapped it on the ground, and another beautiful design formed.

Excited, Jack ran about, touching trees, rocks, and logs, forming even more beautiful creations. "Aw man!" Jack shouted in glee, "Amazing!" The Moon smiled down at his child, and spoke to him once more. Jack stopped, and looked up.

"I can control Winter?" Jack asked, "I am Winter?" The Moon shined approvingly.

"So cool!" Jack yelled, the North Wind dancing with him. Something felt missing however. Jack gripped at his chest. Something wasn't right, like something from within him was missing. Nseeorth Wind picked him up, and flew him around the starry sky, the Moon watching from its place in the sky. He knew something that Jack didn't. North dropped Jack at a near town, its houses radiating warmth and comfort.

Jack was dropped in the center, with people moving about, minding their business.

"Well hello," Jack replied to one woman, "Wonderful evening!" The woman walked on. Confused, Jack noticed a man walk by.

"Hello, sir! How are you?" No response. Jack was confused. Suddenly, a child ran in his direction.

"Hello little one," Jack smiled, "Want to play a game-" The girl, still smiling, ran through Jack. Through Jack. Jack gasped, and clutched at his chest. He frantically looked around.

"Hello? Someone? Anyone?" Jack tears well up, North Wind surrounding him comfortingly. "Can anyone see me?" The Moon looked sadly upon Jack. he hated when things like this happened, how hard realization hits. Jack, teary-eyed, looked towards the wind.

"Wind, please, to the lake?" The wind did not complain. He whisked them both away, back to the lake. There, jack curled up, crying. The wind surrounded him, comfortingly. Jack wished someone, anyone, would notice him. Then, he heard a rustle to his right. Jack looked up and grabbed his staff, pointing it to the direction of the noise.

"Who is there?" jack asked to the blackness, "S-show yourself!" Jack was scared, tears were still streaking down his face. Just then, he felt a comforting breeze hit him, it was warm. From the trees, a woman entered the clearing.

She was beautiful, in Jack's mind. She wore a dress, with an orange- yellow top, a scarlet belt, and a white-blue necklace. Leaf-green earrings hung at her ears. The woman looked at Jack with loving eyes, like a mother to her child.

"Hello, Jack," The woman said. "I am here to take you home, son."