Sherlock had quite honestly expected many things when he returned back to the apartment, but this was not one of them.

He had expected to see John cooking in the kitchen or sitting in his chair reading or watching one of those horrible shows that he just loved to watch.

He didn't expect to see the apartment empty.

The whole structure was completely silent, other than the tinkerings of Mrs Hudson on the floor below. For a moment Sherlock wondered if maybe one of his cases had come back to bite him, but there was no sign of forced entry and if there had been, Sherlock would have noticed it when he had entered the room minutes before.

No. The apartment for empty for another reason, a reason that Sherlock couldn't quite put his finger on until he went into the bedroom.

All of John's clothes were missing. Sherlock checked where John had made Sherlock put his duffle bag and found it gone as well. Sherlock raced around the apartment and found small things were missing from other places as well.

John's shaving kit.

The snow globe that Molly had given them their first Christmas as a married couple.

Little things that loved were missing, packed up and taken with him when Sherlock own actions had caused the army doctor to begone.

A/N: And that is the end of this part of the Twists series. I know that it's a horrible way to end things but thats just the way things are. I will let you all know that I have plans for another one in the series, I'm just not sure when I will begin posting it!

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