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Haku walked into the clearing and stopped to look around in shock, it had been utterly destroyed and in the middle of the destruction was the Blond Genin from Konoha. Haku was surprised by the tear marks on the Genin's face and slowly approached; she then reached out to choke the Genin but shook the girl's shoulder at the last second as she said "Hey, you're going to catch a cold if you stay out here!"

Naru slowly opened her eyes at the gentle touch and looked at the girl from what her nose could identify, she blinked and then realized where she had smelled the girl's scent and said "How Zabuza doing?"

Seeing the girl go stiff, Naru smiled and said "Relax...I'm not going to attack or anything like that, It's just I have a gut feeling Gato won't hold up his part of your deal with him. Thing is my Gut is usually right..."

Haku raised her eyebrow in silent asking and Naru understood as she explained about her life and how she trusted her gut on certain people, Haku blinked in shock and Disbelief as she said "How are you still Sane after all that?"

Naru chuckle and said "Because I still have people who care for me no matter how small the group is..."

Haku smiled then asked "So what do you suggest if Gato does betray us?"

"Join Konoha... you wouldn't be running from your home village and you would be able to get training in medical techniques."

Haku raised an eyebrow and said "How do you know I'm a medic?"

Naru grinned and said as she tapped her nose "Enhanced senses rock most of the time..."

Haku grinned and giggled as Naru offered to help her gather medical herbs, they then worked together to fill the basket when they heard people calling for Naru. Haku then stood and thanked her for her help before leaving, Naru smiled then headed towards the voices calling for her and ran into Anko who smiled sadly and said "You feeling better, Naru?"

Naru nodded and said "Had a good work out though to get rid of the anger and sorrow."

Anko laughed then led her back to the clearing where they began working on Water walking again, Sakura and Sasuke grumbled as they then began to their Tree walking exercise about how Naru was getting special treatment. Anko and Kakashi then barked at them to shut up and do their exercise, Kakashi then lectured them about how if they had bothered to ask about the Chakra exercises they could do on their own time then they would be doing the same exercise as Naru. He noticed both of them rolling their eyes and then grinned evilly as he said "Alright if you want to roll your eyes at me, then you can keep doing this until I say stop!"

Naru snickered quietly as she dodged the kunai and throwing stars being tossed at her and then began to break dance on the water as Anko took a rest from throwing the weapons. She was having fun as Anko laughed at her doing the worm and then Naru went vertical in to a hand stand; she flipped on to her feet and grinned as Anko resumed throwing...

Three days later...

Naru was sleeping off an exhausting training session with Anko when she heard a scream and was up, grabbed her swords and was down stairs in a flash, the thugs never knew what hit them as they were knocked out outside and torn apart by an Anthromorphic panther. Inari watched in fascination at the damage Naru had inflicted and ran to hug her as his mother stood there in shock, Naru turned and knelt as she stopped Inari from hugging her and said "You need to stay with your mom right now and get to the other villagers, I'm heading to the bridge."

Inari nodded and said "Be careful Nee-chan!"

"I will! Now go!"

Naru then shifted to full Panther form as she raced to the bridge; she leapt over Tazuna's head and landed in front of Kakashi and Sasuke. She then growled and let out a Reiatsu enforced roar at the mist, the mist was blown away by the force and revealed Gato and his large group of thugs to everyone's shock. Needless to say, Zabuza quickly switched sides with Haku and help the Konoha ninja turn the tides on the low life thugs. Gato tried to run but found his path blocked by the whitish- blonde panther as it snarled then shifted to a two legged stance and said "Your time on earth ends now, Gato...And I'll be the one to do it!"

Gato trembled in fear of the Anthromorphic Panther when it smiled evilly and lunged forward; he turned and tried to run seconds before The Anthro pounced on him. Anko, Kakashi, Zabuza and Haku watched without flinching as Naru tore the man apart while leaving his head intact with just her claws. Sasuke and Sakura had rushed to the side of the bridge and were throwing up violently at what Naru had done...

Four days later...

Naru was fed up with her teammates and had spent more time with Anko, Zabuza and Haku during the last few days to practice her swordsmanship, Naru walked into the house to shower when her teammates stood in front of her and said "No wonder everyone calls you a Goddamn demon, you are one!"

Naru just blinked in annoyance and moved to go around them; Sasuke's hand snaked out and grabbed her wrist as he said "Don't walk away from your Betters, Demon Bitch!"

Kakashi, who had walked in just as he said that, snarled and said "Uchiha! Let her go! You and Sakura are going to train until you can respect your teammate!"

Naru then headed up the stairs as her so called teammates were marched outside while they complained, Naru then took a nice but quick hot shower while she heard the enraged shouts of her teammates. Naru sighed then stepped out of the shower after turning off the water; she was tired and decided to take a quick nap so she could get some training in with her Grandmother and Grimmjow. She quickly got dressed and then headed to her temporary room to lie down...

She entered her dream/mindscape and found Grimmjow and her grandmother playing a round of Poker to her amusement as Grimmjow was losing and losing badly, she giggled as he lost with a spectacularly bad hand and he swore softly. Grimmjow then heard her giggling and turned and said "It's not that funny, Kitten!"

She just giggled and sat next to her boyfriend as she laid her head on his shoulder, she then asked "Are we going to train today?"

Grimmjow smiled as Kyuubi laughed and said "you forgot that we let you have the day off, didn't you?"

Naru blushed and nodded as Grimmjow chuckled while giving her a one armed hug, she looked up at him as he gently kissed her and she gladly returned his affections. Kyuubi smiled at her granddaughter then sighed as she thought "I miss you, my Love..."

Naru spent her time with her boyfriend and grandmother happily when she felt a shake on her shoulder in the real world, she sighed and woke up to Anko standing over her as the Snake Mistress then said "The bridge was finished today and Zabuza and his adoptive daughter are cleared by me to join Konoha."

Naru cheered as Anko told her to quickly pack because they would leave first thing in the morning...


Ulquiorra, Tia, Stark, Szayel and Lilinette had their Hollow holes covered as they walked up to the gates of the Village where they had sensed Grimmjow's energy, the guards stopped them and asked "Halt, why are you here?"

Everyone looked at Stark who sighed and said "We're refugees from a land outside the elemental countries; we came to join your ranks and see if we can find an old friend we sensed in the direction of your Village..."

The two guards looked at each other then one of them said "Follow me; I'll take you to the Hokage..."

The next day...

Naru smiled as Inari hugged her and she told him "This isn't goodbye, it's only we'll see each other soon..."

She then stepped back and headed towards her group as Inari waved good bye sadly with a smile on his face, Naru looked back only once to wave to Inari and the Villagers then hurried to catch up to the group. Zabuza chuckled along with Haku as Naru decided to run ahead then turned around and said "Come on slow pokes!"

Kakashi smirked and said to a tired Sasuke and Sakura, "Come on you two, start running! I want to make it back by nightfall!"

The two idiots groaned but did as he said as they jogged behind the rest of the group, Naru then picked up the pace as she said "You two can do better than that! Now come on!"

The adults laughed as they also picked up the pace leaving the two Idiots in the dust, the two growled then picked up their pace to catch up. They made it to Konoha by mid afternoon with Sasuke and Sakura all sweaty and panting, Naru grinned as she still looked fresh as a daisy while the adults and Haku look slightly winded. Zabuza just shook his head and said "Naru, your stamina is unbelievable..."

Naru then did something that made Kakashi shiver in fear, "Yosh, I shall run around the Village 100 times with my Flames of Youth guiding me brightly!"

Meanwhile, a little ways away...

Gai and Lee stopped as they then said "Yosh, Someone has called upon the Flames of youth!"

The then went into the Sunset Hug Genjutsu which caused many mind scars for all the people in the area...

Naru laughed at the look on her teacher's face then dashed away towards the Hokage tower with Kakashi chasing her and yelling that her comment was NOT funny! Anko laughed and guided an amused Zabuza and Haku after the two with Sakura and Sasuke following, when they caught up to Kakashi and Naru, Naru was laughing and dodging his attempts to catch her. They made their way to the Hokage's office where they were shown in and privacy seals were placed up, Naru then said "Hi Oji-san!"

Sarutobi laughed and said "Good to see you Naru now let's have Kakashi's and Anko's reports..."

The two Jounin gave their reports and introduced Zabuza and Haku, they were given their head bands and told that they were most welcomed in the village. Zabuza and Haku thanked him as Sarutobi then told Naru that Zabuza and Haku would be in her Apartment building and that some new tenants had also moved in to the building while she was gone. Naru nodded as they were dismissed so that Sarutobi could talk with Sakura and Sasuke alone about their behavior, she led Zabuza and Haku out the door and through the village to a slightly run down building on the edge of the red light district. Naru smiled as she led them to the Apartment the Father/Daughter team had been given, Zabuza and Haku wished her a good night as they entered their new home and Naru returned the gesture before heading to her own apartment.

Naru yawned as she closed the door behind her and started heading towards her bedroom to sleep...

The next morning...

Naru whistled cheerfully as she made breakfast for herself and was chatting idly with her grandmother and boyfriend, she then heard a knock on the door and called out "Just a minute!"

She quickly took the finished bacon and put it on a plate before heading for the door, she opened it and asked "May I help you?"

The stranger smiled and said "Me and my companions have just moved into the building and were wondering if you have a spare cup of milk..."

Naru smiled and nodded as she suddenly heard Grimmjow who was now paying attention, say "No way is that...who I think it is?"