Ok guys, very generic summary, but give the story a go if you please. This is my first proper fanfiction.. Of course I drawing elements from episodes, but hopefully its fairly original, I apologise profusely if this resembles anyone else's stories, its unintentional. I dunno why I have written Merlin as a female character, I've just like the idea of a powerful girl on girl battle, and the dynamics of the relationship between Arthur and Merlin, if Merlin wasn't a boy. There are no love relationships between Merlin and Arthur in this fanfic – sorry Merthur fans – I just wanted them to be biffles like they are in the show. Also I kind of think that if Merlin fancied Arthur, that would take away from her character, like she the only way she can gain respect is through title. I don't want that, I want merlin to be independent of men (I know, I know, sounds ultra-feminist but you understand don't you?). I'm setting the story after season 4. I have taken liberties with characters stories (disregard season 5 folks) So enjoy, please leave comments, bad or good. If you want to give me advice, I welcome you! I'm not sure but I think the story may be too long winded and too much dialogue but once I started it wrote itself. Sorry if my poor grammar/English skills annoy anyone. Cheers :D

Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin or any of the characters.

Of being obvious and oblivious

Merlin entered Arthur's bedchambers without bothering to knock. She never knocked regardless, not exactly out of blatant disrespect, but because of familiarity. Some people looked upon the odd relationship between master & servant, King & commoner – like stuffy old council members - as inappropriate. But whilst neither would admit it to each other it was simply just because the two were loyal and (mostly) good to one another and well, they both valued their friendship despite all the banter. Merlin carried in Arthur's breakfast on a wooden tray, placing it on the table before bouncing across the window. She ripped the red fabric open cheerfully saying "Rise and shine, Sire."

Arthur groaned at the same words used every morning and pulled the blanket over his head. Merlin grinned cheekily, "Oh well, guess a certain King doesn't want his breakfast. Perhaps I will feed it to the dogs. You might have to have rat stew latter if you're hungry." She said in a sing song voice.

Arthur jumped up out of bed "Don't you dare Merlin or I will feed you to the dogs."

"Prat." she retorted.

"Idiot." He finished.

Merlin began tidying up around the room. "You're getting better at doing things, unasked." Arthur observed, "George must of taught you something." He grinned at his manservant's pained grimace at the thought of that intolerably dull man. "You're still utterly useless though."

"Gee, thanks for the almost compliment."

Ignoring that Arthur continued "Merlin, I need you to run me a bath and prepare my clothes. I have a council meeting today."

Merlin grumbled at this. If Arthur had a meeting then she had to attend as well because he liked to make his servant suffer if he was.

"Then later that day we can have some down time, at the sparring field."

"How is getting beaten and hit and bruised considered down time?" Merlin exclaimed.

"Don't be such a girl's petticoat... in fact half the time I think you might as well be a girl." Arthur taunted the younger, weaker man.

Merlin huffed at this, rolling her eyes. Arthur was so oblivious. Even after knowing him for the better part of a decade he still didn't suspect she was in actuality a girl. She hadn't meant for this disguise to go on for so long. But being a boy had just become a comfortable and convenient charade and it wasn't even as if the disguise was that brilliant either despite the subtle help of magic. Every few mornings Merlin would slightly glamoured her aesthetic appearance, making her feminine features more strait, rough and basically masculine. It wasn't that powerful either, if someone was to really look at her or knew she was a girl then they would see past the disguise. Alas only a few ever did see past it. Also, for such a long time Merlin had cropped her black hair short, that now she hardly remembered what she looked like with long wavy hair.

To finish she hid behind boys clothes. Her favorite neckerchiefs hid her lack of Adams apple and the slightly big tunic and breaches, along with bounding her chest hid her womanly figure and made her look like a small slight male. She would have magically deepened her voice but the spell tickled her throat so instead she had just practiced with her childhood friend, Will, until hers naturally passed for a somewhat male voice. Will had also taught her how to talk and walk, like a male. Her practiced gait however made her uncoordinated and clumsy, as King Arthur often liked to tease and scold his servant about it.

Merlin remembered the first time she had met Arthur. Immediately she had thought him an arrogant toad.

Hey just realised that since this story is set after series 4, Arthur would be married to Gwen and they would probably share a room, if you catch my drift, so instead of Merlin waking them both up, I came up with the solution that Gwen gets up earlier out of habit being a maid once. shes a lot more independent than Arthur.