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Sunshine Daisies, Butterflies Mellow

As the sun rose in the sky, it cast golden beams of light through the leave canopy of the forest. Light shining in behind her eyelids, Merlin rose and stared around at her fellow group. Naught was awake but her, and being still early, she got up, picked up the dirty bowls and made for the lake. She also needed to cast another glamour spell (in private) to alter her facial features. Always the need to keep up a good appearance she chuckled to herself.

The lake was a clean blue and staring into the glassy waters she quickly cast her spell, blue eyes flashing a rich gold. "Hudoliaeth cuddio ymddangosiad benywaidd, yn gwneud nodweddion yn ymddangos yn fwy gwrywaidd."

Merlins features began to alter, her feminine assets becoming more strait and rough. She sighed running her fingers through the water, creating ripples to blur the reflection.

Merlin considered going for a swim, but hazarded that Arthur or anyone of the knights might walk in on her undressed and well needless to say that would be a catastrophe. She settled instead for sitting near the edge and dipping her feet in. She went and sat on the banks where a patch of grass grew. It really was a calm place if you discounted the dangerous animals (magical or otherwise) and possible bandits. Nobody had come to find her yet and looking around she recklessly cast another two spells. "Blóstmá et Gewyrc an lif." Flowers blossomed around her and butterflies flew from her fingertips. 'Magic may be considered evil by many, even including her King' she thought, 'but surely magic like this is only beautiful and a reflection of the pure soul. It had me at ends why magic cannot be allowed to be practiced for good.' She shook her head, such wistful thoughts.


Arthur and the knights woke up, to the absence of Merlin and more importantly the food. Elyan asked "Where's Merlin?"

Arthur answered "I spotted a lake yesterday on the way here. I would guess that he has gone down there to slack off, the lazy idiot."

Gwaine cracked a grin "So lads, who's up for a swim then. Shall we go surprise Merlin?" They all nodded in agreement, leaving their horses and supplies behind.

They came tottering along, till they spotted the lake and Merlin sitting next to it. Merlin sitting in a patch of white and yellow daisies. Merlin with delicate multicolour butterflies in his short raven hair, and landing on his fingertips. They all stopped dumb at the curiously peculiar and surreal sight. Arthur broke the spell by letting out a snort of a laugh, which Merlin heard. She turned around, saw the all-male group and began to blush a deep red of embarrassment at been caught at one of her particularly girly moments, when she was meant to be a boy with little appreciation for such wonders and beauty. Not to mention she began to feel really nervous, because if one of them actually used their brains for proper thinking they might realise such a scene was unnatural – maybe even magically enchanted. The butterflies left her fingers when her hands began to shake.

Arthur however, oblivious as always merely shouted "You are such a girl Merlin sometimes. I worry for you."

'Oh, if only you knew', the girl thought, blushing again, she stood up, as the group walked to join her at the shore. Gwaine ruffled the shorter man's hair laughing and effectively scattering the last butterflies.

"Well we're all going for a swim Merlin, if you want to come." She shook her head in a despondent no.

"Suit yourself." The Knights shrugged their shoulders as if to say, your loss, and began removing their shirts and dropped their swords, then walking out into the water. Arthur stood by Merlin side, thinking that it was extremely odd that Merlin never wanted to go for a swim or undress in public. What was she hiding under that shirt? A embarrassing birthmark, hideous scare… a third nipple?

"Come in you two" Percival yelled "It's invigorating, wake you up it will."

Arthur looked at Merlin, sizing him up. "Refreshing, huh?" Arthur called back. He shot Merlin an devious grin, and before the boy could react and yell no, he had picked his manservant up whole body, and threw him out into the water. Merlin let out a very non masculine scream as she landed with a splashed into the water. Arthur came following closely behind. They both surfaced, him laughing in Merlins' face until she squirted water into his very surprised face, through her teeth. A now very wet Merlin doggy paddled back to shore, dragged down by the clothes. 'Never again' she promised about going into water with heavy clothes still on. 'I saved Arthur once from the Sidhe by dragging him out of the water while fully clothed. It's too hard, next time he can save himself!' As she dried off in the sun, washing wooden bowls, she smiled. These grown men, she had come to call friends, played like loud boys in the water, splashing and attempting to drown each other.

'So much for being quiet and not bringing attention to ourselves' she thought, 'They could wake the dead… or some bandits.' Despite her small feeling of apprehension, she couldn't but feel happy.

Hudoliaeth cuddio ymddangosiad benywaidd, yn gwneud nodweddion yn ymddangos yn fwy gwrywaidd."

- Glamour hidefeminine appearance, make features appear more masculine.