One day, in Pixie Hollow, the fairies were getting ready for spring.

Tinkerbell, one of the fairies, was talking to her friend, Silvermist.

Silvermist asked Tinkerbell if she wanted to play with her other friends, Fawn, Rosetta, and Iridessa.

Tinkerbell told her, sweetly, "Maybe later, first, I've got to see if Fairy Mary has anything she wants me to do!"

Silvermist tells her, sadly, "Well, I guess I'll see you later then!"

Just then, Tinkerbell sees a bright green glow, and she goes to find out what it is.

First, she had to check in to Fairy Mary to see if she had anything she wanted to do.

She decides to wait until everyone's asleep to go check to see what that green glow was.

When she gets to where she saw the green glow, Tinkerbell brought a flashlight to see what the green glow was.

When she gets to the spot, she doesn't see anything.

Then, she spots something in a pond nearby.

She fishes it out, not knowing what it was called.

She brought a book on items and turns the pages only to find information on it.

The item she found was called the Mask of Loki.

It said it had the powers to give it wearers beyond their dreams, wishes and desires.

It also said that the powers could be dangerous, and its wearer could cause destruction everywhere they go.

Tinkerbell asks, curiously, "How can one piece of wood cause any destruction at all?"

Tinkerbell turns the mask over in her hands.

Then, Tinkerbell says, excitedly, "Since green is my favorite color, maybe I should maybe try it on to see if it fits.

Tinkerbell then brings the mask to her face, and it starts to turn into a rubbery substance, causing her to yank it away.

Then, the mask starts to shimmer, and she brings it to her face again causing it to wrap around her head.

Tinkerbell grabs her face, trying to take off the mask, but her body started to spin uncontrollably.

She spun faster and faster like a fairy tornado.

Finally, a large had reached out of the fairy twister and locked onto the nearest tree.

The whirlwind screeched to a halt, causing sparks and smoke to rise from the ground.

As the smoke cleared, we find a brand-new fairy.

Tinkerbell was gone.

In her place was a creature named Tink!