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Are you Feeling Lucky?

"Hey handsome! Wanna have a little fun?" My eyes caught a woman leaning over towards a man who was checking her and the other women out in a cage over.

"Woo! Come have fun with me!" Then my eyes landed to a man in my large cage that was showing off his legs as he held onto the bars with one hand. A shudder went through me as I felt eyes on my own body. My hands pulled my kimono in various spots to hide myself from view.

"Look at him, he's gorgeous!" A finger was pointed to me and I turned away with my hair covering my face. "Oh, the shy type!"

"Careful about him! He may appear shy, but he's wild in the bedroom!" A wave of nausea went through me, but I held it down as I threw an innocent look their way. The few men watching me seemed to have been stricken with throbbing hearts. The innocent gaze made them fall over each other and soon want to buy me, but only one could; so they began to fight.

"Sorry, Sirs, but he is already been bought for the evening." My glare reached the guard that opened the cage door. "Come here, Lucky." The name that was called is my prostitute name, sadly. I didn't get to pick it and I didn't get the choice to not be in here.

A certain man said I owed him money and now I have to pay off my debt. The debt is set ridiculously high on purpose because I wouldn't sleep with the guy anymore. It's a ridiculous manner to treat someone that way, but the guy was not just anyone, he was a nobleman; everyone believes in him.

They would never believe a peasant.

My body moved to the guard as he helped me out of the cage and soon began leading me to the main lodging area. When the door opened, I was told the room number and handed a tray of the requested beverage the man wanted. The man seemed to be a hard liquor kind of guy as I could smell a strong mixture of Wild Honey Rum coming from the designated bottle. A few women and men passed on by like any other day and I felt disgusted to think some of these people enjoy this line of work. I have heard that some of them even stay here because they either enjoy it or couldn't make it on their own out there in the city, outside of the Red District.

The room number showed by the sliding door as I soon kneeled down before knocking on the door. "Come in." The rough voice caused shudders to go through me as I imagined some huge man sitting in there. My hand grasped the door and I skillfully slid it open with my head bowed before I stood up. When I looked to him, my eyes peered onto green, slicked back (but still had a spike to it) hair. Three golden, teardrop earrings hung from his left ear as he was faced away from me. Next to him, leaning against the wall, was three swords and I realized he was a swordsman.

The door was shut behind me with a flick of my hand and I moved to him and set the tray down on the small table in the room. "Would you like me to pour you some, Master?" His head turned to me and I got a full look at his face. A scar ran down his left eye as it was closed and seemed to be permanently like that. The other eye glistened with a dark emerald color as he had a frown on his lips, also seemed permanent.

"Yes, or on second thought." He turned himself towards the table and I gazed to his chest that was muscled and a scar peeked out lightly before disappearing under the fabric. His hand grabbed the bottle of liquor before pouring some in a tiny cup. "You can have that." He pointed to the cup before tilting back with the bottle. Amazement crossed me as I never seen a customer just bluntly do that.

"Okay." A shrug went through me as I took the cup and drank it. It was a small cup, so there wasn't much in it. He pulled the bottle away and let it rest in his fingers, dangling in the air. "How would you like me to please you this evening, Master?" My innocent façade peeked out as I stared at him. An interested eyebrow went up as he gazed at me with his eye. He set the bottle down before he began waving me over. I got up to move around the table to set on my knees beside him while facing him. Fingers held up my chin as he gazed at me.

"You really don't want to be here, do you?" The shock went half way up my body, but I suppressed it there so it did not show on my features.

"Of course I want to be here." The smile that lay out on my lips was fake, but I made it real enough. His fingers began trailing down my throat, grazing it lightly. A shiver went through me on accident and I tried to cover it up by shifting lightly.

"No, you are forced here, but you make it by, by convincing yourself you want to be. Your face back there, I saw it show the disgust when those men were cat-calling at you." The fingers slid under my kimono to line along my shoulder, removing it slowly. "Do you dislike what I am doing to you?" He asked the question when I shivered lightly from his gentle touches.

"N-no…" I stuttered and felt my face begin to heat.

"You are shaking."

"I'm not use to this…" I whispered as I felt his hand move to the other side and begin to slide the kimono off that shoulder.

"This?" He questioned as he eyed me carefully with his advances. "Undressing?"

"Ah? No…" The question startled me before I shivered again from the graze of his rough fingers.

"Sex?" The word made heat go to my cheeks and I shook my head at him. "Then what is it?" He asked me, moving to where he was facing me. Before I could even breathe out, his other hand grasped my hip and he moved me onto his lap. Both hands moved to slide the rest of my kimono off my top half.

"You're… you're being…" A breathy gasp left me before my body shuddered against him. My fingers gripped onto his yukata as his hands lined my bare sides and slid against my nipples.

"I'm being… what?"

"…gentle…." The word was a whisper and I watched him lean forward with his tongue soon lining up my chest to my neck. When his lips reached my ear, he blew into it with a hot breath.

"Do you want me to be aggressive?" A shuddering gasp left me with my eyes closing in a type of bliss as his touches sent sparks in me.

"Do as you wish." The chuckle rumbled through him before my whole body was exposed and his hands were gripping my ass cheeks with a firm grip.

"I am not the type of man to buy a whore on the spot, you know?" The heat spreading through me reached my southern regions and caused myself to grow erect. Hands slowly let go of my ass to move softly along my backside up towards my neck.


"You're a special case…" Lips touched my neck softly as he laid kisses down my neck to reach my collarbone. A lick to the middle of it had him soon kissing along my chest with hands running back down my back. "Tell me," he breathed hotly onto one of my nipples, "what is your real name?"

"We're not supposed to—nggh!" Fingers gripped hard onto my ass cheeks and I arched towards him with another throaty moan.

"Oh, yes… that's right." He mentioned out with teeth closing in on my nipple. The jolt had him pulling back his teeth but pressed his lips to suck. Pants left me as he continued his ministrations before a hand gripped onto my erection. A moan yelped out of me with fingers tugging on the fabric before me. "Then it is Lucky, correct?"

"Y-yes…" I tried not to let my voice give way, but his touches sent a type of pleasure through me. It was amazing to know that I would ever feel this way by a random stranger. The hot breath in my ear had me shivering in delight along with a moan when a tongue licked at it.

"I could get you out of here… what do you say?" My eyes widened with a light gasp as he held me to him tightly. "I'm not saying this because I want you as a whore. I am saying it because there is something about you that does not want me to leave you here." My body trembled in joy as I moved my arms around his head whilst pressing against him.

"Please, please…" I told him as I felt the bubble of hope swell in my chest.

"Would you like me to pleasure you first?" A chuckle left him as he moved his hand along my length.

A whiny moan left my throat before I felt him lay me onto my back. Gasping noises left me as I felt him press his erection into my entrance; relief was there as well when I realized he was lubricated. Lips nibbled on my throat as I felt groans leave me as he slid in. I wasn't going to lie on saying he is one of the biggest people I have encountered. He rested for a moment with kisses to my neck as he was letting me adjust to his size.

"M-move~!" I told him in a moan as his lips on my neck were making me feel a lot of pleasure.

Hips moved before I felt him begin to thrust into my body with a hard rhythm. Moans left me in loud gasps with my back arching as I felt him move in me. His yukata had fallen open from my hands and I got a quick glimpse of the long scar before I squeezed them shut from the depth of his thrust. My legs we pressed against my chest before his thrusts became faster. Lips had moved to smash against mine and I stared wide eye at him from it. The number one rule of working in the brothel is not to kiss your customer. It has to do with something with being more intimate.

"Mmmnn~!" His tongue invaded into my mouth and he smacked into my body with a tilt of hips. The harsh pleasure I felt had myself feeling the boil in the pit of my stomach. My hands pushed on him so I could warn him, but his lips and tongue slurped it all up. Tightening in my neither regions occurred before I let out a throaty moan of my release. Lips pulled back from mine to let me gasp out as I noticed how his brows creased as he soon reached his peak as well. The moan he released sounded like a growl and it caused a shudder to leave me as I also felt him fill me.

"Ah, I didn't mean to… inside…" I wrapped my legs around him as he tried to pull away.

"It's, hah, okay…" The green eye peered at me before I tucked my head under his chin. A snort left him as I felt arms hold me against him before he grunted with a shift to his hips. The groan passing my lips seemed to please him as I heard a hum then lips pressed to my neck.

"I'm going to clean you up and get you out of here."

A quick clean and dress session occurred before he attached his swords. My heart pounded in my chest with anticipation and nervousness. I wasn't sure how we were going to escape, but I was going to do it. This chance is one in a million and this man gave me some much hope. An arm went along my back to grasp my hip and a kiss was placed on my forehead.

"Are you good at running?" He asked. The look he gave me was curiosity and I soon nodded with confusion. "This way." He moved his arm so he could grasp my hand and tugged me to the window.

A hand stopped me as he stood to look out like he was gazing at the surroundings in a calm demeanor. Soon the hand waved me over and motioned for my arms to go around his neck. I was lifted with legs wrapping around his waist as he moved to the railing before hopping down. I was quickly set on my feet before an arm linked with mine and we began to walk. Without anyone noticing, we slipped out of the Red District (must of got out at a point where everyone was in the brothel or at a 'show'). People glanced at us momentarily before away as I felt relief when they did not grow suspicious.

"They assume you are my wife." The man told me as we maneuvered through the town with people bowing at us. I did back in a flustered manner, which I received giggles from women. Looking around the town I haven't seen in a while made me feel good as it seemed different. "Can you tell me your real name now?"

"Luffy." I gazed to a green eye before he stopped to cup a cheek.

"That sounds better. I'm Zoro." Lips touched mine in a quick peck before he pulled away and I hooked my arm with his.

"Where are you taking me, Zoro?"

"I know this small town call Foosha… I think you would take to it, but it is quite a ways." He mentioned as we strode through to the edge of town and noticed how we were losing light.

"Sounds fun; I always wanted to go on an adventure!" I cheered lightly with a grin as I hugged his arm.

"We shall rest in this abandoned cabin on the outskirts then be off in the morning." A nod left me as I had seen the said cabin ahead of us.

An adventure with Zoro sounded fun and I needed to get away from here anyways, especially away from that noble. The main fact is that I could see myself being with Zoro for the rest of my life. Weird, right?