Here we are with another update! Sigh, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things but lately I just hadn't been in the mood. Hopefully I will again!

This chappie (at the end mainly) reflects on how Luffy still can't get rid of his dilemma even if he is away from it. But at least he still tries to stand strong most of the time!

Hope you all enjoy!

Are you Feeling Lucky?

15: Patience

The sound of a roar was heard outside of the door as I sat cross legged on a makeshift chair, which seemed to be hay with a thick blanket over it. My wounds were still healing, but Law (the guy who owns this home) said it was okay to move around to keep my muscles from being too stiff.

"Bepo?" The doctor hollered out in slight concern before shifting to the door and grasped a sword that rested against his chair.

"Stupid bear!" The voice outside made my body jerk and suddenly I was on my feet, before feeling my knees buckle.

"Luffy-ya! I insist you stay sti—"

"But that's Zoro!" I stated up and the door was opened by Law as he gazed out, giving me a clear view of Bepo; the polar bear that brought me here.

"Did you take Luffy?!"

"Calm down before my polar bear decides to attack you…" A rough cough left me as I jerked too badly and concerned grey eyes flicked to me.

"Zoro, I'm okay!" I shouted up so he would calm down and suddenly my lover appeared through the door with a green eye finding me.

"Luffy!" Boots smacked the wooden floor as he came in without permission and crouched down to take me into his arms. The freezing temperatures found me as his clothing was cold and I shuddered out a breath. A hand found the back of my head as he soon fell back onto his butt and took me with him. "I was so worried about you…" The tight embrace had me grasping back in reassurance and curling into his hold.

"Where are the others?"

"Huh? At the shelter we were supposed to arrive to before the storm." I shifted to push away and gave a serious look to him.

"You left everyone at the shelter?!"

"They got curly-brow."

"You can't leave our friends behind!"

"They were taking forever to get ready so I told them I was going to find you myself!" Fingers grasped my cheeks to stop me from saying something back in protest. "I have been worried sick and all you wanna do is complain!"


"Swordsman-ya," we stopped to look at Law as he stood with a stern expression. "I insist that you release Luffy-ya and properly remove your shoes and outerwear." My eyes noticed the snow on Zoro's boots and how he must have trailed it in. It didn't seem to matter as arms pulled me back into the body with a growl.

"No need, I will be taking him with me."

"Trust me, Swordsman-ya, I have no sexual interest in your companion, he is still wounded and needs to rest for a few more days." Red tinted my cheeks remembering when Law asked me if one of the people in our group was my lover. I got really flustered about the matter, but he merely smirked and found a little humor in my reaction.

"We have a doctor in our group."

"Then that will be perfect after Luffy-ya rests for a few days." The hard stare was at Zoro as my swordsman growled in disapproval. "I am not telling you to leave; I am merely stating that he should stay in a sheltered place to heal for a few days longer." The growling stopped and I felt the muscles loosen before grunting.

"I will need to inform everyone else of this matter."

"You'll get lost." A snort left the doctor when I stated that and I got fingers pinching a cheek, making me whine.

"No more than you would."

"Bepo can escort you there and back, but do not bring your group back. My home is not big enough for a group, let alone three people."

"The bear?" Zoro asked in disbelief and I stabbed a finger into his chest, making him wince.

"That bear saved my life, show some gratitude!" I mentioned with a pout and he gave a frown as he began his own pout.

"Yeah, yeah…" He muttered and I smiled at this before shifting so he could get up.

"Just tell Bepo that you have friends in one of the near shelters, he will take you there." Zoro waved a hand out at the words and opened the door to leave before he was stopped. "Oh, and Swordsman-ya," a green eye was facing Law as he stood with a rough posture, "do remove outerwear when returning so you do not wreck my house once again." That green orb rolled before he shifted out the door with grumbles, leaving me to giggle. "You have an interesting lover, Luffy-ya." A nice, red blush took over my face as I stuck my tongue out at him as he was chuckling. "Very caring it seems…"

"Don't you have someone?" This look came across him with a faint trace of a blush before he crossed arms with a pout.

"Why would I?"

"Are they traveling right now?"

"I didn't say—"

"Your face tells me otherwise." A look crossed him before he cleared his throat and gazed to his half covered window.

"He is actually gathering supplies for our home and won't return for a few days now…" The mumble was heard as I smiled at the remark and shifted to get back up into the chair.

"Well, no need to worry; we will be gone by then." Grey eyes flicked to me when I mentioned that and was soon reaching for my mug on the side table. To make matters more interesting I questioned him on why he said Bepo was his only friend, which caused the doctor to become flustered and telling me it was not important and left me to go do something in another room.

"No," the hushed whisper came out as I felt a mouth suck along my neck and it took everything to not moan.

"He went hunting…"

"With Bepo, it's not going to take long for them to hunt." A hiss came from me as the tongue lined my ear and I tried pushing away again, but he held me tight. "Why can't you be patient?"

"You disappeared, of course I'm impatient." His eye stared up at me with a hard look and I suddenly felt the hand down my borrowed pants. My fingers gripped his clothes as I jerked and gasped in breathlessly from the contact. "It was hard to take in that you were out of my sight," a moan left me as the hand stroked harshly, "it took everyone in our group to hold me back from going out into the storm to find you."

"Z-Zoro, not so—ngghaa~!" The grip tightened and I thrust into the hold as teeth began nipping at my neck. His other hand began tugging my pants down and I gripped into his hair at first sign of prodding. "W-wait, Zoro, I'm not—!" I felt my eyes widen as my mouth opened to let out a silent scream of him sliding his member into me. Tears fell from my eyes at the discomfort I felt and my body wracked with the pain. "Hu-hurst…" The slurred word came out as I gripped tightly to him and I heard his panting breaths in my ear. I began to notice his hands resting on my back were shaking and then his body trembled.

"I really thought I—" Hearing his voice cracked made me feel a bubble of worry fill my chest as I kept my hold. There it was, the cool trickle going down along my chest as he tucked his head into my neck. This was the first time Zoro ever cried in front of me and it pained me to see him like this.

"I'm sorry…" I whispered with a small rock of my hips, causing him to hitch in breath before groaning.

"No, I should have—"

"Zoro…Stop thinking about it… I'm here now." I whispered as I began to make a rhythm with my hips grinding onto him. It was pleasurable now, numbing that pain from a second ago and it just felt like it was necessary.

"I love you so much, Luffy." A harsh thrust was made and this made my body shake as I threw my head back with a moan.

"Do I need to remove you, Swordsman-ya?" My face was flushed as Law stood in front of me as I sat in a chair. Zoro stood before us with arms crossed and his eyebrow twitching in irritation.

"I wanna see you try."

"You know very well that Luffy-ya is still injured and you went and did something strenuous on his body!"

"It's none of your business on what we do!"

"For the love of Death!" Law claimed with arms out and he gave a harsh glare. "This is harmful to his health! Not only that, but you went and had intercourse with your lover that could have got even more injured from straining his body!" Hurt flashed through that green eye and he shifted in body posture. "Don't think for a second that I will not cut you up for hurting one of my patients! I could have left him to die, I could have told Bepo to eat him, or I could have just killed him off as he was already on the brink of death! But I didn't! I saved his life and the thought of you, who is supposed to be his damn lover, hurting him more unnerves me!" The hurt in that eye made me stand up as I pushed at the doctor a little.

"D-don't be harsh on him!" Grey eyes glared to me next as he kept teeth gritted and I returned the same full force. "Zoro was worried about me this whole time and has been kind to me and saved me from worse! So don't go yelling at him for having sex with me!" My fingers gripped the hoodie from the man as I glared and kept my body strong to show he couldn't intimidate me.

"He should have taken more time before entering!"

"AT LEAST HE DOESN'T BEAT ME!" Law was taken aback by my shout and I felt my body shift away with trembles at my own words and how it brought memories. "A-ah, I'm sorry… I didn't…" Arms held onto me tightly and I felt the familiar warmth begin to encase me.

"Hey, don't think about it… S'okay, Luffy." A hand cradled my head as I felt my hands grip into the clothing before me and this hush was in my ear. "I'm sorry, I should have been a bit more careful…"

"It hurts…"

"I know…" He whispered as those painful memories filled me up to the point I was shaking and tried to tuck away as if to disappear. "I will make sure that none of that happens again… ever."