We're no gods. To decide what is salvation and what is damnation.

We're humans. We can choose to believe only what we want to believe.

Nezumi's grey eyes widened as he saw what is atop him. Shion's lips was twisting upwards- smiling so sweetly, his idealistic attitude beaming from the scarlet eyes, his white hair seemed to have grown longer. And Nezumi- Nezumi was pinned, by the fingers which was stronger than any pincher- the hands encircling his wrist like merciless chains- the snake coiling a bit too tightly.

"Now, Nezumi." Shion cooed. "I miss you- miss you so so much. I think I'm going crazy."

"Shi-Shion?" Nezumi gasped, "You-" His head was dizzy- he couldn't think straight. His body felt as if it was suspended in a limbo, and he couldn't move- and heat was searing from the inside of the body- he didn't know what was happening.

What was his last memory?

"You think you're so great eh?"

"See if you can handle this."

A cold sensation on the stomach- your gut spilled all over the cemented road.

What... was that?

"Nezumi. I love you, you know that." Shion's lips grazed on the surface of Nezumi's cheek, the lip's warmth touching the white skin so gently. "Don't you?"

"I will kill anyone- anyone who dare to go too near to you- anyone who dare to kiss you- hurt you." A small, satisfied sigh escaped Shion's lips, "I never knew love could be so suffocating- so painful, until I met you. And I'm glad I met you."

"Shion." Nezumi whispered, "What's happening?"

"Everyone- everyone's so mean." Shion said, his eyes were void of emotions- the eyes that seemed so blank, the one that terrifies Nezumi a lot. Yet his lips were shaped to a gentle smile. "They say you would no longer return." Another derisive laugh- when exactly did Shion learn to laugh that way?

"They say," Shion caresses his cheek with his fingers, "They say you're dead, Nezumi. What a joke, right? You can- you still can feel it, the blood running through my veins, the warmth touching to my skin. You can't be dead- its impossible." Shion took his hand and kissed the surface of his palm.

"You know- the thing that I love most about you is those eyes of yours, so strong, vitalizing, it seemed as if it was able to pierce to my soul." Shion- is it tears, rippling down your cheeks? "I told you, my only wish is to stay by your side. I even think that dying won't be such a bad prospect if I were to die with you. But you won't listen don't you?"

"You just have to leave, but I'm going to wait for you- no matter how long it takes. No matter what you've become."

Maggots slithering over your body- corpse turning cold- beginning to rot.

Shion... a beautiful flower- you have no idea- how much I despised you.

Your unearthly smile... Your idealistic attitude... Your love for me...

I loved you, as much as I despised you.

"You're more beautiful than anyone else. Nezumi." Shion laughed- the voice of a kid in a sunday morning in No. 6. "I can't help but be captivated by your each and every move. You said my linguistic skills is worse than a chimpanzee- but I can't help but be drawn to you. You're the one person I can't bear to lose."

"Shion. Accept it." Inukashi's eyes are pained- his claws was digging to Shion's arm- the pained eyes. "He's not going to wake up."

"Karan is worried, Shion. Eve- he's-" Old man Rikiga enveloped his arms around Karan, who was close to sobbing. She knew what it felt to lose someone so dear- so beloved.

"Shion. Dear, please." Karan pleads. "Just let him rest-"

Let him rest? Death is no salvation- don't assume such kind of arrogance.

"He's not dead." Mirthful laugh. "Nezumi is invincible- he's not dead."

Pitiful gazes. Leaving him alone. Private time.

Hands interlaced. You and I belong together.

No matter what we've become.

People don't get it- Shion kissed the cold lips of his long lost lover. It reminds me of a kiss long ago- the vow which has been promised.

Not a thank you kiss?
No, a good night kiss.

The kiss a promise to wake up together, no uncertainity in tomorrow- but a certainity in being together.

Liar. You're such a liar. But I'll forgive you. You know why?

Because the world means nothing without you, Nezumi. Nothing.