+ This story follows the manga more than the anime. There are a few things I took from the anime though.

++ The story itself starts after book 12 (Which isn't out yet). I am assuming Alucard dies or becomes so weak that the Shinso Blood in Moka and Tsukune will not bring him back to power.

Disclaimer: I do not own Rosario+Vampire

Chapter 1

It was the day before graduation and everyone at Yokai Academy was excited. Well everyone except four girls. Ever since their freshman year these four girls have competed for the affection of one human boy. Moka Akashiya looked at her four friends the Snow Fairy, Mizore Shirayuki, the succubus, Kurumu Kurono, and the two witches, Yukari Sendo and Ruby Toujo.

"So why did you bring us here Moka?" Kurumu asked.

"Well it's not so much me as it is the other me." Moka replied shyly. "Ruby did you bring Belmont?"

"Yes, but I still don't understand why you need it."

"I think it will be easier to explain if the other Moka took over, and we didn't want Tsukune to know just yet." Moka explained waiting for Ruby to extract the magic cancelling whip from her bag.

Ruby handed the whip to Moka and immediately her pink hair turned white, her sea green eyes turned blood red and the curves of her body became more pronounced.

"As you all know, Tsukune will have to decide who will be the girl in his future." Inner Moka started. "I know what his decision is going to be. Option six. No one."

"How do you know this Moka?" Mizore asked.

"My other self was taking a walk last night and we came upon Tsukune down at the lake talking to himself. He seemed deep in thought and I didn't want to disturb him. I was about to tell the other me to leave when he sighed and said he didn't know who to choose. The he started listing off all these wonderful things about each of us. Because of his personality he can't hurt his loved ones. So I…I…"

For the first time ever the other four monsters saw the Inner vampire blush and stutter. "I…I am willing to share." She forced out becoming very quiet.

"Wait. What? What do you mean share?" Mizore asked.

"I thought you loathed the idea of multiple partners." Kurumu said.

"I do. But you didn't see him last night. He was so depressed and frustrated with himself for having to break the hearts of four girls. He punched a boulder and left a crater in its place. That sight even broke my heart."

Yukari spoke up "I totally forgot that he has to make his decision today. I agree with Moka. I'm willing to share. It's why Tsukune has been so withdrawn lately? It's a tough decision to make."

"I guess you're right. I agree." Kurumu responded.

"I agree too." Said Mizore as she fished a sucker out of her backpack.

"Great then let's go find Tsukune and tell him." Ruby finished.


Tsukune had just finished getting dressed for his final day of classes. He opened the door took a deep breath and with his choice in mind went to find his friends.

He was walking across the wooded graveyard that stood between the Dorms and the academy when Tsukune heard his name being called. He turned around and saw all five of his friends running towards him. He braced himself as Yukari and Kurumu pounced on him. After extracting himself from the girls he noticed Inner Moka.

"Moka, why are you in your Vampire form?" Tsukune asked he already knew she had Belmont wrapped somewhere around her body.

"We have something to tell you." She said shyly

"Ok, and I have to tell you my decision."

Yukari stepped in and said "We know you are not going to choose any of us to be your future however you have a seventh option."

"What do you mean a seventh option?" Tsukune asked a little confused.

"Instead of just choosing one of us you can choose all of us." Mizore answered. "We voted this morning and we agreed that if you choose that option we would share."

"Really? I never even gave that option a thought because of what Moka said a last year. How did you guys know what my decision was going to be?"

"I saw you talking to yourself last night." Moka said. "and it's true, while I still despise multiple partners, I figured it's the only way for all of us to be truly happy. Plus it might be nice to have sisters who don't want to kill me every chance they can."

"Could I get some time to think please?" Tsukune asked. "It's a lot to take in."

"Yes. Please wake me when you have made your choice." Moka said before removing Belmont from around her thigh and handing it back to Ruby.

Tsukune started heading towards the academy with the others in tow.


During the middle of first class, Ruby came to Tsukune's classroom.

"Tsukune, the headmaster wants to see you in his office right away."

+++ Moka still wears the Rosario even though it no longer is needed. She wears it because if sentimental value.