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Chapter 5

"So what did you mean by our rooms were being built?" Moka asked.

"The bedrooms in this house are unique. The house senses what type of monster enters the house and designs a room to fit their needs and personality" Ava explained as she guided the two up to their rooms. "This one is yours Mr. Aono."

Tsukune's room was on the fourth floor. He opened the door and felt like he had been transported home. The room looked like his bedroom at his home in the human world. Then Tsukune noticed the subtle differences. His twin bed was now a king, the room was a bit more spacious and he had his own private bathroom.

"This way, Miss Akashiya. I have a feeling you will be satisfied with the master bedroom. Mr. Aono, could you please follow us? Just in case. Except for Miss Akashiya's, everyone's bedroom is on the fourth floor." Ava said.

As Tsukune and Moka followed Ava up another flight of stairs to the master bedroom, Moka said, "You know the other me is pissed at you, right?"

"Yeah I know. I didn't mean to make her mad, I just knew she wanted to hide and I called her on it. Plus I didn't want her to level the house."

Ava interrupted them "This was your mother's room. I think you will like her design."

Ava opened the door and allowed the two to go in. The bedroom was a giant rectangular room. The bedroom itself was different shades of green. The bed was a four poster California King with sea green linens that was positioned in the center of the back wall. A giant set of sliding French doors led out to a terrace. Off to the one side of the room was a set of spiraling stairs and a door. Moka opened the door and discovered it was the Master Bath.

Although the Master Bath was quite a bit smaller than the bedroom it was still pretty big. The black marble counter held a set of his and hers glass vessel sinks. Off to one corner of the room was a giant bathtub. Instead of having a shower, the bathroom held a giant closet close to the bathtub. Moka opened the closet and the top half of the closet held towels while the bottom half held bottles of dry herb mixtures Tsukune could only guess that they were the ingredients vampires used to neutralize water. Ava confirmed his guess. "One bottle of that mixture is enough to neutralize the purifying effects of water in that tub. The drawers under the sinks carry smaller vials for the sinks."

A smaller hanging cabinet held different kinds of soaps and shampoos. And finally the last door lead to a small room that held the toilet. Tsukune and Moka backtracked to the bedroom and both were about to see where the spiraling stare case led when Moka noticed a third door on the opposite side of the room. She went over to it and opened the double doors. She found the walk in closet. Moka noticed that her clothes were already hanging up next to clothes she had never even seen before. Tsukune and Moka discovered that the stairs was one of two sets of staircases that lead to the roof.

"So, what do you think Miss Akashiya?" Ava asked.

"Moka, please. And I love it. Um could you show us where the others are?"


The two followed Ava to find the other girls and see what their rooms were like.

The first person they visited was Ruby. Ruby's room was done in different shades of gray. There were a few perverted objects around the room but nothing too extreme. At least not out in the open. The only things that made it hers were the cabinets full of potion ingredients and a desk that held her Grimoire and there was a small walk in closet that held her massive skirts and corsets. She had a private bathroom as well hers contained a large bathtub and a glass shower. Like Tsukune's, Ruby's bed was a king. Her room had a fireplace and next to it was a small black cauldron.

Yukari's room was next. Her room was done in shades of purple. The most notable feature was the amethyst color circles on the walls. The back of her king size bed had a massive amount of stuffed animals. Like Ruby, Yukari had a few cabinets filled with potion ingredients and a fireplace with a small black cauldron next to it. She had a large desk which currently held her wand and a stack of loose papers containing spells. Lining one wall of her room was a bookcase filled with books on magic. A large squishy chair guarded a lamp in the corner next to the bookshelves. Yukari also had a walk-in closet and her bathroom was an exact replica of Ruby's.

Instead of a fireplace Mizore had an A.C. unit which was currently on. Tsukune shivered because of how cold the shades of icy blue and green made the bedroom feel. The linens on her bed looked like freshly fallen snow. Tiny crystals hung on the ceiling and the track lights around the room made the crystals make an aurora borealis. A Plexiglas desk sat in one corner while a dresser built into the wall held her suckers. There were other little odds and ends that made the room feel like hers. Her bathroom looked similar to the others except the icy colors invaded the bathroom as well.

Kurumu's was the last room they visited. Her room looked tiny compared to the others. The smell of chocolate chip cookies filled the air. Her room was done in shades of red. Lit candles lined the walls and the carpet made the illusion that it was covered in rose petals. A king size bed rested against the far wall. Kurumu's room had a dresser, a walk-in closet, and a large bathroom. Tsukune was about to ask Kurumu why her room was so small when she showed them a hidden fourth door. This one led to an apartment sized kitchen. The kitchen contained a double sink, a dishwasher, a fully stocked refrigerator, a double oven, fully stocked cupboards filled with baking supplies, and a beautiful view of the mountains.


A few hours later Tsukune asked Ava if there was a place that Moka and him could talk and not destroy anything.

Ava gave Tsukune directions to the training room. Tsukune found Moka in her room lost in thought. "She's probably talking to Inner Moka." He thought.

He gave a small knock on the door and said "Hey can we go for a walk?"

"Sure." Moka replied.

The two were silent as they walked out of the mansion.

"I found a place where we can talk and not damage anything. That is if Inner Moka is still angry with me."

"She's not anymore. After she calmed down, she realized you were right. She was embarrassed for breaking down like that and just wanted to hide." Moka said.

"That's good. So how are you holding up?" Tsukune asked.

"I'm fine. This place is beautiful." Moka said as the two passed into a Japanese style garden.

"Yes it is."

Moka was silent for a bit longer before she said "Tsukune, I'm probably going to get an earful for telling you this but as much as she tries to deny it, my other self does love you more then you know."

As Moka said this the Rosario jumped on her chest. "OW! You don't have to be so loud." Moka said to herself.

In one of those rare moments that Inner Moka's emotions flared up, the seal weakened. Inner Moka forced Outer Moka to swap places with her. After the events with Fairy Tale and Alucard, the Rosario had all but broken. Touhoufuhai had offered to create a new cross for Moka but the Vampire refused saying that this broken cross meant more to her than anything else because it was the last thing she had to remember her mother. So Touhou fixed the Rosario. However it was damaged beyond what the Dark Lord originally thought. It could only suppress the Shinso blood and create the pseudo-personality. Touhou explained that if the true Moka experienced any powerful emotions the two personalities would swap places until the Rosario could fix itself. Touhou managed to give the Rosario the ability to fix itself if that ever happened but it was at the cost of releasing the memory the Rosario locked away.

"Let me tell you this now, Tsukune, I DO NOT love you. I simply commend your strength and courage. I told you this long ago; the ONLY reason I keep you around is for your blood and to keep my other half happy." Moka said in her usual cold tone.

Moka knew what she said was a lie. She was head over heels for the man in front of her. However she didn't want the others to know he had melted her heart of stone. So Moka turned on her heel and walked off. She was too pissed at her other self to allow the Rosario to begin its healing process.

Tsukune watched Moka walk away, he was about to chase after her when his world went dark.

"Hi Tsukune, the chocolate chip cookies are done. Do you want some?" Kurumu said as she suffocated Tsukune until a golden washtub fell on her moments later knocking the covered basket of cookies out of her hand.

"Kurumu, your big boobs are suffocating him." Yukari said.

"Sorry, Tsukune."

"Did you add a love potion to the cookies again?" Yukari asked.

"Of course not. I already have him. I just want Tsukune's attention since Moka had him most of the day."

"Well I want his attention too." Yukari said as both girls were pulling on Tsukune's arms.

Suddenly the temperature dropped and two ice daggers came out of nowhere and impaled the two girls in their heads. The two girls let go and the air around them warmed up again.

"You two, Moka needs Tsukune more then you guys right now. Just think about it. Moka finds out she has inherited a mansion from her late mother and finds a letter from her all in the same day. How do you think she feels?" Mizore said as she stepped out from behind a tree and walked up to the others.

"I guess you are right. I can show Tsukune what I found later. Maybe I can get Ruby to help me with my Grimoire some more." Yukari said more to herself then to the others.

"Girls, I will spend time with each of you, I promise. But today belongs to Moka." Tsukune said before he departed to find the upset vampire.

He found her sitting on a bench five minutes later. As he approached Moka spoke.

"You might as well remove the Rosario. It will fix itself faster without it trying to suppress my power."

"So what's wrong? I know today has been stressful for you but it's no reason to get so upset about it." Tsukune said as he removed the cross from around Moka's neck.

"My other half had no right to say what she said." Moka said.

Tsukune could practically see the anger radiating off the vampire and knew the only way to get this side of Moka to calm down was to fight.

"Well what she said has to be true for you to react the way you did." Tsukune said as he prepared to jump out of the way from Moka's fist.

Moka missed and slammed her fist into the giant tree behind her. There was a loud crack but the tree stayed firm. The two heard someone shout from further down the path. Tsukune looked in the direction the voice.

A tall tan man who appeared to be in his early twenties came running up to the two teens.

"No disrespect Miss Akashiya, but if you are going to fight, please use the reflection." The man said as he pointed to a small pagoda about a hundred yards from where they stood.

"None taken, you are right. I really don't want to destroy such a beautiful place." Moka said.

She grabbed Tsukune's arm, dragged him to the Reflection Pool, picked the modified human up, threw him into the pool of water, and jumped in after him.


As Moka fell through the pool she found herself upside down in a vast gorge. Massive craters decorated a few spots on the ground and walls.

"Mom must have come here to blow off steam when she was pissed." Moka thought looking for Tsukune.

She spotted Tsukune dusting himself off on the other side of the pool. She jumped over the water and as she landed she spun in an attempt to kick Tsukune, fortunately for her, the kick landed and Tsukune went flying into the side of the cliff leaving a human sized hole behind him.

Tsukune ran back to Moka at super speed charging the Conversion Channel as he ran. The Amplification Channel activated when Tsukune reached Moka.

"Are you trying to piss me off even more then I already am? Don't insult me Tsukune Aono. You're pulling your punches. I know you are way faster than that." Moka said and dodged his attack then countered with a high kick to Tsukune's chin.

Tsukune went flying once again but righted himself in mid-air landing on his feet.

"FINE THEN, TRY THIS!" Tsukune shouted.

With a twinge of regret Tsukune released the First Seal of the Holy Lock. Tsukune's aura became darker, his heterochromia eyes turned red and silted, and his canines became longer forming fangs. This time he only amplified his natural vampiric power instead of using the Conversion Channel. He ran at his top speed towards Moka and slammed his fist into her chest knocking her back towards the rock wall. Tsukune was preparing to deflect Moka's next attack but instead he heard a small chuckle.

"That's more like it. I guess I don't have to hold back either." Moka said and lunged for Tsukune.

The fight went on for about an hour. Moka was about to deliver another kick to Tsukune's head but missed when he fell to his hands and knees in pain. Tsukune struggled to fight the blood off and reseal the Holy Lock. After a few minutes he managed to succeed and returned to his normal self. Whatever anger was left in Moka quickly vanished.

"Tsukune! Are you ok? What's wrong?" Moka asked with concern in his voice.

"Had the Shinso blood out for too long and lost my grip. I'll be fine I just over used the power of the first seal. Give me a few minutes and then we can go." Tsukune replied breathing deeply trying to get the pain to subside.

When Tsukune was feeling better, Moka and Tsukune walked back to the entrance to the reflection and jumped into the water returning to the manor. The two of them went back to the bench and found the Rosario sitting on the bench gleaming in the afternoon sunlight.

"Thank you for the fight Tsukune. I think I will go and rest for a while." Moka said as she reattached the now fixed Rosario.

Inner Moka and Outer Moka swapped places once again and fell into Tsukune's arms.

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