Phase one was all about making the hoodie an obvious option. Or well, it was just about laying it over his desk chair and accidentally forgetting about it. Derek had come to pick him up for their bi-weekly pack pow-wow since his lovely jeep was still in the shop (Stiles was still touchy about that — We don't talk about it). Right before Stiles gets into Derek's ridiculously sexy car he stops and rubs his arms tenderly.

"Oh damn, I forgot my hoodie and it's sorta cold" Stiles says, pouting a bit. He's looking at Derek like he should just know what he means; what he wants. Derek is staring at him like he's dumb and he really doesn't want to deal with Stiles' bullshit. Obviously, Stiles is gonna have to make things more evident 'cause Derek is really dull and needs to get his brain checked.

"Um, think you could jump through my window and grab it for me?" Stiles says, rubbing his arms with purpose because it is a little nippy and it makes it look all the more dire. As in, this is life or death. Hypothermia or warm and cozy cotton. And that makes a lot more sense and is far more dramatic if you don't really think about it.

Derek just stares for a moment before sighing; tightening his fist into a ball and stomping off to do werewolf acrobatics into Stiles' room.

Stiles smiles when Derek leaps out of his window with a familiar red hoodie in hand.