A/N: first fangirl story, and Danny Phantom story, so plz don't hate. Also, anyone think the song Criminal by Britney Spears to this story?

Chapter 1: New Fan-girl Crush

Fan-girl's POV

Esperanza tied her hair above the waist brown, silky hair into a up-high ponytail, then dabbed eyeliner under her dark purple eyes. Today's the day you will meet without him shooting ghost rays at ya, she thought. Oh! By him, she meant her true love, Danny Phantom, she sighed, just thinking about his glowing green eyes can make her faint! Even his snow-white hair. . . SNAP OUTTA IT! She yelled at herself and slapped her. Then thought again, how can she forgot to mention his Human form?! His black hair, and baby blue eyes! She almost squeaked in excitement if she hadn't covered her mouth.
"Anza, are you ready?" Her mother asked.
"Ya mom!" she yelled back, then flew towards her, going threw the walls. She landed in her seat at the dinner table.
"Anza, you sure you have everything? Extra pencils? Extra paper for those drawings? Extra -"
"Mom! Please!" Esperanza turned red of embarrassment. She hated that her mother knew she had a MEGA crush on Danny Fenton. But she was kinda glad, cause she was taking her to his school.
Her mom raised her hands in surrender but grinned.
Esperanza sighed, "can I just go now?" she asked.
"ok, ok. Don't forget your lunch."
"I won't" She groaned. Then grabbed her backpack and sack lunch then flew to her new school.

Danny's POV

Danny grabbed his backpack and tried to fix his hair the best way he can while he went downstairs to meet his friends, Sam and Tucker.
"Hey Sam, hey Tucker" He said as he met them out side his house.
"Hey, man, you ok?" Tucker asked as they walked towards school.
"No, hardly any sleep from chasing a ghost." Danny complained.
"Really? How bad can this ghost be?" Sam asked.
"She giggles whenever I find her, also turns invisible and pinches me and disappears to a new hiding spot."
"It's a she?" Tucker asked.
"Danny," Sam said before Tucker can say anything else, "don't you think this ghost may like you?"
"What gives you that idea?" He asked.
"why do i even bother?" Sam asked herself, then sighed, "that's how girls act whenever they see a guy they think is cute, and thinks he is trying to get her."
"a ghost likes Danny?" Tucker blinked, "is that bad?"
Daniel groaned, "why does this stuff happen to me?"
"Maybe cause your powers make you look cool?" Tucker suggest.
Danny sighed, "At long she doesn't bug me today, i am ok."

Danny snored as he slept during the test.
Mr. Lancer picked up his test, "why is he the only one?" he asked himself, then Dash put a glass of water on Danny's head.

Then Esperanza walked in.

Esperanza's POV

I got to the side of the school, and turned into a human as best as i can.
Blonde hair, and Gold eyes.
Hmm, seems like i came from Twlight, I thought, oh well.
I don't know how or why, but my mom convinced the principal to have all the same classes with Danny.
God i hope i don''t faint when i see him.

A/N: took FOREVER TO FINISHED THIS SHORT CHAPTER! tried to guess how Esperanza's human form looks like... :/ sorry this sucks, but byie~~~